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  1. I think Jackson will be the pick that makes all of us forget about Josh Norman. of course it takes a year or 2 for corners to really develop and learn the scheme, but I just have a feeling that he will turn out to be an outstanding corner in this league
  2. Steve Smith's Prom Date

    I know how the huddle can be, but Smitty continues to be one of my favorite players. I have never said a negative word about him here or there. We all knew he would have a huge game against us after he was released. I am glad he is coming back this year and if he can stay healthy and pull off an 1100 yd season he will have 15,000 yds for his career and be 6th all-time when he retires. He was the last player to win the triple crown for WR's, only Jerry Rice and Sterling Sharpe has won it since 1967. So I hope he can get to the HOF.
  3. Steve Smith's Prom Date

    Sorry if this has been posted, but I didnt find it I really hope Smitty retires as a Panther, I am sure he will for JR but not for Gettleman LOL
  4. 2016 NFL Schedule Release - Leaks, Rumors, Etc

    another win by Panther Social media
  5. Dave Gettleman: 8th Best GM

    well I also forgot about the crazy trade between the Rams and Titans
  6. Dave Gettleman: 8th Best GM

    Is today the National day for stupidity? all these crazy articles popping up today.
  7. All I want to know, is what kind of drugs is he doing? I will take a truckload
  8. Players Under Contract Through 2017

    For 2017 we are 60 million under the cap (with this years cap number) with only 31 players signed, We will have 19 Free agents. So I expect a lot of change coming in the next couple years
  9. Looking over the roster, its funnyhow many of our majorcontributing players started they NFL career at the age of 20 or younger. Maybe that needs to be looked at in drafts ... at that age their bodies could be easily able add weight and muscle to keep developing into the player that they can be.
  10. The Official Final Four Thread (Nova vs OU, UNC vs Cuse)

    Doesnt it feel like the refs are all against Carolina teams this year? The calls in the Super bowl, to the touch fouls against the Heels in the National Title game.
  11. The Official Final Four Thread (Nova vs OU, UNC vs Cuse)

    Carolina wins in Houston for their 6th National Title ... 5+1 Carolina wins in Houston for Super Bowl 51 ITS HAPPENING!!!!!!!
  12. This is exactly the type of unknown players that make DG drools over ... highlight film makes him look like he is a man playing against boys. I will not be surprises if you hearDG's name a lot when they talk about this kid
  13. Kuechly a bust? One Bucs fan thought so

    Bradspace Hall of Famer Posts: 2077 Re: Kuechly is likely a bust... «Reply #210 on:September 14, 2012, 03:11:57 PM » They'll move to LA before Kuechly's rookie contract expires. Write it down.
  14. Everyone knows, just like early in his career, When Cam is hyped up this throws are high. Shula should have known this and should have game planned for this with more screens and more runs for Cam early and with more easy throws to get him in a rhythm. screens to slow the pass rush instead of trick plays. What happen to the slants to Ginn and Funchess that worked so great all year long and also worked the once to twice we did them in the SB.
  15. Getting Benji Back

    Everyone is forgetting about Stephen Hill. He was having a great off season before the ACL. He has had a lot of time to bond with KB. I think we keep him as a 6th WR and use him as Minnesota uses Cordarrelle Patterson. Hill will be the speed we need to return Kickoffs, a kick returner for free and we dont need to use a draft pick on one. Tall, speed, same hands as Ginn but 6 years younger.