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  1. Panthers Going After Derrick Henry in the Draft?? Please let It Be So

    Why is everyone doubting henry because trent richardson is garbage? What does that have to do with henry?
  2. If Kearse is there for decent money I Would love that pick up, very solid hands and strong. He has given us fits these past few years. We probably wont even look at receiver though as bad as we have been wanting it. Who knows what gettleman will do, if u go by the past he wont look at anything but role players. I hope he can land another guy on our DL or jn the secondary to come in and play ball like coleman did for us.
  3. We have a new Cam controversy! We have a new Cam controversy!

    Morons Will their ever be a journalist in any aspect that reports something worthwhile? Oh how I long for intelligence.
  4. Panthers Going After Derrick Henry in the Draft?? Please let It Be So

    Unfortunately,Henry wont make it past the seahawks.
  5. Yankees say don't be like Cam Newton

    Oh jeremy sometimes i wonder about you, you are entertaining this far to much. Just let it go people are going to have their opinions about this situation and there is nothing wrong with it.I am on Cams side, but at the same time this is yet another opportunity for him to learn and grow. Its a little bias to say that he couldnt of handled the situation better, but at the same time this dude is a competitor unlike any weve seen in decades,so he gets a break in my book. There is a good possibility he could besitting at home wishing he had handled it better buti am sure he has accepted it and moved on, so should we.
  6. What Broncos Fans Are Saying

    Trevathan and Marshall I believe. Both are pretty decent LBS but they don't match up well agains our style of play. They are fast and can cover fairly well but are far and away anywhere near the level of our LBS, but who is? Their defense is very stout but I do think they will have to bring a safety down in run support.
  7. players Panthers are meeting with at the Senior Bowl

    I don't think it's out of the realm of possibility to keep star and Short. Short will get top dollar for DTS and I don't think star is the type of player to demand high dollars. He wants to get paid but he seems like a team friendly type player and I could see us working a favorable deal to keep both. Also were not just looking at DTS becuz BPA, it's more for depth. Look who is behind our studs in rotation, love and Edwards. Edwards is getting old I could see him retiring soon especially if he gets a ring.
  8. Panthers are 4-0 against top 5 defenses in the league.

    I think the most important thing for our defense to focus on is tackling, and stopping the run. Their receivers are very good and without the threat of Peyton going to "far" over the top their receivers will have to make people miss. Thomas and sanders both are very good and their number 3s are very capable. Also we can't allow Anderson or Hillman to have any running room because they rely on that running game heavy with how Peyton has aged recently. Pressure is very important as well because manning has the intelligence to put them in positions to win matchups but if we can get him off his spot it will be much tougher for their O to move the ball. After being overlooked all season by our doubters we should know better than doing so against a formidable foe in the biggest game in our franchise history. So let's be modest and let our play do the talking.
  9. Dat Skyline

    Looking like Gotham, and we all know who dwells there.
  10. My Cardinals scouting report

    Good write up about the Cardinals, only thing I disagreed with is you speaking about what type of qb we do better against. Believe it or notwe do much better against pocket qbs such as Palmer. I think I read some where that throughout the season we held qbs passer ratings in the pocket to like 30 something % and those out side double that to 70 something %(couldn't remember the exact numbers). But really it makes sensebecause our Dbs are good only when they get to play their assignment and our D struggles when the qb Improvs( see Russell, and Rodgers). We thrive on pressure and if we get after Palmer like we did Wilson he won't have time to pick on finnegan and McClain
  11. As bad as it sucks to see him injured it will just make next season that much more exciting. He will come back with a vengeance and by the looks of it with better hands than we could of imagined. You would be suprised how much an injury could benefit a player allowing them to build on the small things like in that video, and in the film room.
  12. Official Wild Card Weekend Predictions Thread....

    Oh I certainly agree I will be pulling for Washington and Minnesota without a doubt. I just don't believe the Vikings have enough manpower on either side of the ball to overcome the Seahawks. The weather is the only thing going for them right now. Though it may not be the case for you and me, I do believe that last years playoff loss is still in the minds of this fanbase and it's causing them to pick against the Seahawks hoping to not have to go through it again. My point being is that fear is skewing the obvious that the Seahawks are a better overall team than the Vikings, though not as good as us. But no matter who we get we better show up cuz in the playoffs every team has something to play for,or this season will be meaningless.
  13. McDermott Interviewing with Bucs

    This is where I'm torn as well. It does seem contradictory to allow coaches to interview for new jobs when they are being paid to do one at the moment. But with that said if I had a job(a good one monetary wise) and then was offered an opportunity to have a better one I would certainly want to take the Interview ASAP. And I could see how it would be extremely annoying if the NFL forces them to hold off on them bettering themselves and their family. And this isjust putting me in McDermott's shoes. Then again, as for the Panthers organization I could see them being frustrated as well. But I do believe thatMcD won't be in Tampa next year, everything I have read is leaning towards Dirk Koetter as the next HC and have also seen where the team would like this to happen as well. Tough situation really for the panthers and McD but we will be ready come playoff time, and so will McD.
  14. Official Wild Card Weekend Predictions Thread....

    Everyone's fear of the Seahawks is showing. I don't get it we match up with them just fine and they cannot cover a TE and we have one of the best in the game. With that said picking the Vikes to win is a bold statement. Seattle will most likely win it and we will be hosting them in our first game so you mightas well prepare yourselves. steelers chiefs and the skins(which will be where my gamble will be) either way it goes we win our first divisional round and advance to the NFC championship against the cardinals.
  15. Sunday Jan 17 1:00

    Can't wait to get this playoff win as a birthday present.