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  1. intangiblejohnny

    BYE Week Musings: Guess Cam’s Next Contract

    I can't believe some of these replies. As a long suffering fan, Cam has been the best thing to EVER happen to this franchise. He should get top three money and I challenge anyone to name a Qb that they'd rather have for the next 5+ years.
  2. intangiblejohnny

    Bengals beat themselves

    If only they had played beyond their potential they would have easily won.
  3. intangiblejohnny

    Panther Win/Obada/DJ/CMC/Cam Pie fest

    Can't say enough about this game!!! Obada and Jackson are giving us surprise gifts of excellence. CMC and Cam were incredible!!! The oline? Wtf kind of awesome was that? Even Funch gets big ups from me this game. This poo is exciting!!!
  4. intangiblejohnny

    Wells Fargo to layoff almost 30,000 people...

    The Wells Fargo wagon continues to roll over the little guy.
  5. intangiblejohnny

    Woman says God saved her truck driver husband

    I believe in a higher power but I think it's ridiculous to believe a higher power should bow to the whims and wishes of certain people. Organized religion is just an overt attempt to manipulate the masses and serves to create absurd boundaries between people who could otherwise empathize with one another. Race boundaries, class boundaries, cultural boundaries etc... Religion should be a deeply personal experience. Instead it has been perverted to espouse the views of highly suspect ruling classes. Fwiw: Not ALL thesists are intellectal simpeltons. I've heard that Isaac Newton guy had a few good ideas. ;)
  6. Anything less than a second degree murder charge is a prime example of very thinly veiled racism and facism in law enforcement. Apparently a police officer can enter a home without probable cause or a search warrant and use deadly force against a resident and STILL not be charged with murder. She played "the blue card" and tried to claim she was acting in an official capacity which resulted in a manslaughter charge instead of a murder charge.
  7. intangiblejohnny

    Along the Sidelines - Bucs Edition

    Well done, sir. These pics really capture the feel of this game.