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  1. Has Any NFL Team Ever Had a Better 24 Hours?

    Wikipedia is wrong. We are 166-169-1 in the regular season and 9-6 in the playoffs.
  2. Has Any NFL Team Ever Had a Better 24 Hours?

    One more: If we win, we are 176-175-1 all-time. In other words, a career winning record.
  3. Conan...that poo not funny

    I thought it was great and I don't care for Conan and don't care for awards show jokes.
  4. Kevin Greene has finally made the HOF

    No doubt for the Rams. But he got 40 of his 160 sacks here and only played 3 years.
  5. Kevin Greene has finally made the HOF

    First player elected in part for his achievements with the Panthers.
  6. I'll just leave this here

    Don't count out Jared Allen if he gets a few sacks.
  7. Could have been worse... we could have picked Ki-Jana Carter. Still crazy how we had three first round picks and blew all of them.
  8. Iowa Caucus Pick your winners

    I can't forget. One of my aunts is obsessed with him. She's still in denial.
  9. Iowa Caucus Pick your winners

    As far as I know there is no rule against communists on the huddle. However, it is preferable not to elect people who are communists or who support/associate with them.
  10. It's obviously not the same in terms of long-standing players, but pretty much everyone who has played with or met Eugene thinks he is a great guy.
  11. Not the Man of the Year award. He got the Bart Starr award. The Man of the Year award is decided by a panel of judges - the Bart Starr award is decided by the players themselves (in a similar manner to Pro bowl voting). It also usually has a different winner than the Man of the Year award - last year, Peyton Manning won it; this year, Thomas Davis won it.
  12. The Keep Pounding Drum

    I would hope it's Sam Mills III. I don't think he's ever actually pounded the drum before. Braylon would be a good choice, but he's already done it this season. 
  13. Iowa Caucus Pick your winners

    If he didn't want to be called a communist, he shouldn't have supported Castro and the Sandinistas and vacationed in the USSR.
  14. Yeah, I know these Cam defender threads are annoying. I just thought this was pretty funny because it is definitely true.