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  1. Just ask your black friend. He/she can speak on behalf of all minorities.
  2. Short version: Cam Newton is an African-American QB that may scare a lot of old white people.
  3. today's press conference tweets

    Someone with twitter please respond with: "Too bad they don't make band-aids for feelings"
  4. Voth gets hijacked by JJ Jansen

    Brad Nortman's nerd quotient really is off the charts.
  5. Eh he's sorta eating crow.  "I don’t regret my original criticism of Newton. There was only his 2011-14 film to analyze. In those seasons, he was inconsistent." It's the classic, I'm only wrong because things changed but don't forget I was originally right.
  6. Broncos player sent home....

    Looks like Eugene Robinson should have visited the Broncos.
  7. JR taking the entire organization to the SB

    I hope he did it just like this.    
  8. Yeah I remember a few people freaking out about the double DT because of no WR and then a bunch of long conversations about the difference between a 0 tech and 3 tech.
  9. Voth vs Fowler

    Eh the NFL is about matchups. Of course I'd rather play Minnesota. They're a run heavy team, and we have a good track record against power running backs.  I'm not afraid of Seattle. We already beat them in their house, but to not root for the best opportunity to win is just silly. That's like saying we should have tanked our last several games, so we can go in as a the lowest seed possible to prove how awesome we are by winning on the road.
  10. -0 beat us today

    We beat them 38-0 a couple of weeks ago and didn't take them seriously. Not worried.
  11. I'm grateful Ron Rivera learned how to go Super Saiyan and unleashed Riverboat Ron. 
  12. Podcast?

    I want to see whoever runs Panthers social media on the podcast. They're having a MVP like season.
  13. I seriously hate all of you.

    Public figures have a different standard of privacy than the general public. If you don't like that, take it up with the Supreme Court not the Carolina Huddle. 
  14. NFL Discussing OBJ punishment today

    If he were a defensive player, they would have ejected him and suspended him for the rest of the season on Sunday.

    That head shot will definitely get a fine from the league. Doubt they suspend him though.