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  1. Your ideal 2018 Super Bowl

    Ideal SB would involve the Panthers winning. Since that's not happening this year, I'd like to see the Vikings beat the Patriots soundly, resulting in a huge blow-up between Belicheat and Brady with Brady suggesting he'll retire. The disfunction between Belicheat and Brady forces Bob Kraft to publicly chose sides and is the beginning of the end for New England.
  2. I think he was great at fixing our cap issues, but his personnel decisions are tough to defend. We have the 3rd or 4th best roster in a 4 team division, and Loomis, who has been considered a laughingstock with 0 cap space to work with, hit it out of the park with his 2017 draft.
  3. Landry, ARob, Martavis - or trade
  4. For now he's at or near the top. I think Butler actually looked better this year when healthy. Bradberry is slowly playing himself into a backup role.
  5. Ladies and gentlemen, your WPMOY choice for the Saints. Stay classy NO.
  6. With a POS scheme orchestrated by Mike Shula will it really matter?
  7. Fug Wilks Fug Shula Fug Gettleman Fug Badberry
  8. Legit wish that someone would send Mike Shula in a pair of jorts to Richardson's office.
  9. Our coordinators are severely lacking. Wilks won't adjust to the fact the blitz doesn't work well with Brees, Shula doesn't seem to get that the offense works better with quick runs or with a faster pace.
  10. I agree 100% on Fox. I lost a lot of respect for him with the way that season played out. I think he pulled a similar act in Chicago this year.
  11. Possible that Richardson/Becker/Hurney wanted to avoid a similar situation to John Fox's lame duck year. I don't think the extension is a big deal, but I do wish Rivera would take a critical look at his staff and consider some upgrades.
  12. I'd imagine a potential buyer would try to talk the price down as much as possible. I thought it was kind of ridiculous that Sabates suggests most of the buyers won't make money on the franchise in their lifetimes. I thought the way the NFL's TV contract is constructed it was impossible not to make money as a franchise owner.
  13. The guy who wrote the article on PFW (linked in this thread) was on WFNZ and he said a few folks reached out to him suggesting they'd heard rumors Ron may leave. If I heard him correctly, he said he'd classify those folks as "leakers" as opposed to sources, which sounds to me like the kind of folks who usually provide info to benefit another party. It's not too much of a stretch to think these folks may be trying to get Rivera a larger deal. In either case, the writer, who is a close friend of Rivera, suggested he doesn't believe there is much substance to the information at this time. I'm sure WNFZ will post the audio sometime in the next day or so for anyone who's interested. Audio link below:
  14. Wilks is overrated as an DC IMHO - losing him wouldn't be catastrophic. His only tactic is to blitz, even though his secondary isn't that good. Would hate to lose Washington and Holcomb.