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  1. Panthers interviewing special teams coaches

    Soo... Does anyone think that Russ is any good?
  2. What might a Charles Johnson extension look like?

    How Boot... CJ Takes a Cut or Walks... Promote Ealy and Delaire.... Sign Allen to a 2 Year 3 Million Contract.
  3. Why do players have to talk to Media Anyways? If they don't want to talk they shouldn't have to? Look.. I understand Cam was frustrated about the Game and Media... He had an devastating loss... If I could hear what the other team was saying I would walk off too... Aint No Time for That Nonsense..
  4. Couldn't sleep last night

    Dude... Im the Same way... I couldn't Sleep... My Anxiety is Extreme Today.. Didn't want to go to work... I'm over it... I was more pissed at how I prepped the whole week, Cleaned House, Bought Food Etc.. for people to come over to watch the game... a 1 person showed up... :(
  5. Conan...that poo not funny

    I have been watching Conan for years...  that was Mild... compared to what he has joked about. IMO he used to be funnier.. but America is so PC Now. 
  6. Getting Annoyed

    Well considering in the past 3 years... it was nothing but Patriots, Seahawks and Broncos on TV... no matter the City... I dunno... maybe its just me
  7. Getting Annoyed

    It may be just me... but Im tired of them showing Fans and Super Bowl Festivites... and there is a bunch of 49er Fans... then they did a Rep Your Team.. they booed when the Panthers was Mentioned. Cant they find some Panthers Fans somewhere? In the last 3 SB there was tons of people rooting for NE, Broncos, and Seahawks... and was in the crowds... sorry for the Rant.. but it is annoying me. 
  8. I love Smitty so much.. I just bought 2 Steve Smith Panthers Jerseys... A Blue Reebok with Tackle Twill Lettering, and a Nike Replica. I will wear them until the end of time.
  9. What position did you play?

    If you would see me you would ask... "Why were you the Center"  I think because its Middle School... and Centers aren't that big... I think? Also... Most teams we played against didn't have an Nose Guard... So My job was to mess up the route of an LB.
  10. What position did you play?

    I only got to play in Middle School. I played Center. I played in the 7th Grade, the  Practice week before then first  game in the 8th Grade, a Helmet went into my knee. I needed 2 screws in my Femur Condyle, and a Lateral Release on my Knee Cap. I didn't play sports after that. I did however.. tryout for Baseball... didn't work. I was in JROTC in HS, So I guess that is a Sport Like thing...........Little Did I know that 6 years later that trying to get into the Military with screws in your knee.... is Very Very Vey Hard.
  11. Looks like I'm not the only one

    Welp.. Looks like Catman has tix to the SB now
  12. Cam Newton disappointed me

    Ryan Newman used the be basically my neighbor... I moved about 4 miles down the road. I see him all the time on his tractor, or in his SWEET 63 Impala Wagon. Anywho... most of us in this town just wave and move on. We know were he lives, gets food etc... But honestly no one bothers him..... Locals Anyway. He is nice in public though... very friendly... im sure its because he gets treated like a normal person... and not bombarded all the time.
  13. Such A Tease...

    I am wondering though... If KB was miraculously off IR, and Suited up and played.... Is that even possible? A player being IR all year except for Super Bowl? I think it would be the Ultimate Game Changer.  
  14. So.. Can I put the SB50 Patch on my #89 Jersey? No?