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  1. It's a Trap!

    Well, they came back quite quickly from being down 10-0 last week. But the Bucs do have a better defense than the Saints.
  2. Winston's work ethic impressing in OTA's

    ​He won't be draft eligible next year.
  3. NBA Playoffs are here!

    Hawks getting smoked.
  4. The Official General NBA Discussion Thread

    26 points in the first half tonight. Insane.
  5. DeHaven is taking an indefinite leave due to health issues.
  6. Yeah I wouldn't be surprised if he takes a while to make a decision. Can't really blame him with all the interest he is getting.
  7. Colts fans complaining about literally the opposite of what some Panthers fans are complaining about, lol.
  8. Most of them are probably Washington fans, guess they loved Shaq while he was there.
  9. Yep this thread is probably going to be fun to look back at a year from now.
  10. They cheered like they won the Super Bowl when they picked White.
  11. NBA Playoffs are here!

    When does it not?
  12. NBA Playoffs are here!

    Vasquez has been clutch since college man. Straight ice water in his veins.
  13. NCCA Tournament Game Discussion Thread

    This is utter BS.
  14. NCCA Tournament Game Discussion Thread

    OT but Shaka Smart to Texas.