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  1. Inimicus added a post in a topic USA today season predictions   

    So help me out here, its late and Ive been drinking.
    If you take all of the predicted wins and all of the predicted losses shouldn't they be equal? Since there ar 32 teams and they each play 16 games there should be 512 outcomes.  256 wins and 256 losses. Right?
    This article has 248 wins and 264 losses which is 8 losses that should have been added to win columns.
    And if the writer couldn't get that much right what the fug good is the rest of it?
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  2. Inimicus added an answer to a question SO and other teams   

    No and No.
    Not if you're a Panthers fan.
    Its appropriate to not wish doom on that team as long as they are not lined up across from our boys, but that's about it.
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  3. Inimicus added a post in a topic True Detective Season Two   

    No not really.  It was just full of folks sharing opinions.
    You pretty much drove it into the shitter.
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  4. Inimicus added a post in a topic True Detective Season Two   

    Its a good thing this show will be over in 2 weeks cause this film school dropout has made this thread a steaming pile of poo.

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  5. Inimicus added a post in a topic Long Story short....   

    Im seeing purple up top
    And the CH(Default) theme is scaling poorly
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  6. Inimicus added a post in a topic Uber   

    Between Uber and Car2Go and living < mile from the office, I go weeks without starting my car in Denver.  The last time I put gas in the car was early June.
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  7. Inimicus added a post in a topic Anyone here good at dog training?   

    Ive had dozens of dogs over the years and I had never needed one either, but our last shelter dog wasn't responding to our normal methods and we had a trainer suggest it.  In researching it, one of my wife's friends who runs a rescue in Guilford Co was telling her about the success she has with them and the more we looked the more we found that they are nowhere as much of the torture device they are made out to be.
    The dog was a poop eater.  He would go out in the back yard and find a pile he left days before and start chowing down.  He would be so far away that there was no way to effectively correct him.  Enter the shock collar.  Didn't matter that he was 30 yards away when we saw him start munching, a light buzz from the collar and he quit.  Now he doesn't eat poop and we don't have to worry that he is bringing them in through the doggie door.
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  8. Inimicus added a post in a topic What's the HAPPIEST you have been as a Panthers fan?   

    What other moment in the history of this team is identified this succinctly?
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  9. Inimicus added a post in a topic Anyone here good at dog training?   

    No more than I want to be popped in the nose with a rolled up newspaper or than I want to go out in the rain to take a dump or eat the same damn thing every fuging day. Shock collars are not tasers and when used properly they are no less humane than any other form of corrective training.  As I said most of them have a vibrate setting that can be used as a starting place instead of a shock.
    If I had a kid with the IQ and communication skills of either of my dogs I would consider using a shock collar.
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  10. Inimicus added a post in a topic Anyone here good at dog training?   

    four words:
    Remote controlled shock collar
    If used correctly it allows you to correct the dog without having to be next to the dog. Dont turn it up to 11, just enough juice that its gets the dogs attention.  Some even have a vibrate setting you can start with. 
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  11. Inimicus added a post in a topic How do You Just Pick up And Leave?   

    If you wait until you have all of the answers, you'll never do it.
    Commit to not taking anything with you that wont fit in your car and sell everything else.  Dont let a bunch of accumulated poo keep you tied to a spot because its too expensive to move it all.
    Get a job a a national chain.  I have a buddy who got a job at a nationwide retailer just so he could use it for relocation.  He used their relocation plan and although they didnt help him financially, he knew he had a job squared away when he got to his new city.
    Just accept that for the first couple of months you'll be in a boardinghouse and pull the fuging trigger.  Ive known lots of guys to just pick up and go and not worry about the details.  It wont kill you and might even make you a more interesting dude.
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  12. Inimicus added a post in a topic 2015 Jersey Color Schedule   

    Fashion threads are the way I know the offseason is just about over.
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  13. Inimicus added a post in a topic Hillay to get more coverage?   

    At this point Id vote for Ross Perot before Id vote for another Bush or Clinton
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  14. Inimicus added a post in a topic is dat alice blind?   

    That's not just any jizz.  That's the jizz of a young Dominican boy who has been kept in a dark box since he was 6 years old.  In that time he has been prevented from ever getting a nut so that is a virgin load in every sense of the phrase.  To top it off, for the last four years the boy was fed high amounts of gold in his rations so that is actually 14 carat cum. Probably worth 15k.
    Alice would never let some poor bust a nut in his face...
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