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  1. Jerry Richardson Being Investigated

    Imagine Jerry Richardson going to jail...
  2. Jerry Richardson Being Investigated

    oh man, so now we got our weekly controversy....
  3. Trai in concussion protocol: out Sunday

    its Silatolu according to PFT
  4. Trai in concussion protocol: out Sunday

    Officially ruled out per bleacher report :(
  5. Trai in concussion protocol: out Sunday

    I still see Alshon on the board in my nighmares.
  6. lol this guy doesn't even know how to cook a simple meal. Hard pass. Jalen Ramsey was the CB to get last year. I honestly think Bradberry is better than Apple.
  7. Which Cam Handshake Is Best?

    Tie between Norwell and Turner.
  8. Wed. news and tweets

    I don't feel confident with Colin Jones.
  9. Wed. news and tweets

    He's pissed he isn't playing enough. gotta be a pro and suck it up though.
  10. How would you feel if...

    how would you guys feel about a Cat Superb owl? I for one would be a nervous wreck cause I could see the game going exactly like SB 50.
  11. I want sammy. Hes the most affordable and has huge upside. has also stayed healthy this year.
  12. In my opinion its best to have the 5 seed facing the 4th seeded rams. while the saints are the 3 and host the seahawks. Seahawks win and face 1 seed Minny while we win and face 2 seed philly. Blair walsh rights his wrongs and we take on a foles led eagles team get the dub and BAM NFCC VS the seahawks @BOA
  13. Who made the decision?

    It actually has not costed us many games, but it has caused lots of unnecessary butt clenching.
  14. could get the two seed this way If philly can go 2-1 down the strech. We have the H2H vs the vikings but not the other tiebreakers. We need philly to be at either 14-2 13-3 or they can loose out(doubtful) and we get the 1.
  15. also all 4 division winners could easily finish 12-4. We could win out, win the NFCS and still be the 4 seed....
  16. 7 teams in the NFC could finish the season 11-5. Let that sink in.
  17. Torn ACL for Wentz (confirmed)

    Getting flashbacks of that Hixon TD
  18. bucs have checked out fam. McCoy and David wont be playing on Defense.
  19. Graham Gano Deserves Pie

    this, hopefully gano keeps on killing it this year, if he does he will get a fat multi year check.... only thing is I'm not so sure we have the wiggle room to invest in a kicker. This decision could hurt us next year, but at this point who cares. I told myself when Hurney was hired that this is the final year of our window. 2 of the NFC's top 5 QB's are not going to be in the play-offs. Its all or nothing these next couple months.
  20. JNo not happy could he come back?

    with worley and corn elder as back ups.... shitttt that might be the best CB group from top to bottom in the whole league.
  21. JNo not happy could he come back?

    yeah but both?
  22. Eagles at Rams

    I vote Brady
  23. Ryan Kalil is a Difference Maker

    hope he feels good tomorrow.