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    D getting used. 

    We r up by 10 with less than 2 minutes left...we r scared...how sad. 
  3. You r just starting?  WTH?!
  4. These coaches have this team where they are. They r not calling a perfect game...but 15-1...really?!   i am pissed as can be, but our coaches r solid. 
  5. Panthers Begin Head Coach Search?

      Problem is...a coach is supposed to be the 1 to motivate the team.  If he needs pressure like this to perform...he is not the answer.
  6. Panthers Begin Head Coach Search?

      You think Gettleman needs to 'defend' this?!    Not me.  Rivera has had plenty of time to put a winner on the field.  He's never put the team in the running for the playoffs, even with some great talent overall.   I hope it's not only true, but that we actually make the change.  NFL is a win now league & he has shown that he can only win in garbage time.  If we go to the playoffs, he may deserve to stay, but nothing less.   I am likely the moves Gettleman is making, so far.
  7. Panthers Begin Head Coach Search?

    Hope this is true.   I'm not sold after 1 solid win against the Giants (zero wins) & where our DL was insanely in BEASTMODE.  We will see in November against the Flacons where we really are.  The cards, vikes, rams & bucs would all be beat by the talent on this team with a top notch coaching staff.  Time for Rivera to put up or shut up.  Come to think of it, Rivera actually doesn't say much 1 way of the other.
  8. My bad...I haven't posted enough yet to not be a newbie obviously! :o I happened to look at that area for the 1st time & it listed it as a 'groaned at' post. Groaned at seemed to indicate bad to me. Thanks for the clarification & helping me to get the rookie mistakes out! :)

  9. Dawgz.......Pie is good. :)

  10. You groaned me for posting 'A Dash of Optimism (+ team decisions)'?! Afraid I don't understand. It was a post supporting our team & you never posted any opposition to describe why you disagreed or didn't like it (instead you gave me pie?). Color me confused.