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  1. The Lone Panther

    This is the worst time of the year

    I'm pretty sure he mean't anything Panthers related, not in general.
  2. The Lone Panther

    WTF have we become

  3. Ok Rubi I'm out though. Have a good one!
  4. If anyone is "deflecting" this thread it's you idiots. This thread was originally about some Target Father's Day card, but many made it about E-Cat's cocaine usage. And it's not a habit if he doesn't do it anymore.
  5. Deflecting and distracting from what?
  6. The ones that are so quick to call white posters racist are using racial slurs towards white people. The hypocrisy from these idiots is just comical.
  7. How was that defending? I was pointing out Gazi's hypocrisy.
  8. You keep giving E Cat poo about using cocaine, but the idiot in your avatar was a cokehead and died from a heroin and cocaine overdose.
  9. You mean like Torrey and like most of the NFL players who got offended by what Trump said? Trump hurt their little feelings so they go run to their Twitters to cry about it. Our country is already divided as it is. Sports is something we're all suppose to enjoy as people while putting our political opinions on the back-burner.
  10. The Lone Panther

    WTF have we become

    Bull....poo Not only pedo rings, but pedos in general. 2300 online pedos were just arrested this week through ICAC task forces under the name operation "Broken Heart." More will come. #Winning Anyways, I'm out. Good night.
  11. The Lone Panther

    WTF have we become

    That's why so many pedo rings are getting busted all of sudden?
  12. The Lone Panther

    WTF have we become

    So sad. Our politicians, especially on the Democrat side, are filled with pedos and you fools are too stupid to see it. That's just one little email. There's so much more. Just Google Podesta art collection. Sick stuff. Pedo rings exist and he's apart of one.
  13. The Lone Panther

    WTF have we become

    Three very young children in a pool, "further entertainment?" Oblivious as fug.