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  1. Welp, looks like the falcons got themselves a gem! LOLOLOL
  2. OJ Howard and CMC? Yes, please.
  3. He'll be a good player for sure, hopefully great/elite.. Just glad we didn't go with Allen!
  4. So the rumor is we're going with Allen?
  5. Man fug this poo! Trade back now to 12, get CM.. move back up into the first with the extra picks
  6. Mother of God April 28th cannot come soon enough
  7. Even Eli's emails got intercepted
  8. In a perfect world, extra $ like this would go to the fans. Imagine each team lowering ticket prices for the season based off this money: $53M/16 games = $3.3M per game. Divide that by 80k fans per game and you could cut ticket prices by an average of $41 each for the entire season. But nope, the NFL is greedy is fug and will raise ticket prices as always.
  9. I'm no NFL scout, but looks good to me. When the line doesn't completely crumble in front of him and he has the opportunity to make a play, he does.
  10. Well it is the Falcons we're talking about here. Explains itself! No further investigation needed.
  11. You are an amazing person is 5 words, but I get your point... Glad we have this place or I don't know how would keep up with the latest Panthers news, David Newton maybe? Hell, I don't even want to think about that...
  12. Everyone is ignoring the one guy on our current roster that will lose us multiple games by himself in 2017 if he is still with us: Gano. He fugging sucks in must-make situations and we need to upgrade. So no, I'm not happy with this roster. WR and OL depth also need to be addressed.
  13. I lol'd ...nah I didn't. Lame.