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  1. We dominated in every phase of the game

    but wait what about Shula? 
  2. Evidently neither passing nor running was working. Every time we got something going, guess what happened? It wasn't a dumb Shula call. That happened at the start of the drive. It was a drop, or a turnover, or a missed field goal.
  3. Because it is OBVIOUSLY Shula's fault we lost, not the fact our receivers dropped eight passes, we turned the ball over four times and forgot how to play special teams. THE ONLY BLAME IS ON SHULA. SHUUUUUUUULLLLLAAAAA!
  4. Once again - playcalling was not ideal. But our execution was terrible. But that's a bit too complicated for you to understand, methinks.
  5. Yep we totally could have overcome four turnovers, eight drops, a missed field goal, and a horrid return game if only Shula called a few more screens and slants! I know this from my vast experience of watching NFL games while inebriated
  6. Doesn't matter what Shula calls. You can't win when you turn the ball over four times, drop the ball eight times, miss a field goal and decide not to tackle on special teams. 
  7. These people have the attention span of a gnat and the reasoning skills of a toddler. Don't think Shula is the worst an question the execution? YOU LOVE SHULA AND HE IS FLAWLESS
  8. Their defense couldn't stop the pass very well all game. We had eight drops. Those drops we far, far more of a factor than a couple of runs.
  9. Our receivers seemed completely unprepared to catch passes.
  10. but but but Shula sucks! If we had anyone else Tolbert wouldn't have fumbled and Remmers wouldn't have forgotten how to block!
  11. Alright genius, go ahead. Give me your magic gameplan that makes up for eight drops and three fumbles and a missed field goal.
  12. How hard is it to catch the damn ball? 
  13. I understand it's easy to pin everything on a scapegoat. But our whole team let us down. We got in the red zone enough times to win. Our defense played well enough to win. Our offense, as a unit, just failed. And no amount of playcalling is going to fix eight drops or our backs randomly fumbling.
  14. Because you are stupid and didn't read my other posts.
  15. You blame Shula because you are mad we lost and want a scapegoat. Really that simple.