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  1. "We're Going To Stay Together As A Team"

    I wouldn't expect anything else from this team.
  2. Keep Pounding

    "Keep Pounding" is a character trait best displayed in the agony of defeat rather than in the glory of victory. Panther Nation will Keep Pounding and return next year ready to kick arse with a purpose.   Congratulations Bronco's ---- Fug Talib, you are officially on notice you POS
  3. Keep Pounding

    Absolute thrill of a season. We grew, by leaps and bounds, as a team and as a fan base this year. I think our team finally discovered what they are truly capable of and got a big taste of real NFL success. After the sting of this loss wears off, I know this team will start preparations for the full assault of 2016. We will be back...Keep Pounding! Photo below is Dick's sporting goods in concord. 
  4. Cam Newton disappointed me

    I understand your disappointment but you have to realize cam is under a great deal of pressure right now. This is the biggest week of his, life and he is laser focused on his job. I feel bad for your daughters, I really do. I have one of my own and she to has always wanted to meet cam and get his autograph. I took her to the practice field one day and as we stood at the gate waiting for the players I explained to her that the players don't owe us their time, or an autograph. I told her to ask politely and if they decline do not be hurt or disappointed. Cam saw my daughter and instructed the cart driver to stop, he got out of the golf cart and spent a moment with us...autograph and pictures. There is a time and place for everything.
  5. Shinning like a beacon in the night for all to see! Fug him!!!!
  6. Colin kapernick was right

                        ^                     ^                     ^ this !
  7. Cam's Press Conference Shoes

    Uhhhhhhh me!
  8. Looks like I'm not the only one

    I bet he smells ripe during those hot September and October
  9. Smitty on Dan Patrick Show

  10. Who Else Will Start Wearing Team Gear Again .. Later

    I get it....but you must keep pounding. Wear your colors man

    I received my "dear john" letter today
  12. New PSL Owner

    Welcome'll never have to buy a scalped ticket again.
  13. That's Russell Wilsons couch...

    Amen brother
  14. Mort... Stage IV Throat Cancer

    Keep pounding