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  1. Fantasy Basketball?

    I have three spots open in an ESPN league. Does anyone want to play?    
  2. We signed a waste of space (Tyler Hansbrough)

    I guess MJ owed Ol Roy a favor! Hansbrough is on his way out of the league for sure.
  3. Watching Vonleh vs. Towns

    Chill! Its Summer League dude. MKG looked like LeBron when he played!
  4. Biz is a free agent

    Rick Bonnell ‏@rick_bonnell 5h5 hours ago "With the recent trades we made, we don't have room in the front court." -- @hornets GM Rich Cho on decision not to Biyombo decision. Rick Bonnell ‏@rick_bonnell 4h4 hours ago Not extending qualifying offer does not preclude @hornets from re-signing Biyombo or Taylor. But I don't see that minus some other trade.
  5. Danny Ferry

    The Hawks are going to part ways with him. MJ should hire him in some capacity because he could sure show Cho a thing or two.
  6. We just lost any chance we had at getting Curry to come home

    There is a post on hornets planet that the 2017 All-Star Game is going to be in Charlotte. That would be something to give Steph a hometown welcome right before he enters free agency.
  7. Cho has lost his mind. He has always been terrible at drafting but was always good at trades until he just got fleeced by Rivers on this one. Its time to bring in someone who knows how to build a winning team like Ferry.
  8. The Cavs were not the only ones who suffered from the injuries of Love and Irving. Now I just can't see Steph Curry leaving Golden State. Maybe he will come home when he is like 35 but it will be too late to make an impact then.
  9. The Official General NBA Discussion Thread

    Durant went off against the Suns in his return.
  10. The Official General NBA Discussion Thread

    I wonder how long before Cleveland fires the coach?
  11. The Official General NBA Discussion Thread

    I wonder if the Cavs would give us a draft pick and Delly for Biz?
  12. The Official General NBA Discussion Thread

    Cavs bounced back in Orlando without Kyrie.
  13. The Official General NBA Discussion Thread

    This Golden State / LAC game is at a high school games pace.
  14. The Official General NBA Discussion Thread

    Some of the Christmas Day games look like real duds.
  15. The Official General NBA Discussion Thread

    Kobe was horrible vs OKC.