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  1. Well then. You should change your name to Positivesickle
  2. He's listed as "camp body".. what does that mean?
  3. ESPN prediction

    I wish we were playing Dallas this year also.. I really enjoy whoopin' their ass
  4. Gameday Menu

    Good God. This is the first thread I choose to read thinking I'll see something good and I am forced to see this poo. What the fug
  5. NBA schedule released

    Not necessarily... Every NFL team knows who they are playing next season at the conclusion of the previous season. We rotate playing the AFC divisions every 4 years. We play each team in the NFC South twice. We rotate the other 3 NFC divisions every 3 years. And we play the team from the other 2 NFC divisions that finished in the same position as us in their division respectfully. So technically, we already know 14 of our games for 2018-2019. The only questions with NFL scheduling is whether the games are Home/Away and when the Bye week lands.
  6. Have this gut feeling Funch won't be with us in a couple years.. Something's missing from the dude.. don't know if it's drive, talent, or whatever. Didn't watch the whole video so I'm not sure how that was said, but you ALWAYS should have something to prove. Even if you're a GOAT. What else drives you to get better if you don't? And we all know Funchess has plenty to prove. You won't to be a pro-bowler? Prove it. You want to be a #1 option? Prove it. You want to be a HOF'er? Prove it. I sure hope he proves me wrong, but I doubt it!
  7. Eat crow MF'ers! DUKEEEE!!!
  8. Oh it's happening. I can already hear the "Duuuuuuuuuuke" chants coming from BOA on Sunday afternoons
  9. Pretty sure Jeremy stated that if you can read. All the pieces are already in place and this move was about keeping the players happy, which may lead to a better on field product.
  10. Some pics of the updated 100 level

    Bro. the pics were taken through glass...
  11. There's a Golden Knights in the NHL? Guess I'm out of the loop...
  12. Ok, ok.. I really like bacon. Probably my favorite food. That is a good start.
  13. 2017 NBA Draft Thread

    Traded for cash? Like MJ doesn't have enough cash. Wtf, just take the player you want and be done with it