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  1. What Dolphins Fans are Saying...

    The only reason Brady was held to 20 points was due to the Carolina O playing well keeping the NE O on the sideline. The D had nothing to do with keeping NE under 21 points. Only got off the field once on 3rd down the entire game. They punted ONCE all game and pretty much drove the entire field on every possession. Ron and the D would prob be the first to say they did not have a good showing. Hell, we let them drive the length of the field with 50 seconds remaining in the game knowing they had to pass the ball. Not a good night for our D.
  2. What Dolphins Fans are Saying...

    So you think allowing a team to only punt 1 time all game is ok? Forget good. We had a poor performance defensively. Same as the Patriots. Neither team was able to get off the field on 3rd down and allowed the other team to drive down the entire field on each possession.