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  1. I may not trust your evaluation of QB skills, especially since Kevin never touched the field at Miami as another poster said. But, I know for a fact he is 100% better than the poo we put on the field to play QB last year
  2. If we win

    Screw pepsi... I want a Carolina Panther IPA
  3. Cam Defenders

  4. Cam Newton disappointed me

    I've heard the same exact story before from a couple about 2 years ago. This couple had just got married and saw him at a restaurant downtown, wedding gown on and all. They sat at the table right beside him and his friends, waited for the right opportunity, then leaned over and asked one of his friends if they could get a pic with him on their wedding night. The friend asked Cam, Cam looked over at them, said "congratulations" and that was it.  I've always brushed off that story b/c as others have said, you can't do it for everybody. But there are certain circumstances where it seems he could do a little more. Seems to me after these stories, that Cam is a little different when the cameras are off. Still love him though.
  5. black lives matter planning to disrupt super bowl!! #nojusticenosuperbowl

    Yeah I don't think this will be an issue.. It's not like all the protestors are going to be able to afford to get into the game and cause an issue there.. Even on the streets people will be too into the game and pre game activities to care about these asshats trying to intervene 
  6. New Camera Tech for the Super Bowl

    Bad news for Cam.. Cost of paying for the footballs he gives away will skyrocket! (Not that he cares)
  7. Lucked out and ran across 2 tix's on ticketmaster: 517, Row 1 (Realy row 2). $200 plus fees. I thought it was too good of a deal to pass up even though prices may continue to drop with this weather. No need to worry about searching now, though.. My GF and I will be there and be LOUD!!!
  8. I just don't trust tickets on the street or I would scalp for this game
  9. That's why I'm curious about mobile entry.. Would make it much more doable to just keep refreshing the stubhub and ticketmaster apps in the parking lot, purchase instant download tickets, and use the code to get in on your phone
  10. Online. I was looking at stubhub. What I still haven't received a clear answer for though is if stubhub gives you a QR code for instant download tickets.. If not, I'm just gonna haul my printer with me in the car lol.. Anything to save some coin!
  11. Parking

    Hmm. I used Parkwhiz before to purchase prior to arriving and even they seem higher than usual... Anyone else have any good spots?
  12. Snow Storm Saturday?

    Accuweather and Weather Channel suck ass... I actually listen to this guy that went to my high school and has a degree in meteorology, yet works a job that pays more. He has a Facebook page and follows the models and other atmospheric conditions and historically is WAY more accurate than these sites. Kinda sad, really, how bad these sites suck compared to a guy that isn't even paid to give predictions. Needless to say, WNC is going to get hammered. Not sure about Charlotte. These storms from the gulf get nasty when the cold temps are in place.
  13. Not saying that will happen for this game, but it looks like it will.. I'm holding out til Sunday 
  14. Not necessarily.. Just depends on when you buy. I kept an eye on ticket prices within a couple of hours from kickoff for the Seattle.. Lower level tix could be had for 150-175 around noon on gameday. If there is too much supply, as it looks like right now, there will be quite a few sellers just trying to dump their tickets for whatever they can get within hours of kickoff
  15. Mobile entry to BOA

    Newb? Lol.. Been on here since 2013 man. With the technology today and all the events/concerts/airports that accept mobile tickets (guess you don't get out of your mother's basement enough), my question was very reasonable. I stated why it wasn't convenient for me to print and it has obviously been done via mobile by these other posters. So get the fug out