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    Funny you mention that Jeremy, I actually just gave them my sizes last week. Be on the look out for my upcoming 30 for 30 as well. Also, I appreciate all the great pics you take of me before, during, and after games. All the best, Clark Kent
  2. No we'll wait until after he signs elsewhere and then we'll fire RR.
  3. Armah promoted to the team

    Hell YEAH! Most importantly this has real life implications for our running game, but I'd be lieing if I said I wasn't happy for Madden though. Ed Dickson only a 65 at FB, and I'm tired of waiting on him to get outside to set his blocks to unleash CMC. I already average 256 ypg on the ground.
  4. 6.39

    F the haters Jeremy! Way to represent! It may be slow but I'd be willing to bet 95% of Huddlers couldn't beat that mark. we ran 40s a few months back during the combine using people/stop watches. I ran a 4.86. Good for 3rd fastest of those who participated. I also run and work out regularly though, while most people don't
  5. Stopped reading after OP used "dominate" instead of dominant.
  6. WP - Power Ranking

    Yep! Remember when we laughed at what they gave up to get him. That likely only works out one time out of a million. it has more than paid off though
  7. "Woke up with a bad neck"

    Y'all act like you haven't woken up before and literally had to turn your whole body either to the left or right because you couldn't move your neck without having excruciating pain. You'd much rather question the toughness of our Pro Bowl center? wow
  8. As far as Funchess goes...

    My preseason bold prediction was that he would end the year with better stats than KB despite the Cam to KB bias. He has undoubtedly earned some trust, which is big now that Olsen is gone for awhile. I do beleive that Dickson can and will get the job done if Cam can stop overthrowing him
  9. When you have at least 10 potent offenses to copy? We have speed in Byrd, Samuel, and CMC yet I see no crossing routes or drags across the zones. We have Funchess and KB who tower over CBs. For example, yesterday KB was matched on a CB who was 5'10" in the red zone. We finally got an attempt at a backshoulder jump ball that got us PI and 1st and goal. Did we go back at him? No! Yet I watch Dez Bryant matches up on Aquib Talib and score on a backshoulder fade. Yes later Talib got a pick six but it was a horrible throw. Running the ball up the middle with stewart on first down isn't a good play call, it's expected and shut down accordingly. How about play action on first down? Slants to KB are great and he picked up 4 first downs on them. Again these are expected! Why not throw these same routes to Samuel or Byrd who are the better mismatch speedster types? We played the #2 defense yesterday, but there were opportunities. HC Ron Rivera said he wanted to see more plays with Byrd and Samuel. It didn't come to fruition. My bone to pick is this, and it's also why I have no faith in Shula as an OC..... if you're playing your former DC, who intimately knows what we do, this is when you unleash the dogs, and show them that we aren't the same offense we once were. Buffalo's pass rush was vicious! How many screen plays were used to soften or hasten their aggressive style? Why wasn't a hurry up offense established to get us a rythym? We literally have one more preseason scrimmage vs the Saints to get this fixed. They have the worst D in the entire NFL. This poo ain't gonna fly week 4 when we travel to NE Please spare me the excuses, I've watched the games with homer glasses off. Yes we've done some good things, but there's a ton of room for improvement. I expect us to get better, but with Olsen now out of the equation, thy just got a bit harder now that there's no need to bracket him, which will make it that much harder for us to keep doing the same ole ish I'm tired of watching offenses move the ball well with less talent than we have. It's frustrating /rant
  10. I was concerned about our secondary. I still am. Too many open WRs and busted coverages. Luckily they were all underneath, which very well could have been the gameplan (keep everything in front of you) i was concerned about Shula not getting CMC going. Turns out he went overboard and forgot about Olsen,Benji,andFunch. (Also think this could have been the gameplan to slowly work Cam back) Overall we got a W, so not too mad, but I am concerned after watching Chicago and KC work their RBs masterfully. Honestly, I think it all boils down to predictability on the offensive side of the ball. For example, 3rd and 8..... we all knew it was gonna be a slant to Benji before it happened. So did SF D. Luckily he dropped the pick. I think we're far too talented on offense to be predictable in any way shape or form. I know that we will continue to build and get better, but it is frustrating knowing our RB is more talented than Hunt and Cohen and those two in particular were used masterfully. The ball was going to CMC so often I was like damn...... The other players are gonna start not liking this guy. The Sky isn't falling but those are my concerns. D line and LBs played out of their minds! O-line did well at protecting Cam and getting a good push even when we were clearly running the ball. That's a very very big deal! I can't wait until we can put defenses on their heels where they have no Fing idea what to expect.
  11. An open letter to Mike Shula

    Concur with all. CMC is a force, but we have to use Olsen/KB/Funch as well. They had 5 catches combined. How is anyone okay with this? It pisses me off that year in and year out we have to worry about our OC putting us in a hole. 3rd and medium? KB on a slant.... I knew it, you knew it, and that LBer knew it, just couldn't catch it. we have to become unpredictable. That's why I'm fussin. We have too much talent to be predictable. We have to get better. Refine the gameplan for next week.
  12. An open letter to Mike Shula

    Yeah I watched the game in its entirety. I saw the missed TD pass to Dickson, and I beleive it was the play before Cam missed a wide open Olsen. Is it encouraging that CMC will command extra personnel to constantly be weary of him, thereby opening up some things offemsively? Yes it is, verymuch so. Is it also frustrating to see other rookies outplay the #8 draft pick with as many touches as he was given? Absolutely it was. After all, what we watched in the aforementioned backs' games is exactly what we thought we'd get with CMC game one. i have to beleive that Cam isn't anywhere near ready. If I'm wrong about that, then we're in big big trouble.
  13. An open letter to Mike Shula

    You clearly only see things your way. This gameplan was all CMC first, and all of our other weapons were an afterthought. Now, is it by design because Cam's shoulder isn't ready to go vertical? We don't know. I hope that to be the case. KB having only one catch and Olsen/Funch only having 2 aren't going to cut it against a real contender. It amazes me that people are that blind to beleive that Shula put together a good offensive gameplan. Look at how Kareem Hunt was used. Look at how Tarik Cohen was used. THOSE were good game plans. Shula's gameplan was CMC and then everybody else. Notice how KC and CHI both used other weapons first to compliment these players? If you don't understand whatsoever what I'm talking about, I'm not sure your capable of of commenting anything further to the discussion
  14. An open letter to Mike Shula

    NOPE! The problem is clearly MIKE Fin SHULA! everyone will say, but we won!? I watched multiple RBs with similar skill sets masterfully worked into the gameplan. This poo he came up with today was absolute garbage! Worked against the crappy 49ers, won't work against future opponents
  15. An open letter to Mike Shula

    The Chiefs drafted an absolute Beast in the 3rd round. To think, if Spencer Ware doesn't go down, he would have been used as a change of pace back behind him. I seriously doubt that CMC will get anywhere close to 246 yds from scrimmage (a new NFL record for a rookie in his first game) but I sure hope he does