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  1. I just hope he aint trying to do a book deal...
  2. Hi there

    No, at one time I had 5 strays, I have 3 now. I also have 3 dogos. My house is destroyed. New Laminent flooring will fix that soon.
  3. Hi there

    Working on my Batchelors degree, collage is grate. Started a few troll farm social media pages, its fun. Work.
  4. A little ownership news

    Why re so many wanting to buy the Panthers.... but not interested in the Titans?
  5. Giants hire Mike Shula as OC

    So did the Bills and Giants collaborate and say... Hey, lets just take every Ex-Panther that comes our way....
  6. If they are hanging out in the Hallway, then why push her or have an altercation? Just leave it be. Nothing illegal being in the hallway.
  7. 2018 Staff Finalized

    Bell Biv Devoe!! I dunno... figured someone would get the reference.
  8. 2018 Staff Finalized

    Hey Bobby, Ricky, Sam, Rueben, Uncle Stinky, Mike, Yall wanna job?
  9. Karma is real

    So a coach guilty of Bountygate and known drug problem. And he is still the coach. Hmmpphh
  10. Karma is real

    Does Sean really do Vicodin? Can explain his douchyness
  11. Im sure Norv knows hes Temp.. he just looking at his hand.. you know.. 3 Rings.. would look better than 2
  12. Should I Quit?

    Im not a big fan of Boston... New England messed that up for me. Only thing that I dont get about Dushku... she likes to date old men... I dont get it. Bruh... ive liked her since the movie "Bring it On" and "The New Guy"
  13. Should I Quit?

    Eliza Dushku is from Boston... betta recongnize
  14. I have an honest legit question. I am not from Charlotte nor live there... However... What is the Possibility of building Parking a few miles away.... and use a Light rail system to shuttle people to the stadium? That seems a lot cheaper, efficient, and can still keep the stadium in uptown.