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  1. I've watched Miami's big games all year, and I have to say that I will not be the least bit surprised if we drafted him if/when he declares. Miami runs the same exact style offense that we do, and Rosier runs just as often and with the same style as Cam. I could see him being a solid backup for us moving forward and we could likely get him in the 4th/5th easily. Watching Miami's offense, is like watching a Panthers game. It's kinda crazy. I just wanted to mention this, because I can definitely see it happen, and it would make a lot of sense.
  2. Clearly, I will have to make these threads weekly, as Worley already has a pick and Stewart just rumbled for his longest run of the season!
  3. I mean I hope we come out and dominate in all facets, that would do a lot of the team's confidence. It's December after all. That what I'm hoping for, but my novice attempts at analysis, I just don't see it
  4. Today will tell us a lot about our football team. Will Shula make the necessary adjustments to prevent the Vikings from teeing off on Cam again? They had 8 sacks last year against us. Will he offset the pass rush with drag routes/quick slants/and most importantly screen passes? Will be run Stewart up the middle on every single first down? If so, we're gonna have some problems. DEFENSIVELY Case Keenum is the real deal, so let's not think that he's mediocre and can't beat us. That would be a big mistake. Will our front four get pressure? We've also had problems against teams with good RB tandems. Will we wrap up and redeem ourselves from last week? Murray and McKinnon can replicate what happened to us last week. We're going into the game without Shaq, so already we're at a disadvantage there in terms of packages. His presence will surely be missed today. lets talk about the secondary. Bradberry will have his hands full with Diggs as well as Thielen. Why both? Well that's simple... Worley just came off of his best game. Can he replicate that again against top tier talent in this tandem? If not, and I'm the Vikings' O coordinator, I move both WRs around and have them taking turns exposing him. its not all doom and gloom. This will be a physical playoff atmosphere football game. Cam needs to get going early! WHAT ID LIKE TO SEE I'd like to see to see play action on first downs, with a streaking Byrd or Clay, and options to check down. I'd like to see our o-line open up some holes and get our RBs some space. I'd like to see McCaffrey use some vision in space. In consecutive weeks I've seen potential TDs end in disappointment because he went the wrong way or simply didn't have the vision. Sure it's easy to sit on my couch, and jusmdge after replays, but for him to be so highly touted as a "give him space and watch him work" type of player, I've seen some disappointing cutbacks that would have surely been TDs. I'd like to see Kalil and Olsen stay on the field he hole game and be effective. I'd like to see Matt Kalil bounce back, if he can't then we need to cut slingload during the offseason and take the cap hit while saving money in the long run. Minnesota knows his weaknesses and knows them well. If he doesn't get help via chips, or all out RB protection to the blind side, Cam can be in for a long long day once again. I'll be disappointed if we don't run two TE sets if we see early pressure. We have to maximize our opportunities. Most of the players realized and commented post Saints game that the sky wasn't falling and that they had left some plays on the field. Well guys, in consecutive weeks we are facing playoff teams. Here's your chance to make up for it and execute. BOLD PREDICTIONS There will be a ST play today that will determine the outcome. I also see a defensive turnover that results in 6 I expect Peppers to show up in a big way. Olsen has his coming out party this week, but will it be enough? Byrd will make a splash play with an end around, and will get behind the defense only to be missed by Cam due to lack of chemistry and Cam being out of practice on the deep balls. After the dust settles, Panthers win a close one on the foot of Gano. I expect players on both sides to get banged up today due to the physical gameplay. 19-16 Panthers
  5. Tyrod Taylor and their OC will do what we NEVER did with him. They will ACTUALLY USE his height advantage over smaller CBs and throw back shoulder fades on 1st, 2nd, and 3rd down and goal consecutively until he catches it. Also expect a patented 3rd and long slant. KB will ball in Buffalo, which will only sting that much more when we see how much we underutilized him in the RZ
  6. Marty Speaks...

    Literally laughed out loud for real for real
  7. Here we sit at 5-3 with an already anemic offense that can't run the ball whatsoever, and the team trades away the #1 WR on the roster! Did they think Cam couldn't overcome locking in on him? whats the defense to think? We know Cam is gonna be livid especially after what was said in his post game presser in TB. I can not beleive this ish
  8. Congrats to Beane

    How In the Actual FUG do we give him away for a 3rd? Beane knew we weren't gonna sign him lol my term, and that was likely his leverage......
  9. Congrats to Beane

    Heard Jim Kelly today on Mike and Mike praising Sean McDermott and Beane. Buffalo will be running that division for a long long time. NEs time is over
  10. CMC to become a full time WR ?

    They were both RBs in college. Curtis is hot garbage! So is CMC as a RB the Sky just fell boys
  11. Congrats to Beane

    Well boys, any shot at getting back to the SB just went out the window. in before, but when we went KB wasn't even on the field.... while we're at it, congrats to the entire NFC South who now has nothing to worry about at the WR position 3rd and 7th? Smfh
  12. Not arguing with you dude. This is silly. He can catch and he's pretty damned fast for his size period. For u to assume I'm speaking out of my booty hole is crazy. He burned top CB talent on 9 routes. I guess you're calling him a possession receiver because he can catch? It doesn't even matter. Key will beat out Hill for the job easily. You don't have to agree, and I won't brag when I'm right.
  13. We'll see soon enough.
  14. You better look up his pro day 40 times bruh... And even if it's a tenth slower, he CAN catch