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  1. Healthy? Wish him the best but that guy is going to be dealing with injuries the rest of his career.
  2. bleedsgreenandgold

    Will Tepper Move Training Camp?

    Good news is that he is gone after this year and we finally have an AD who is capable of making a solid hire.
  3. bleedsgreenandgold

    Will Tepper Move Training Camp?

    Just bring it to UNC Charlotte. Fans can ride the light rail to practices, plenty of parking in the summer, and restaurants are walkable from the stadium/fields.
  4. I'll be done with the NFL, I hardly watch any games outside of the Panthers. It will just be more time to spend with family, go hiking, or golf.
  5. bleedsgreenandgold

    Matt Ryan is the first $30 million per year QB

    Dude has made $129M over his career, that's sickening.
  6. bleedsgreenandgold

    Jags to London?

    I can't see a team permanently moving overseas, too many obstacles to overcome. I could see the NFL adding a game or two in some other countries like Germany, China, etc.
  7. Probably because the university was sued and must release names of people involved in incidents: http://www.courier-tribune.com/news/20180417/unc-must-disclose-sexual-assault-findings-judges-rule
  8. bleedsgreenandgold

    Every NFL Team's logo redesigned

    This biggest surprise here is that Steelers fans know how to use the internet.
  9. bleedsgreenandgold

    Brees staying in NO

    http://www.nflpenalties.com/roughing-the-passer-by-qb.php? Per this site, he is Top 3 since '09.
  10. bleedsgreenandgold

    Brees staying in NO

    Also, he has one of the fastest releases in the NFL. Watch the actual games, anytime he gets knocked down he looks towards the refs. I see we have another Saints troll that has joined the Huddle.
  11. bleedsgreenandgold

    Brees staying in NO

    My hate really stems from him saying he knew nothing about Bountygate. Really? NFL players have some of the biggest mouths in the world and you had no idea it was going on in your locker room? GTFO Then it irks me every time I see him get tapped and turn to the ref for a roughing the passer flag.
  12. bleedsgreenandgold

    Brees staying in NO

    I know he could have but let's not pretend he is some deity (like the media does) because he took a $10M pay cut. Pretty sure this puts him close to $250M in career earnings.
  13. bleedsgreenandgold

    Brees staying in NO

    Media personalities are already talking about how great of a guy he is for taking a discount...it's $50M...makes we want to vomit.
  14. Judging by this thread, the only draft certainty is Panthers fans will be out with the pitchforks and torches again this year.
  15. bleedsgreenandgold

    2016 Panthers Schedule - Thoughts and Musings

    I'll be interested to see what kind of shape the field is in when we play in LA, USC plays Oregon at home the day before.