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  1. LUUUUUKE added a post in a topic Stephen Hill Injury Photos   

    I don't know if it's been said or not cause I haven't read any thread entries so here's my take.
    1- I had high hopes of Hill actually making this team and being a solid contributor.  I realize this wasn't/isn't popular, but I think this is a HUGE hit to our Offense whether you believe it or not.
    (If he were simply fodder, they would have canned him after the bowl incident, and further Gettleman himself was right there checking out the severity of his injury) that actually is quite telling and shouldn't be overlooked imo
    2- this nearly assures Cotchery and another dark horse WR candidate. I say Cotchery and Bersin both make the squad now.
    3- Proehl and Rivera have both made points the entire offseason to go out of their way to talk up Hill when they didn't need to. Again I think this bodes well for him
    4- I feel bad for him and so should you. Here's a guy that gets drafted high, disappoints in NY, is humbled by getting picked up on waivers and basically being a PS guy, has his best chance to prove to himself and the world that he still had it, and rides off in a cart likely knowing that he lost his chance. His chance to prove his worth, and a chance to be apart of a SB winning team. He knows it, just as well as we do. He doesn't know if he'll ever get another shot either, but what he should know is the #58 will be there every step of the way.
    edit: now that I've read the thread, I think everyone that says "he was on the bubble, let's stash him on the ir for a year" is just wrong.
    If he made the team he's definitely insurance for Benjamin or a Funchess injury (that's gone now)
    If he didn't, well then at least we knew he wasn't good enough to back either up. The thing is, we won't ever know.
    I may be in the minority here, but I think he would have made it and contributed.
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  2. LUUUUUKE added a post in a topic Let's remember the SuperBowl where Seattle loses   

    They are our version of what the Detroit Pistons were to the Bulls back in the day.
    We all know what happened to the "Bad Boy" Pistons don't we?
    For the 15 yr olds that have no idea what I'm refering to
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  3. LUUUUUKE added a post in a topic July 27: On this Day...   

    Man. I remember reading those comments two years ago, and even where I was sitting while reading some of them. I can't however, remember what I ate for breakfast 2 days ago. Getting old kinda sucks
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  4. LUUUUUKE added a topic in Carolina Panthers   

    Let's remember the SuperBowl where Seattle loses
    Yes, It's always funny to laugh at our biggest rival especially when they knock us off and then go on to lose the Super Bowl in such dramatic fashion. Let's not forget though, that they too are human and Ricardo Lockette himself penned a very good article recently on the Players' Tribune Website linked here.
    I really think that everyone here should read the article, if for nothing else just to get the human side of what most NFL players go through. While I have hated the SeaHawks as much, if not more than most here, I have a newfound respect for them. I do NOT feel sorry for them, I just respect real people who don't frost or sugar coat reality. I can't help but root for Ricardo Lockette in the future (except when he plays us). This is a must read imho. I promise that you won't be disappointed, and if you are, well then, it took you away form pretty rainbows and other useless mumbo jumbo on FB for 5 min.
    Some excerpts;
    I hope that you enjoyed reading the article as much as I did. We as fans can only HOPE that more players write articles/essays such as these. As fans, we crave the first hand knowledge and insights of our favorite players. That medium is great, and I hope that we can see some of our own players do stuff like this one day.
    In other news we are 4 days 6 hrs and 15 min and 22 seconds away from The Panthers' first training Camp Practice of the 2015 season at Wofford... not that I'm keeping track or anything
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  5. LUUUUUKE added a post in a topic Who will be this year's surprise player?   

    Kony Ealy. I think he's going to come out stronger than people anticipate, and be ready to fill that role that we all hoped he would fill.
    I also really like Brandon Wegher as my dark horse.  I actually anticipate Stew on the bike at some point during TC as a "precautionary" just to see who is really worth their poo to back him up. I have no loyalties back there, and may the best man win
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  6. LUUUUUKE added a comment on a blog entry Dichotomy in Football   

    I'm not sure, because I don't even blog bro. I did think it had to be more like an article though instead of a paragraph. Of course, you could always argue quality over quantity.
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