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  1. Yeah, so? Do these kinds of threads ruin your day or something?
  2. It's not like there is something else better to discuss.
  3. Verge's mock draft

    Trading down could be very beneficial. Could use the extra picks considering how old this team is. We need some new blood and start grooming these vets replacements.
  4. Cappy's 7 Round Mock

    Still don't get why people want us to go corner in the 1st. I feel there are much bigger needs than CB. But if we did, I would like for us to get Oliver.
  5. Why? Do you have the power to see into the future and predict that all these players will be busts? For all we know, these guys may be the real deal. People need to stop focusing so much on the big names and just get smart players that will fit your scheme. There's no trophy for winning the draft championship, just ask Cleveland. And for the record, I'm cool with that draft. Olsen is slowly heading for the booth, we have zero depth at LB, crappy depth at RB and Hamilton is a name that has been blowing up lately. Could be an absolute steal in the mid rounds.
  6. Am I the only one who hates when these guest speakers announce picks?
  7. Mel Kiper Jr mock draft

    Right now, I'm hoping for Hayden Hurst, then trade up in the 2nd for Reid. Assuming he falls.
  8. Panthers Mock w/Trades Scenario

    Just because you don't like what this TE class has to offer doesn't mean our GM feels the same way. Every year we think we have a good idea how this draft will play out and every year we're wrong. Top players fall, unknown players get taken WAY earlier than expected. Sometimes coaches don't want to risk waiting until their next pick to pull the trigger a player they're high on. Hell, look at Bradberry. He was projected to be a 4th round pick, but we took him in the 2nd.
  9. Panthers Mock w/Trades Scenario

    With the signings of Cockrell & Gunter, and with the current corners already on the roster (Bradberry, Cole, Corn, Munneryln and Seymour) I just don't see us using our first pick on a CB. IMO, it will be either a TE, DE or S. BPA out of the three. LB is a position we need to look at as well. Davis retiring after this season and no real depth outside out the starting three with the exception of Mayo.
  10. We get it, you're gay for Diddy. Who's ready for Kaepernick to be our starting QB? I'm not.
  11. Which WR will we draft in the 1st round?

    The way things are going, it's looking more and more likely we're going secondary in the 1st.
  12. Demarco Murray?

    RB is pretty damn deep this year. Would rather see us focus that position there. Hell, I would be cool if we double dipped.
  13. Aaron Lynch Free agent DE option..

    I would be down.