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  1. Eagles vs Seahawks

    no duh... that guy said we should be rooting for the Seahawks. How the hell does that make any sense?
  2. Eagles vs Seahawks

    The fug? We need Seattle to lose as much as possible, simple as that. Obviously not happening tonight, but you’re crazy to say we should be rooting for them to win. The 2 WC spots are going to come down to us, them, and the Falcons
  3. Eagles vs Seahawks

    That was a forward pass by Wilson.. wtf
  4. Eagles vs Seahawks

    A couple of unbelieveable plays for sure
  5. Damn! That a boy Wentz! 17-10. What a clutch play. This game is huge for us.. C’mon Eagles!
  6. We’re going 10-6

    You realize there are two spots for us, Seahawks, and Falcons correct? 10-6 will make the playoffs for us probably 90% of the time
  7. We’re going 10-6

    What are y’all smoking? Even if the Falcons win their next 3 games and we lose 2 of our next 3, if we beat them week 17 we’ll both be 10-6 and it’ll be us in the playoffs.. if anything, it’ll come down to the Falcons game the final week. 10-6 should be fine
  8. Fug them.. They’re gonna get their ass whooped in the wild card round in that dome no matter how loud they are
  9. why Did the clock not stop when Shepard went out of bounds?
  10. Official Early Games Thread....

    You have failed your son as a parent
  11. Charles Johnson
  12. Thursday night game thread

    Fug the Cowboys, go 'skins
  13. Kony Ealy Revenge Game Stats

    I completely forgot this was Ealy’s “revenge game”.. I didn’t even think about Ealy the entire game
  14. Yeah I’m expecting a disappointing loss.. just because of this guy:
  15. Saints game Dec 3

    Poo for asking for pie