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  1. bleedsgreenandgold

    Thanks to David Tepper and Roger Goodell

    Muh opinions!!! It's sad to watch people on both sides of the issue get sucked into this boondoggle. I'm just sitting here waiting for people to realize our government is really just one party and this division is what they want.
  2. bleedsgreenandgold

    Cowboys fans

    Don't care to argue with you, the main point of their bias announcing still stands. I wasn't shocked or dismayed as it is the standard when they have Cowboys in their game.
  3. bleedsgreenandgold

    Cowboys fans

    Aikman on the broadcast: "Cam has been pretty inaccurate today" "Dak has had to deal with humidity and poor throwing conditions"
  4. As a Charlotte 49ers fan, hoping to see Austin Duke get some more run tonight.
  5. DAL - W @ATL - W CIN - W BYE NYG - W @WAS - L @PHI - L BAL - W TB - W @PIT - L @DET - W SEA - W @TB - W @CLE - W NO - W ATL - W @NO - L Record: 12-4 A bit of homer prediction but outside of the division none of the games scare me other than the away games in PA.
  6. bleedsgreenandgold

    Thoughts on division schedules

    I love Warren Sharp's stuff as he updates weekly and has a periscope every Monday night breaking down games. Pretty much where I start my research for DFS each week. I agree with the sentiment about this year. As long as Cam stays healthy I believe the offense will hold it's own and our defense really just has to be average.
  7. bleedsgreenandgold

    Thoughts on division schedules

    https://www.sharpfootballstats.com/2018-strength-of-schedule.html https://www.sharpfootballstats.com/2018-strength-of-schedule--def-.html
  8. bleedsgreenandgold

    Why Your Team Sucks, Panthers edition

    This one was the kicker: We go to the game Sunday. I’m drinking airplane bottles of whatever I can find. I find my seat in the stadium, watch the kickoff, then wake up with 4 minutes left in the fourth quarter. My buddy got kicked out for going to the women’s restroom. Or so I’m told. On our way home, we stopped and ate at an Arby’s in Morgantown. It had been a few days so I was pent up. I went to the bathroom and werked it real good with liquid soap. As I’m typing this I had to Google what the final score of the Bills game was. I am a fuging degenerate.
  9. bleedsgreenandgold

    Official Panthers at Bills Predictions Thread

    It's preseason, so the only firm prediction I can make is Bills fans will give us more proof that 95% of their fanbase has fetal alcohol syndrome. Can't wait to see pregame stupidity on Twitter this evening.
  10. bleedsgreenandgold

    Tepper Presser Takeaways

    The gambling comment was concerning IMO, legalized gambling will only help the NFL. I would love to hear the thought process behind that one.
  11. bleedsgreenandgold

    I am now a Jay Cutler fan.

    Probably not going to go over well when Jay becomes the star of the show. True authenticity is far more entertaining than anything scripted.
  12. bleedsgreenandgold

    Should Jerry's statue stay?

    Why? They just wait and follow suit with what the Panthers do. Pretty sure Jerry isn't going to try and sue over a $10M donation, especially with his grandson still on the coaching staff.
  13. bleedsgreenandgold

    No UDFA Hype this year

    Wait a second, you're telling me Keyarris Garrett didn't turn into the next Calvin Johnson? Huddle gonna Huddle
  14. bleedsgreenandgold

    How do you fill your offseason time?

    Vacation, lots of hiking, fixing stuff around the house, playing golf and DFS golf.
  15. Healthy? Wish him the best but that guy is going to be dealing with injuries the rest of his career.