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  1. I think we would be naive to think that there is no way the NFL could rig these games.. That being said, I think it would be very difficult to keep every mouth in the history of the NFL closed when it comes to rigging games. I don't recall anyone every coming out and saying that they were told to do this or that.. I could be wrong. I mean, sure they could make everyone sign some sort of NDA, but we've seen first hand how those can be broken.
  2. Hard pass. Hope the birds get it done.
  3. Holy shizz... A post with value! Nicely done.
  4. How do we know Norv hasn't spent his time off coming up with some offensive scheme straight out of an episode of The Jetsons?? (optimism)
  5. Should I Quit?

    Quit that job or quit the huddle. MAKE A CHOICE!
  6. Why do we (Vols fans) have to be entitled brats??
  7. Praise Allah!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. Caption This Pic

  9. Caption This Pic

    "We're running Stew up the middle? Again?? Ok."
  10. I may be one of the few that would like RR to stick around, but Shula has to go. I also would like to see Del Rio come in if Wilks gets a gig elsewhere.
  11. Brenton Bersin

    I would go as far as to say that Bersin would have caught the ball Clay dropped. He's become a solid pass catcher, but he is not the answer to our problems. And that tweet is stupid. People trip all the time. Just to add a little to the (not)TD pass to Kaelin... That pretty much sums up Cam's career. That was a Brady-esque pass, only to go incomplete because the receiver couldn't catch it. Hurts my soul.
  12. Didn't read the whole thread, but I did browse KeepPounding95's twitter feed... He retweeted something stating that Shari Shula said Mike got an extension with Ron. Dear god.