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  1. There's a Golden Knights in the NHL? Guess I'm out of the loop...
  2. Ok, ok.. I really like bacon. Probably my favorite food. That is a good start.
  3. Traded for cash? Like MJ doesn't have enough cash. Wtf, just take the player you want and be done with it
  4. Awesome, go Niners! Will listen to this during my commute tomorrow. Hope he at least makes the practice squad, and he seems to be on his way to doing that based off what I've read here. Excited to see the first ever 49er in a Panther uniform this preseason.
  5. 28 til 3 is nowhere close to the same as 28 TO 3! I don't get it but whatever
  6. How in the fug does 2:32 = 28-3 ...?
  7. Way to go man. You may get a lot of poo from jealous folks around here, but it looks like you give your sons some great childhood memories. So, kudos to you. I have more money than most, and although I don't choose to display it on the internet, I hope that when I have kids I'll be able to give them some priceless memories like this also. Have fun tonight.
  8. So we're going to compare the #1 receiver on an NFL team to the rest of the fat fugs in America... K. Makes sense.
  9. He's as fat as you are blind.
  10. Da fug is a fidget spinner?
  11. Will have to give that a go next time! Sounds amazing.. I always get the Hot Tenders with the zippy ranch. Been wanting to branch out some but those tenders are just too damn good to give me a need to order anything else!
  12. Yeah screw Wicked Weed. Not a bad list of restaurants besides tupelo honey which isn't what it used to be.. I would add Rocky's Hot Chicken Shack and Papa's and Beer (the one on brevard rd) to that list.. I'm literally addicted to Rocky's
  13. LOL, when was the last time you guys even won your division? Much less a conference championship game? A lot of trash talk for no results to show. I guess I would be pretty sour if I lost 4 Super Bowls in a row too, so I understand..
  14. How did Duke look?