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  1. Got a relationship question...

    Sorry BigCat, we have surely appreciated the condo, and she even bought me several suits on your credit card. I've told her that we've got a good thing going here, and that she needs to appease you. I'm afraid though, that she has fallen hard for my D. I think I will cut her off, so that you guys can straighten things out, then it's running smoothly for you once again, I will only give her 1/2 this time. My momma always told me not to give her the whole thing, but sometimes I just get carried away. I do hope that everything gets straightened out, because I have big plans for the condo while y'all are gone. I plan on banging all of her friends. They've agreed as long as I never tell her. I told her not to brag so much, but it's apparent that she doesn't listen to either of us. Let me know if you have any better ideas. I'm willing to work with you on this. P.S. Any chance you can raise the limit on the credit card? I have a costly addiction over at the Gentleman's Club. I'm a real sucker for the Asians, but I guess that makes two of us
  2. Carolina Panthers Roster Projection

    Not arguing with you dude. This is silly. He can catch and he's pretty damned fast for his size period. For u to assume I'm speaking out of my booty hole is crazy. He burned top CB talent on 9 routes. I guess you're calling him a possession receiver because he can catch? It doesn't even matter. Key will beat out Hill for the job easily. You don't have to agree, and I won't brag when I'm right.
  3. Carolina Panthers Roster Projection

    We'll see soon enough.
  4. Carolina Panthers Roster Projection

    You better look up his pro day 40 times bruh... And even if it's a tenth slower, he CAN catch
  5. Carolina Panthers Roster Projection

    No way Hill beats out Garrett. Same size, same speed. One has hands and one doesn't. Garrett is the guy I have been on record rooting for Hill, but Garrett replaces him easily. You have to keep in mind too though, that we didn't draft Garrett because the FO has said, that we already had that type of receiver. In fact we have two in Funch and KB. Barring an injury on Garrett's part, he's a lock to make this roster; unless of course they choose a smaller faster WR in Byrd. Theres no way Garrett stays on our practice squad either. He'll be gone the very second his name is put on the PS list. Garrett > Hill period
  6. Selecting the 2016 Panthers Wide Receivers

    Suddenly we find the WR position, a huge strength. Wow, what a difference a year makes! KB, Funch, Brown, Ginn, Garrett Byrd is the WC and Stephen Hill is done. Garrett is essentially a Stephen Hill, only he can catch everything thrown his way. I'd hate to be an undersized CB playing against this WR corps. (Lookin at you NFC South opponents)
  7. Philly Brown is a daddy

    You can always count on TMZ. Oh, I meant 15
  8. Panthers Release Boykin

    Boykin did in fm fact take less to come here. I remember seeing it in his presser. He was cheap and good. Maybe he wasnt as smaht as the CBS drafted? i joke I joke
  9. Garrett > Rico Wallace?

    Are u really that bored with your life?
  10. Garrett > Funchess?

    I personally think he will have a better rookie season than Funch did. The key with him though is his health
  11. Someone sell me on why Butler was a good pick?

    Remember that time we drafted Kuechly, and we had Beason? yeah, I do. Freak accidents or injuries happen all the time. Excellent pick. They had him at the 20th best player in all the draft.
  12. Good read on UDFA WR Keyarris Garrett

    Cam be like
  13. Panthers Tango with Cash

    Think about it this way. They thought more highly of the TE we got in the 7th! How good is that guy gonna be?! Im fuggin stoked right now
  14. Panthers Tango with Cash

    Tweet from Cash himself Excited to officially announce that I've signed a contract with the @Panthers. Ready to contribute to the efforts of heading to Houston! LOVE THIS DUDE ALREADY!!!! And FUG yeah I'm yellin!!! I'll also add that this is what happens when you've become relevant and a soon to be dynasty!
  15. Panthers Tango with Cash

    CASH rules everything around me!!!!!! C.R.E.A.M. get the money, dolla dolla bills y'all!