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  1. I echo @KB_fan's post on Samuel and the injured guys. Would also be interested in hearing any behind the scenes scuttlebutt on the changing of the guard from Jerry to Tepper and whether folks are excited, anxious, or fearful.
  2. Jerry is going to become the spokesman for Dollar Shave Club. His ads will be targeted to racist pervert low life sexual abusers.
  3. jimfear

    The team under Tepper

    Unless you're talking about in a Big Ben sexual assaulter kind of way
  4. jimfear

    More misconduct in panthers

    Let's just hope Ron doesn't break the team down with "Coach Fuller on 3".
  5. Maybe you’re right - he did say he thinks Jerry and the NFL will accept the highest bid, not the person who fits what Jerry wants. If Tepper lowballed and Navarro is the lead bidder, your theory would make sense.
  6. I don’t think he was taking about arranging a partnership with Tepper. During the interview he corrected Kroeger on Tepper’s net worth, which is enough to purchase without a partner.
  7. The addition of Poe along with the subtraction of Wilks’ blitz happy scheme will benefit the defense greatly IMHO
  8. jimfear

    Easy Question

    Voted yes. I would have liked to see a RB and iOL, but can't blame Hurney for not reaching when players we liked were snagged prior to our pick. I question not going after Harrison and Reid, but I don't think that means the draft was bad.
  9. The prospect of rolling into the season depending on CAP is pretty scary. I would be interested to see a play for Demarco Murray or CJ Anderson. Also wouldn't mind seeing the Panthers sign someone like Elijah Hood off Oakland's practice squad, although he's unproven at the pro level. I personally believe if CAP was the answer, he would have played more when we struggled to run last season.
  10. Cockrell and Bradberry starting outside, Jackson and Cap battling for nickel. I assume Gaulden will move to safety, but to only keep 6, would keep Gaulden (Safety), Elder, and Seymour. Luke to PS, Sanchez to dumpster, Doss released. Don't know who first down Jimmy is but he's gone too. I don't see Gunther but would consider keeping him over Seymour based on practice and preseason performance.
  11. The talking heads on NFL network said Jackson wasn't in the top tier of CBs because he lacks ball skills. That's a little concerning if true.
  12. Cap #'s and draft picks don't seem to apply to NO. Fugging Saints
  13. Wonder how far James falls before we think about trading up?
  14. Hit em’ with the Heinicke
  15. jimfear

    Going to WAR?

  16. jimfear

    Dry Season

    Been playing Far Cry 5 in between checking the Huddle for news.
  17. This is somewhat in jest but I can't resist...
  18. It would be hilarious if Philly signs Breeland and releases Worley.
  19. Must have been one heck of a cut
  20. Why trade young talent for an older player about to be released?