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  1. For your viewing pleasure

    That's funny right there!
  2. Palardy

    I'll have to eat crow right along with you, OP. I couldn't believe we kept him over Andy, but he's been great.
  3. I’m not exactly high on this trade, but I’m seeing a lot of the same reactions in this thread as was posted back when he blew out his knee in 2015. We know how that season ended, and the WR position was crap then too. Glass half full, Greg will be back to practice this week, and KB hasn’t exactly been Mr. Clutch, so while I think we probably shouldn’t have done this, it’s not the end of the world.
  4. The picks are in !!!

    Can we win? Sure! Has Carolina done anything on the field in the first 3 weeks of the season to make the organizations in that list think we will go up there and win? Um... no. Not surprised by this.
  5. I will be part of the 5% tonight unless there's lightning...
  6. JMHO, but cornerback and quarterback sound so alike, it's easier for people to distinguish between the two by calling them a corner.
  7. Long story short, this season is the first in like 8 years I haven't made it to at least one game. All of my "fun money" this year went to my son's adoption fees. It kinda sucks with the season we're having, but at least we're 15-2 since he was born. With that said, I'd love nothing more than to watch Cam and Co. beat up on the Seahawks again!
  8. "I'm not coming back what's in the past is in the past !!!! " #closethread #nomoresmittythreads
  9. Panthers Trade for Jared Allen

    Not that it means a thing, but my gut's telling me this is going to work out quite well for the Panthers. I've always liked JA. Excited to see him in Panther blue.
  10. Nice Mr. Klein and props to the poster who called one of these dump offs getting picked.
  11. I'm getting real tired of all these helmets coming off. Guess nothing will be done until someone gets seriously hurt...
  12. That Steelers logo at mid-field looks good. Wait a minute...
  13. That will Luke good in my office! @appmandan73