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  1. Good for you, I'm not there yet. Drops still haunt me, fumbles, etc playcalling as well. Not enough designed QB runs, no screens to slow the pass rush, no quick slants.  I'll never get over this, not after the season we just had. Kudos to everyone else that can.
  2. Don't have time to watch now, but will later.   any notable quotes to hold me over?
  3. Even if we beat them 100-0 it won't change a MFin thing. This sentiment is so off base.  
  4. Super Bowl 51 Is Ours

    There are no guarantees that we get back bro. Ask Dan Marino. Cant guarantee health next year, whatsoever. If we HD lost TD or Luke during the playoffs we might not* have even gotten to the dance. We were there, and we were the better team with the better defense. Stats don't lie, check the box score stats. Held them to under 200 yds total offense. It sucks, also I think we'll get back? Yes I do, but let's not pretend for one second that it's a given.  
  5. Hangover, we'll still be in the playoffs, but THEY know that17-1 means jack poo! They won't have a lack of motivation, but I def don't see as goods record. I'm also still pretty shitty about all this so there's thst
  6. Couldn't sleep last night

    Tossed and turned all night -high throws from Cam early -challenge (fix was in) -strip sack (illegal low to head)(no call) -Ginnrunning out of bounds, I think he coulda/shoulda scored -Cotchery drop at 4 TD line in a13-7 game -Tolbert's fumble in Denver territory -Norman's potential 2 picks - McClain's potential pick 6 opening drive - the fuging punt return -the mother fuging illegal contact (goal line) - the flags picked up for us without explanation -The missed FG and no offsides call For all of these reasons and more, I just couldn't sleep! These plays kept replaying in my mind all night, and I'm just a passionate fan. Can't imagine any of our guys slept well either. My heart goes out to them.   CLEARLY that was the exact type of game that Denver needed to have, and when I say that I mean low scoring and playing with a lead. I felt as though if we could ever et the lead, Peyton would choke it away. He wouldn't have brought his team back. Our defense was lights out fellas. Played better than Denver's, just check the final box. As they say though, to victory goes the spoils. bitter pill to swallow. That Lombardi was ours. We got fuged hard core by the league early on and just couldn't quite recover.   Its sad aeeing all of these reactionary threads like we were a shitty team. We were the better team by far, and we just let it slip away.   Dont want to talk about next year, don't want to think about it. 17-1 and we let it slip heart literally aches! I wrote this out in hopes of getting some closure, but I fear I will never ever get that. Not like this, not like the way it all played out #KeepPounding  
  7. Thank you TD

    I pray that we can stay healthy next year and get back and finish it before he retires.   I also pray that Cam isn't another Marino. To know that we were this close, and not finish would haunt me til my during day.  

    Future looks bright, but this WAS unfortunate.   see y'all next year #KeepPounding ALSO: if u live in Charlotte, please welcome or heros home for me
  9. fug YOU! perma ban this stupid ass B1TCH   edit: don't give F2CK how good he us for business.
  10. Calling it now edit: my friends think I'm a prophet
  11. New Half

    I feel like 1 call may have already cost us the game..... Look what happened after the BS "incompletion" and if not that, we're out of challenges.   Pray now if u believe. We're gonna have to play a flawless second half!   #KeepPounding
  12. New Half

    No challenges (BS)   We get the ball first. Pedal to the metal boys!   #KeepPounding
  13. Thebigcat

    @thebigcat PM me your # and I will text you the challenges/injuries and other stuff u miss at the game. In exchange, I'd like a blue towel. Even if no deal if still text u the good info to know
  14. Thebigcat