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  1. Good god, this is amazing...

    Why? Having a team in Vegas is going to be awesome and plenty Raiders fans in the area.
  2. My Co-worker is about to need a meat wagon...

    Wonder if your co-worker cares about stats when his yearly review comes up?
  3. What Eagles Fans Are Saying...

    He didn't say anything about men. Guess we know where your mind is.
  4. FTFY...Cam is a great example of the media creating a false narrative.
  5. What Patriots fans are saying...

    If you're a FF nut, then Warren Sharp (the guy who created those graphs) is probably one of best follows on Twitter bar none.
  6. First day of fall PSL Party

    Corporate shills
  7. Austin Duke is back

    Good stuff but still has a long way to go if he is going to see meaningful time.
  8. Hate Week. Again.

    They are the only fanbase that Cowboys fans can look down upon.
  9. The stadium was pretty quiet yesterday

    It was hot, it was 9-3....everyone in survive and advance mode.
  10. What Bills fans are saying ...

    When was the Bills last playoff game? Run along now.
  11. Score Predictions: CAR Home VS BUF

    You Cleveland North fans are always good for a laugh or two.
  12. Score Predictions: CAR Home VS BUF

    20-6 Panthers...KK or Pep knocks Tyrod out of the game.
  13. What Bills fans are saying ...

    Buffalo is Cleveland North, that's all you need to know. Their football team wants to be us and their fans want to live here.
  14. Turning focus to Buffalo ... What do you know?

    The only way they beat us is if McCoy goes off and there will be some Bills fans doing some crazy ish during the tailgate.
  15. Dalvin Cook

    I love when people crown players after one game, guess it is part of living in a microwave society.