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  1. Marty just told the post game show guys he expects Curtis to be out "a while" without adding much more detail. Hate it for the kid because he definitely seemed to be improving.
  2. Thought @Proudiddy was about to announce the new Marty Hurney 30 for 30 episode when I read the thread title.
  3. Bene was cut for making a stupid comment to the press, meanwhile, Ron's dropping gems like this.
  4. what can we do as fans

    This made me think of the Saddam statue coming down but it was Jerry's statue instead. Thanks for a laugh on an otherwise miserable day.
  5. Pay Attention to Post Game PC

    Imagine hearing this from Ron
  6. So the Blake Bortles led Jacksonville Jaguars offense looks like an offensive juggernaut compared with this pooshow. Let that sink in.
  7. Me in 2010 - "John Fox is a horrible coach" Ron Rivera in 2017 - Hold my beer
  8. Kalil in German translates to "whale vagina"
  9. This may actually be worth it if it gets Rivera and his POS staff fired. Fug all of them - losers top to bottom.
  10. I imagine Frank Kalil sitting somewhere in southern California with Matt and Ryan burning $100 bills to light cigars and laugh about how stupid Gettleman was.
  11. So is Shaq Thompson really just Colin Jones with dreads?
  12. Wow - Fouts is a fugging a$s clown. He called the fumble an errant pitch? Glad I don't have to listen to him often.
  13. Is Daryl Williams the guy who keeps getting speed rushed around Cam's back?
  14. I don't remember John Fox having a horseshoe up his @ss during his time here. Wonder where he found one?