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  1. Diehardpanther02 added a post in a topic Caption this "Pick"   

  2. Diehardpanther02 added a post in a topic Next Four-Who do we beat?   

    I say 4 and fuggin 0. But as I say that I am praying for rain against Green Bay lol
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  3. Diehardpanther02 added a post in a topic Official Panthers - Bucs Gameday Thread   

    Gah yall are some whiney ass bishes.
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  4. Diehardpanther02 added a post in a topic It's a Trap!   

    There is no such thing as a trap game, any team can win on any given Sunday.  Trap games are made up by fans, and Jeremy is buying in.  Don't take to much into Jeremy and his highly regarded opinion, the best team will win Sunday.  And that will be the Panthers, due to Cam Newton, and a turnover or two from Jameis.
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  5. Diehardpanther02 added a comment Stupid Yellow Flags: A Football Apocalypse   

    Wes horton didnt get the tripping call that was Trai Turner.  He got knocked down and tripped a saints d-lineman.
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  6. Diehardpanther02 added a post in a topic Is it a two horse race or will Atlanta fold?   

    Nah not so much, the Giants aren't better than us we have a better qb and defense.  The Cowboys ATM with dez and romo out are not better than us, not even close. But they may be when everyone gets back including Hardy.  And the Eagles looked like straight poo when the Falcons played and the week after.  All have better offensive weapons but not better overall teams. 
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  7. Diehardpanther02 added a post in a topic This defensive line please.   

    I hope you read my post in context, because i do know the difference.  And by not being interchangeable you mean?  Because technically you could run a 1-9-1 defensive set it doesnt matter what you field as long as u have the personnel to field it, and we do.
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  8. Diehardpanther02 added a post in a topic This defensive line please.   

    To bad Rivera wouldn't consider throwing in some 3-4 defensive sets.  Improves depth and let's our strongest position be the most prevalent on the field.  Allen, short/star, Addison/short.  Then Klein and Luke n the middle and td and shaq on the edges that would be a nightmare for a qb.  Possibly rotate Klein as the edge player jus gotta pick your poison.
    ps: I know Allen just left a 3-4 system that he didn't fit in, but he would be one of the 3 DL strictly rush end with our depth at LB
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  9. Diehardpanther02 added a post in a topic The Cam Bias- Precedence vs Evidence   

    I think that him being a BLACK quarterback has little do with it.  The problem here is that he is a BIG ATHLETIC QB thats is just a big a threat to run as he is to throw therefore they see him as a runner and disregard the fact that a late hit is a late hit regardless of who is carrying the ball.  The Peytons, Brady's, and quarterbacks like them are looked at differently because they are not a threat to run as Cam is, they stand in the pocket and when the threat of being tackled arises they go to a fetal position.  They are not seen as a runner by the ref, and when they are hit it is seen differently.
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  10. Diehardpanther02 added a post in a topic We could go 12-4 and still not win the division. Look at these easy ass schedules y'all   

    Julio Jones is looking scary, if Norman can shut down Julio we can win but the Julio this year is puttin in work.  He is our biggest obstacle against them but the good news is we play them late in the year when we are at our best.  Luke will be back by then so that will be a plus too, as their underneath game wont work. 
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  11. Diehardpanther02 added a post in a topic What are the chances we get a "pretty" win on Sunday?   

    A win is fuggin win, ugly or pretty.
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  12. Diehardpanther02 added a topic in Carolina Panthers   

    Screw these Analyst, we know our team.
    (Hope this dont make your eyes bleed but its a point that needs to be made)
    You know A few years back when we went 12-4 and beat some great teams, like the Niners and Pats and went to the wire with seattle I was consumed by the fact that no one seemed to take us seriously.  All the analyst, experts, NFL alumni never believed in us and week in and week out they picked us to lose.  We had a great defense with a front to be feared, and a run game that was solid.  I was pissed every week reading these articles about how we couldnt be trusted but week in and week out we managed to win.  An did it a fashion that was admirable with suffocating defense and cam putting up enough points to win.  In the end I realized that in this day and age the only respectable teams are those who have BIG name Weapons, and top 5 qb.  And i can accept that fact because those teams do win.  But the more I look at our roster and the history of who is sustainable with winning, are teams with great defenses.  And these so called "experts" dont respect a team that doesnt have the type of offense who explodes and wins 42-28.  But these guys get paid to get viewers and people who dont actually enjoy both sides of the football dont respect a team that fields a stout defense and a complementary O.  They want to see Touchdowns, and touchdowns win games, touchdowns get fans, and touchdowns boost viewing numbers.  They forget to realize that defense wins championships, because if the other team cant score how can they win?  This is when even though I knew the NFL was offensive driven, that I realized that these analyst only respected offensive driven teams.  And that is when I began to see that these guys have completely disregarded the fact that football has two sides to it(technically 3). Offense, Defense, and Special teams, and a good team wins with all three.  For instance look at the past Three Superbowl's:
    2013: San Francisco Vs. Baltimore Ravens-  Both of these two teams fielded great defenses and both had offenses that could score when needed but neither had an Offense that could be considered Explosive.  The Ravens ended up winning this one and did it with a Ray Lewis lead defense against a 49er team that was lead by Patrick Willis.  Look at the quarterbacks of both teams, Joe Flacco and Colin Kaepernick.  Neither of those guys while good are world beaters.  And both rode the tail feathers of their defense and beat teams with high powered offenses to get there.  This is a prime example of the point I am making. DEFENSE WINS CHAMPIONSHIPS.
    2014: Seattle Vs. Denver Broncos- Man this Super Bowl could not be more on point with what I am explaining.  Denver Broncos and their Highly touted offense meets head on with a damn Bear of a defense In Seattle.  Seattle comes in and steals Peytons cookies and sends him home looking like the Manning brother that never made it.  Every one was expecting this Superbowl to be a fun one to watch but I knew going in that it was going to be lopsided.  Either the High Powered offense that the media druled over was going to come and trample all over that seattle D, or that Seattle D was going to leave Peyton crying to archie about another blown superbowl with one of the best offenses in the league.   We all witnessed what happened and the Denver Offense looked abysmal and Seattle O looked like the Broncos of the regular season.  The defense made plays and their offense took advantage of the opportunities.
    2015: Seattle Vs. New England Patriots- This Superbowl was one to watch, once again the Great D in seattle propels them to another superbowl, and the patriots make their way with a well balanced team.  The difference in this Superbowl was that the Pats had just enough D to keep that Seattle offense on their heels.  Had they went with what they did well in the final seconds by giving the ball to beast mode that great D might of came away with another superbowl victory.  And what do you know, the Patriots win a superbowl off a game clinching interception.  And the pats defense wins them a superbowl.
    I guess, though i probably used to many words and not enough pictures to explain, my point being is that we shouldn't expect gratification from some bogus sports analyst.  Our gratification should come from the W's we have when we play.  We should be proud that we have a defense that shuts down Julio Jones, holds AP to abysmal yards and no touchdowns, and only lets teams score when it doesnt matter.  Us Panther fans should be used to being looked over, and we shouldn't expect any different.  Matter of fact we should be glad that we are looked over, because when it comes time to play us we will hit you in the mouth, more than once, and leave you so sore that you may not play next week, and do it legally too!  We are the Carolina Panthers, not the Broncos, Packers,  or the Colts.  We win by bruising your ego, we keep pounding, we dont give up.  And FUG any analyst that expects us to be anything other than who we are, THE CAROLINA PANTHERS.  FUG these Analyst and their phony reason why we suck, FUG the new NFL we do poo OLD SCHOOL around here, and we do it ugly.  What difference does it make cause in the end the win is what matters and as long as we continue to do so who gives a damn what our offensive stats look like, we score enough to win and thats enough for me.  And when our offense catches up to our D theses analyst will be on our D. So then, we fug em and they leave, we tell em "we gone need our shirt back".
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  13. Diehardpanther02 added a post in a topic What are the chances we get a "pretty" win on Sunday?   

    Blowouts dont always show up on the scoreboard.   If we hold the saints to abysmal totals in yardage, first down, etc i and we double the TOP on them and put up at least 20 pts i would consider it a blowout.  High point totals arent the only meter for a blowout.
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  14. Diehardpanther02 added a post in a topic Monday Night Countdown: Andrew Luck needs more around him.   

    I dont think the colts are a guarantee to win their division this year.  Houston, The Jags, and Titans all have the defense to win a game against them.  Especially Houston and The jags, both have the front to harass Luck and it could be that simple little aspect that could squeak out a win and potentially and new division winner its a long shot but more possible than ever for that division to change.
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  15. Diehardpanther02 added a post in a topic Could the Panthers Possibly Run the Table?   

    Lol while i think crazier things of happened, this wont.  The good news is that it makes our chances of being above a 10 win team even greater and the team that wins 10 games in this division gets a playoff berth.  11-5 is and extremely reasonable expectation and 12-4 is not setting the bar to high.  I do think Atlanta has improved quite a bit, their defense is better.  NO and Tampa are out of the picture.  I  think we lose to Green Bay, Seattle(but god I hope NOT! im tired of losing to Russell) Atl once and maybe dallas depending on the romo and dez situation.  Everyone else is very winnable and it all depends on our defense which IMO is a wonderful thing cuz thats where our strength lies.  We dont face many suffocating defense this year but we do face some high caliber offenses.  The colts arent going to be an easy out either, they have new faces everywhere on that offense and that has alot to do with their struggles, but i believe they pull it together and win their division.  They are beatable though.  I think 11-5 is what we finish IM HOPING.
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