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  1. Broncos LB Said Carolina Didnt Switch Anything Up

    We just got Shula'd, Cam had been saving the day all year.   Shows that Shula doesnt know his players .... Everyone knew Cam would be hyped for this game and when he is hyped, He over throws his receivers. So no quick throws, easy throws to get Cam in a rhythm and use up that extra energy. No screens just trick plays that didnt work. 
  2. NFL Rigged?

    I told everyone after the Cotchery replay that we had to play a perfect game to win. We had to beat the Broncos and the Ref's
  3. I saw one flying down I-40 in Statesville
  4. What are you going to buy if we win tomorrow?

    That was my plan also ... How awesome would it be to have your own Lombardi
  5. Media Fatigue...

    Oh my god, I was saying the same thing ... LETS PLAY FOOTBALL!!!!! I am so tired of all the media and it looks like Cam is also
  6. Lmfao Rodney Harrison

    People only get mad like that when the other person is saying the truth about them
  7. Butthurt Seahawk fan cannot fathom how good the Panthers are

    "Mom I am done with my video, bring me another hot pocket"
  8. What to do with confetti?

    I want some!!!!
  9. Peter King.. You had one job...

    Rivera did say we were not invited to the party ... That reservation was for Seattle

    Get loud and get everyone around you loud .... If you can talk after the game, you are not kind of Panther fan
  11. PLEASE LET THEM DO THIS!!!!! .... Panther Player will be so pissed that there will not be any Seahawks to fly home.
  12. Huddle Contest: Tickets and Pregame Field Passes

    I have been a Panthers fan since day 1 (I was 28), weeks later I got a Panther logo tattooed across my heart, because I knew this team would be my life. I have been to so many first they are beginning to get hard to count. Hall of Fame Game, first home game in Clemson, first win, first home game in Charlotte, first playoff game and win, first Thanksgiving game and win .... and many more. I dont post much, but I am always lurking. Its more than a love of the Panthers .... Its a life!!!!
  13. Arians looking like a genius tanking for the 2 seed..

    PanthersUnited Thread title for next week ..... "We would play better on the road in Arizona" Then offseason thread " Fire Rivera and trade for Arians"
  14. NFC Playoffs - Packers at Redskins

    game over
  15. NFC Playoffs - Packers at Redskins

    Has the GB offense woke up from its season slumber?