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  1. Devil Doc

    How ridiculous is the NFCS?

    This... one thing that pertrubes me is that Saints and Falcons get credit every year for powerhouses, but Panthers get none. Our division is riddled with injuries, and competition, and talent.
  2. I am not saying some profiling does not happen, however... when is enough, enough? Example... leader of NAACP went on twitter and FB.. ranting and raving that a police officer profiled him, accused him of drugs etc... when the tape was released.. it was a lie. And still.... some people believed him over the tape. Because of his "Good Moral Character"... when accusations of racism is used to try to get away with things.. is just as bad.
  3. Good, now maybe Tepper can buy all the lots within a mile of the stadium, and actually make room for parking.
  4. Devil Doc

    Matt Moore as a backup option

    Lets bring in Jay Cutler... he is an awesome QB.
  5. Devil Doc

    La Canfora tweets that Hurney is safe

    So, does anybody have any Tax record, Real estate, or County records access? I wanna know if Tepper is buying a house in this region, or just playing Owner while he is on the beach.
  6. Only town in SC worth a Crap is Greenville, SC. That downtown is the bees knees, with that waterfall I like that poo.
  7. Yep... we will offically know by next month
  8. Devil Doc

    Zach Sanchez waived

    I think he was great at CAP hell, but also finding underatted talent.
  9. Devil Doc

    Zach Sanchez waived

    Did anyone think Sanchez was going to make it? I didnt.
  10. Lets trade him and CAP to Cardinals or Giants.. Who they got that we can use?
  11. So... wait. What if he takes a paycut, he stays on the team? If he refuses a paycut, he may be cut? im assuming he knows, he is a target, so either he he steps up, or gets cut. If I knew i was getting cut, I would so good enough to make ST.
  12. Jerry Jensen? Tony Veland? Joe Nedney? Tim Morabito?
  13. Devil Doc

    Panthers signing CJ Anderson

    How much is CMC # Worth? He gunna be #48?
  14. Devil Doc

    Flacco and Roethlisberger

    I think that Flacco is better than Rapelesburger.... they both suck.
  15. Devil Doc

    More misconduct in panthers

    Ehh.I don't agree with to only sending messages to them people listed. I talk to tons of guys and girls... its called FB Chat.