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  1. True. I slammed my remote last night and that’s what I blamed it on. I thought my couch cushion was Shula’s head. I slammed the poo out of that cushion. More so from the alcohol though, I’m not the lsd type of guy. Luckily my remote survived.
  2. Obviously I was joking as you have a ton of posts.. We all wish Shula would be gone, but he’s here to stay forever unfortunately. No team will ever hire him away and we’ll never fire him as long as Cam carries his ass most of the time
  3. Lol.. you must be a new fan, cause we all know neither is gonna happen!
  4. Abolish Thursday Night Football

    I like having 3 days of football personally.. Hell, I say throw in some Saturday games and the only teams that play on Thursday are those that either just had a bye week or played on Saturday
  5. I would have chosen toe, personally
  6. Most exciting game in over a year?

    I would be more excited if they kicked off at a decent time so I could watch the whole damn game.. stupidest poo ever.. fug the west coast
  7. Jourdan Rodrigue Leaving Panthers Beat

    I didn’t even know who she was before all this, so I don’t really care. Good luck.
  8. What Lions fans are saying

    This Ziggy dude had 1 good game so far.. In the other 3 he hasn't done poo. Not saying he won't have a good game against us, but I'm not all that worried about 1 player who has showed up in 25% of games so far

    I'll take some pie and plenty of beer!
  10. Upon further review....

    Or he could have tucked it and ran for a TD.. Gotta give a guy with Cam's ability a chance to make a play
  11. I couldn't care less about who comments on this. Why is there a need for every damn person to comment on this issue?
  12. Double Trouble l At the same damn time

    I love it! But in this day and age we would probably be considered racist because of it
  13. Ha! Y'all really think the other Steve Smith was nominated?! C'mon man, those guys are dumbasses trying to get a little attention
  14. Thought I'd Share...

    That's some talent right there. Good work, I hope to see one every week!