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  1. If he's there in the 2nd, take him.
  2. NFL.com Daniel Jeremiah's mock draft 1.0

    Wouldn't be upset with Ridley, even though I prefer a safety or DE. But I guess we'll have to wait and see what we do in the FA to get an idea of where we'll go in the draft. Looking forward to combine to see who falls or who goes up.
  3. Instead of Watching the SB....

    Going to suck rooting for the Patriots. I just can't pull for the Eagles. Their fans are pure human garbage.
  4. I love you motherfuggers

    Tiny locker room.
  5. Sunday Divisional Round Games

    I said to myself after the sack that knocked the Vikings out of field goal range, "watch the Saints start to comeback now."
  6. I like to see if us focus our draft picks on positions that will need to be filled REAL soon. Time to start grooming them while the vets that they'll be replacing are still on the team. Good teachers. So positions like DE, RB, LB, OL & Safety. Focus on WR in the FA.
  7. ESPN crew saying we got hosed

    Really starting to think the guy who said the NFL wants a Brady/Brees match-up is 100% right. If that does indeed happen, the NFL has just proven itself to be rigged.
  8. Whooped our asses 3 times in one season. Someone needs to be fired. Shula has my vote. And honestly, I hope Wilks takes a HC position. He's overrated.
  9. Draftwire 4 Round Mock

    1st - DE 2nd - SS 3rd - RB 3rd - WR Then BPA
  10. Trying to avoid that disaster of an organization people call the Cleveland Browns.
  11. Can you imagine losing to the same team three times in one season? Hope that doesn't happen.
  12. No SB or NFCCG with this offense

    Yeah, I posted that before the game was final. Yup, not looking good.
  13. Okay, I was trying to be optimistic and stay positive, but yeah, we're fuged.
  14. No SB or NFCCG with this offense

    It feels like the Panthers treated this game as a preaseason game, honestly. That playbook will open up against the Rams.
  15. No SB or NFCCG with this offense

    Who cares where we stand in the stat sheet? All that matters is we finish with more points than our opponent. Sometimes you guys expect too much. You expect that we come out every Sunday and blow everyone out of the water. It isn't going to happen. Sometimes we'll have games where our offensive gameplan isn't great. But our offense is still solid. I guess everyone forgot we put up 31 against the Vikings who has one of the best defenses in the league. We put up 31 against the Jets, the Packers, 45 against Miami. We're good. Don't forget, even the GOAT Brady looks like poo every once in a while...i.e. Miami.