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  1. Replacement Possibilities

    Why is anyone excited about the prospect of Norv becoming the OC? I'm not, the offense will be worse. I just don't see how this would be any better than Shula. Is it because of his name? What?
  2. I agree. I hate to see someone lose their job but his time was over here.
  3. CMC is fast.

    He took off and no one was catching him. That play reminded me of Smith's catch against the Rams 2003.
  4. Brenton Bersin

    I think Bersin stays on. He usually catches everything thrown his way. He isn't a 1,2 or 3 but he doesn't have to be.
  5. No, loved him but he needs to hang em up and if he doesn't we need to let him go. His time is done.
  6. We definitely need to sign a FA, and pick someone up in the later rounds.
  7. Fire Shula

    I agree but will Rivera actually do anything about it? No, no he won't.
  8. Draft?

  9. Draft?

  10. Matt Kalil, Johnson, Sheppard
  11. That effort by Funchess...

    I hope we draft Christian Kirk. I think he is the type of receiver we need. Funchess can be the number 2. Then go safety, oline, dline..
  12. If they would call holding on the Saints we could have won. I just don't see it now with 5 minutes left.
  13. Ryan Kalil is everything

    I couldn't believe all the fans that were calling for Ryan's head and saying he needed to be cut. The guy is a stud and was severely missed while out hurt. He will be hard to replace when he hangs em up.
  14. Soft, I don't care if we win, go to the playoffs win the SB, I want Rivera gone.