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  1. Brees staying in NO

    http://www.nflpenalties.com/roughing-the-passer-by-qb.php? Per this site, he is Top 3 since '09.
  2. Brees staying in NO

    Also, he has one of the fastest releases in the NFL. Watch the actual games, anytime he gets knocked down he looks towards the refs. I see we have another Saints troll that has joined the Huddle.
  3. Brees staying in NO

    My hate really stems from him saying he knew nothing about Bountygate. Really? NFL players have some of the biggest mouths in the world and you had no idea it was going on in your locker room? GTFO Then it irks me every time I see him get tapped and turn to the ref for a roughing the passer flag.
  4. Brees staying in NO

    I know he could have but let's not pretend he is some deity (like the media does) because he took a $10M pay cut. Pretty sure this puts him close to $250M in career earnings.
  5. Brees staying in NO

    Media personalities are already talking about how great of a guy he is for taking a discount...it's $50M...makes we want to vomit.
  6. For once, I agree with Tom Brady

    Exactly, the comment is out of line but what exactly did he expect a bunch of football fans to say?
  7. If Jags win a SB Before Us, Will You Be Happy?

    Does that happen if they win it? They would become the Seahawks of the East Coast..."fans" would come out of the woodworks.
  8. Reuben Foster....as expected

    A million things in this world are more concerning but people are still worried about a plant. I guess that's what happens when you have the private prison system, big pharma, police unions, and big alcohol lobbying against you.
  9. Why you should be excited about Turner

    He's not Mike Shula.
  10. I personally think BOA is great but a new stadium isn't just about a Super Bowl. The city and the "leaders" want to see the city regularly host the CFP, Final Four, and large-scale concerts. Multiple revenue streams are the name of the game now.
  11. What Bucs Fans are saying....

    I want to know where are the all the media pundits are that were calling for the Bucs to win the division.
  12. Panthers Packers rivalry?

    Packers fans should take a look at the actions of their QB before running their mouths.
  13. Vegas is just baiting the public in since everyone knows Rodgers is coming back. Wouldn't be surprised to see late money from the sharps come in on the Panthers Friday or Saturday.
  14. At Bojangles for the First Time, Right Now

    So you don't eat meat or fats of any kind, drink alcohol, smoke tobacco, do drugs, or drink soda/energy beverages? Hey everyone, we found Mr. Perfect over here. Usually, the worst people are the first to cast a stone.
  15. Matt Ryan loves lemon pepper wings

    A Crocs sponsorship would be so fitting for this dude.