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  1. Mike Shula is in full control of the offense

    I'm so disappointed nobody hired that sorry excuse for OC to be head coach. Running Tolbert for his patened 1 yard gain on our most crucial drive of the season. 
  2. Just rewatched week 6 contest

    Man the one thing that jumped out was that Delaire was getting constant pressure on Russel Wilson from the edge causing him to get happy feet and step up into the pocket where KK and company were causing havoc. I wonder if he even gets a jersey this Sunday, I sure hope he does.. It will be the travesty of the season if Rivera's insistent call to give our aged defensive ends the majority of the snaps over guys like Early and Delaire cost us against a mobile Qb like Russell.
  3. Pulling for the Bengals until......

    I call it poetic justice, Marvin Lewis response after Burfict tried to purposely injure our players outside the lines of football and making a play, told me everything about that team.
  4. Pulling for the Bengals until......

      I'm surprised this guy got called for an dirty hit, absolutely surprised!
  5. Giants game will be playoff intensity....

    Panthers have covered the spread every game this season, other than the last Saints game. 
  6. Expect CAP to be activated

    Really hope Wegher can get some burn, running style reminds me alot of Stewart. 
  7. Make an argument as to why Norman doesn't win DPOY?

    Someone needs to throw KK's name in the ring, kid is balling......
  8. Saints Cooks out with concussion against Bucs

    The Saints left everything they had on the field last week, they wanted to end Caroina's undefeated season for pride sake. I think they go full tank mode from here on out and are playing for a draft pick.
  9. I agree with Greg...

    Ginn was a big reason we won today he had 2 tds, we only won by 3 points.  I don't know who the player is people are clamoring for us to bench him for. But what I do know is Ginn had 2 tds today and that player didn't #facts.
  10. Cut or Demote Ginn next year! Please!

    You can tell the people who don't understand football based off what they post. Yes Ginn had some drops, but he also scored a crucial TD, and he also takes the top off of defenses like no other player on our roster can. Which opens up the seams for guys like Olsen and Cothery.  These threads aren't needed for a 12-0 team.
  11. Official ACC Championship Game Thread

    Almost Jake like bad, when he's bad. 
  12. Official ACC Championship Game Thread

    Fedora wtf!! Can't wait until Marquise graduates, because the combination of his bad play and Fedora's playcalling is a rough combination. 
  13. Official ACC Championship Game Thread

    The one where every 1st down is a Marquise keeper or a pass. Hood gets 6 yards a pop and we pass the next two downs.   
  14. Official ACC Championship Game Thread

    Fedora will just not commit to the running game what so ever, Hood and Logan can gash these guys, if he ever let's them get going. 
  15. Seattle is the 2nd best team in the NFC

    Agree with the OP, well slightly, I think the Cardinals are 1a and Seattle is 1b.  The Cardinals offense is better but Seattle's has a superior defense. I think the Seahawks defense would give us the most difficult challenge in the playoffs. They can rush the passer without blitzing and they have the 2nd best defensive backfield in the NFC outside of the Panthers this year. The Cardinals defense is good but it's predicated on blitzing and that can be exploited. I don't want to hear about what Pittsburgh did to them, The Steelers have maybe by far the best receiving core in the league, Antonio Brown is the best all around receiver and Bryant and Wheaton are two young, tall, fast receivers with AJ Green like potential, plus Ben throws the best deep ball in the league. I know Cam walked two 80 yard drives in the 4th to beat the Seahawks at home, but key word walked, Big Ben was throwing bombs all over the Seattle with those wideouts.  Now with that said Carolina has a much better defense and running game than the Steelers, so in no way do I see Seattle coming into Charlotte and putting up a whole alot of points against this defense. Especially now that Russell Wilson has literally lost his biggest target in Graham and who knows when Lynch will be back.  I think the Cardinals can be had though, don't get me wrong they're good, especially if they can get the big plays, but I don't think that offense can methodically march down the field especially if they can't get that running game going, I think they're hit and miss ie: 49ers game.  There's also the Vikings and Green Bay from the NFC North but those two teams are a notch below in my opinion. You can never count out Aaron Rodgers though.