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  1. Panther49er

    We are far from deep at receiver

    The way we play on offense, we literally are counting on the defense to allow 17 points or less each game.. if that doesn’t happen, we’re fugged
  2. I hope we injure every one of the defensive players for the Falcunts after that BS hit on Cam.. normally I’m not like this but that still has me pissed off
  3. Panther49er

    Watching The Game In Eastern NC

    Stream the game online (never used it but I’ve heard of reddit nfl streams).. use a laptop and, if available, connect the the hdmi out to the TV
  4. Yes he sucks... but I want to know how that’s not a false start when his leg was moving before the snap? Should have been a 5 yard penalty and re-kick, no?
  5. Panther49er

    Luke Kuechly Has A Hyperextended Knee

    We have the worst fugging luck with injuries. Granted, he’s probably fine, but how the fug do we have so many injuries to key players in game fugging one?! Can we not just enjoy an early season win against the cowgirls injury free?? Fugging fug.
  6. Panther49er

    Is it just me?

    Uhm... that can’t be accurate? Players run out of bounds all the time under 2 minutes to save timeouts.
  7. Benji COULD... The fat & lazy POS just chose not to
  8. I see nothing in that video suggesting he tweaked his knee. Looks like he jogged away just fine
  9. Panther49er

    Video: Moore smokes Jackson

    I’m not an expert on QB form, but that doesn’t look optimal to me
  10. Ugh, can’t believe we let the Lions back in that game.. Well, actually I can because that’s what we do. That poo needs to stop
  11. If you have Sunday ticket, you should be able to watch the Panthers or any other game no problem.. I had it last year when I was in Kentucky and could watch every single game. Local games (California teams) might be blacked out if they are on local television. No reason you couldn’t watch the Panthers.