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  1. The Lone Panther

    REPORT: DJ Moore in trouble with the law

    We've all been there. Not thrilled this happened in a work zone, but then again, was this during the night or day? Either way, just tell him to slow it down, no biggie.
  2. The Lone Panther

    Winners/Losers - 2nd preseason game

    I would be insanely surprised in that happens, but anything is possible I suppose.
  3. The Lone Panther

    Winners/Losers - 2nd preseason game

    I have a feeling it will be Heinicke and Gilbert heads to the PS.
  4. He's Norv's guy. Doubt he's going anywhere.
  5. Why are always trying to spin everything into politics? Keep that BS in the Tinderbox.
  6. With Samuel injury prone, we have to keep 6. Personally, I don't get the lovefest for Smith. He's had a quiet camp for the most part with the exception of a few good catches. Did he even play against Buffalo? If he did, he didn't do squat. A lot of money could be saved by not keeping him. Just my two cents.
  7. The Lone Panther

    Still lots of open spots on 53

    I personally don't like Jacobs at all. I think he should have been released a long time ago, but everyone proclaims he's a "special teams ace" and he's a vet LB, and we all know how Rivera feels about veteran players. My list was based on me being realistic.
  8. The Lone Panther

    Still lots of open spots on 53

    How I see it playing out... QB: C. Newton / T. Heinicke RB: CMC / C. Anderson / E. Hood FB: A. Armah TE: G. Olsen / I. Thomas / J. Laan LOT: M. Kalil / B. Clausell LOG: J. Sirles / B. Mahon OC: R. Kalil / T. Larsen ROG: T. Turner / G. Van Roten ROT: T. Moton / Signee after cuts WR1: D. Funchess / J. Wright / D. Byrd WR2: D. Moore / T. Smith / C. Samuel RDE: M. Addison / W. Horton / D. Hall RDT: K. Short / V. Butler LDT: D. Poe / K. Love LDE: J. Peppers / M. Haynes RLB: S. Thompson / B. Jacobs MLB: L. Kuechly / D. Mayo / J. Carter LLB: T. Davis / J. Norris SS: M. Adams/ R. Gaulden FS: D. Searcy / D. Southward RCB: D. Jackson / C. Munnerlyn / L. Doss LCB: J. Bradberry / C. Elder Gano Palardy JJ Jansen
  9. The Lone Panther

    Sunday Camp thread

    Haynes played in all 4 quarters against Buffalo and now he's getting 1st string reps. Is that a bad sign on how the staff feels about Hall?
  10. The Lone Panther

    Thoughts and Impressions - Preseason Week 1

    Watched Haynes a good bit. He just didn't seem like he could get off his block. Moore was the only DE, maybe with the exception of Cox, that seemed to cause any disruption. Hall, Haynes, Cox, Moore or Obada, just one needs to get going because outside of Horton, we have no one else....currently. Norton/Sprinkle - Neither really impressed me, which is to be expected since one was a 7th round pick, the other was a UDFA. Doubt we'll see either make the 53, but they're battling it out for the PS. I think it will be Sprinkle Just a couple observations.
  11. The Lone Panther

    Colin Jones...

    What does that even mean? Most kickoffs result in touchbacks, most punts result in fair catches. Why is he being kept? For the occasional tackle on ST when a player gets the rare chance to take a kick back?
  12. The Lone Panther

    Official Panthers at Bills Gameday Thread!

    It's still early and it is against practice squad players and camp bodies, but Hood is looking good. Might need to give him some early carries, give CAP some competition. If Hood continues to look this good, he may very well take CAP's spot. We'll see.
  13. The Lone Panther

    Colin Jones...

    Should have been gone years ago.