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  1. Hit em’ with the Heinicke
  2. Going to WAR?

  3. Dry Season

    Been playing Far Cry 5 in between checking the Huddle for news.
  4. This is somewhat in jest but I can't resist...
  5. It would be hilarious if Philly signs Breeland and releases Worley.
  6. Must have been one heck of a cut
  7. Why trade young talent for an older player about to be released?
  8. I wonder how much the rotation hurts DL numbers. Some of the values seem reasonable (Shepard LOL) and some seem way off.
  9. Most teams would kill to have stud players in 2 out of the 3 levels of defense and we have that with KK and Luke. Secondary, edge rush, and play calling (i.e. blitzing too much) are holding this defense back. I might be completely crazy but I felt that Worley played better down the stretch once he stopped rotating with Seymour. I prefer Worley slightly over Bradberry because he's more aggressive. Bradberry plays off presumably so that he can make tackles, but he doesn't seem to have a killer instinct. I'd love to see changes at safety and corner for next season because the defense was not elite down the stretch.
  10. Your ideal 2018 Super Bowl

    Ideal SB would involve the Panthers winning. Since that's not happening this year, I'd like to see the Vikings beat the Patriots soundly, resulting in a huge blow-up between Belicheat and Brady with Brady suggesting he'll retire. The disfunction between Belicheat and Brady forces Bob Kraft to publicly chose sides and is the beginning of the end for New England.
  11. I think he was great at fixing our cap issues, but his personnel decisions are tough to defend. We have the 3rd or 4th best roster in a 4 team division, and Loomis, who has been considered a laughingstock with 0 cap space to work with, hit it out of the park with his 2017 draft.
  12. Landry, ARob, Martavis - or trade