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  1. Seahawk fans respond to Cam getting All Pro

    Seahawks fans conveniently forget that in that superb owl win, Russell Wilson could have sat on the bench the whole game and the outcome would still have been a victory.
  2. Gettleman key to Caughlins leaving?

    Maybe the Giants single handedly destroyed themselves by not making Dave their GM some time ago...
  3. Any chance...

    Of us signing somebody that gets cut after this weekend's final games to help out for our playoff run?  DE or secondary?
  4. Official Panthers - Falcons Gameday Thread

    Call DSS, Cam dropped the baby roughly on the field... amiright?
  5. Official Panthers - Falcons Gameday Thread

    They don't make band-aids for feelings.
  6. 2007 16-0 Patriots vs. 2016 14-0 Panthers

    I would add that most of our close games this season involved inclement weather. I'm not professing that we would have won with bigger margins, but rain and slippery conditions really don't do our style of offence any favors and it negates, in large part, the speed of our defense. Dink and dunk/ screens out of the backfield work well because of the momentum gained by the ball carrier.  
  7. Definitely can't wait to hear Gettleman's post season pressers... Man, it will be gloriously epic.
  8. Official Panthers - Giants Gameday Thread

    Looked like Beckham pushed off on that PI call.
  9. Is there any place to catch a repeat of the MNF pregame segmet?
  10. Ron Rivera "We're leaning towards starting CJ and Allen."

    Remember too, Ealy played 3 days ago...and so did their starting RT.  CJ might not be "up to speed", but he is fresh.  Let him work a bit on their line and have Kony come in and use what juice he has after their line has gotten worn down a bit.  I like the plan. 
  11. Then There were 2

    Imagine that, 2 cat teams are undefeated... The Carolina Panthers & The New England Cheatahs  
  12. Panthers receiver Devin Funchess

    Yeah, won't happen, but that would be the scoop of the century. Would listen to that a dozen times.  Love hearing DG talk.
  13. Panthers receiver Devin Funchess

    These podcasts are great.  Jeremy will reach the pinnacle of boss-dom when he can wrangle nipple shorts onto one of these things.  That would be the best huddle podcast evar.
  14. Panthers veteran players that may be on the bubble

    Seems to me they need to approach a guy like Harper with a staff position of some kind.