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  1. Anyone greeting the team back home

    News this morning said they should be getting back to the stadium around 6 pm. 
  2. This Team Is Ahead of Schedule: Remember That

    Thanks for this and I agree.  I let the number in the W column cloud my memory this year, but I had the exact same thoughts as you before the season.
  3. Let's FUGGIN go!!!

    Dude, I've been up since 4am I'm so excited for this game.  This is our moment!  KEEP POUNDING.  Enjoy the game OP.
  4. Pretty cool.  Thanks for sharing.
  5. The Keep Pounding Drum

    I say let Peyton Manning do it.  He's gonna feel beat like a drum anyways, might as well start it off early.   In all seriousness though, I'd love to see Coach Braylon or Coach Mills do it.  Ah heck, I'll be happy whoever it is!
  6. Pair of Superbowl Tickets for $3,000

    Super Bowl.... What's there to think about?
  7. Marc James at it again

    Going off Marc's logic, the Browns should have 5 or 6 rings by now.  Without competence, high draft picks doesn't garner success, a la Cleveland. Maybe I'm missing his point...
  8. Calvin Johnson to retire

    Didn't he threaten to retire if the Bengals didn't release or trade him?
  9. "Be sure to drink your Ovaltine"    
  10. I heard they named one end zone the home and one the away. The mistake was they started painting the away end zone with Broncos colors. Black paint fixes mistakes :)
  11. Jared Allen Out for the NFCCG

    Reading his comments and watching the short video of him from the locker room, he was none too happy about the decision.  
  12. Jared Allen Out for the NFCCG

    And with the WR's we're going against this weekend, pressuring Palmer is a must.  Hopefully Delaire's fresh legs can pick up where Allen left off.
  13. Jared Allen Out for the NFCCG

    ESPN is reporting Allen is out for Sunday's game. "Carolina Panthers defensive end Jared Allen is out for Sunday's NFC Championship Game because of a fractured foot. Panthers coach Ron Rivera said Friday that the team hopes Allen will be ready for the Super Bowl if Carolina beats the Arizona Cardinals." Looks like Ealy gets the start and Delaire will be active.  There's been some debate about Delaire.  I guess we get to see what he's got come Sunday.