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  1. Devil Doc

    Not Panther Related- Staging on Standby

    Thread can be moved. So far looks like the storm has weakened, category wise.
  2. Hello guys, I am hunkering down here in teh Piedmont, we may lose power and some wind and rain but that should be about it. I am getting my gear ready, because I will be tasked to the coast to help with recovery efforts. I hope you guys stay safe, and dry. #KeepPounding
  3. Devil Doc

    Darryl Williams to undergo surgery

    Bring in Cajuste
  4. Exactly... everyone is praising Rodgers for his comeback from the Bears.. Pshh.. I wasn't impressed... he threw the ball to a wide open receiver with grass ahead of him.. was not miraculous. Difference in Numbers between CAM and Brady/Rodgers.... is Coaching.. and having receivers than can get open.
  5. Devil Doc

    Funchess is a soft bum.

    Where was Smith & Wright last night? I only saw them a few times
  6. To his defense.. he was swallowed as soon as he touched the ball.. but still fumbled it
  7. Ok.. who let Shula back in the stadium?
  8. Devil Doc

    Early game discussion

    I swear.. if saints come back to win..
  9. Devil Doc

    Early game discussion

    TD!! TB!!
  10. Ya. But someone else could have grabbed them sooner. Its ok..
  11. I would, but it would take me 1.5 hours to get there....
  12. Devil Doc

    Midfield Logo Watch

    I do not know if it is possible... but it would be cool if it was left blank, and as part of the warm up show... they have a team paint it right in front of you... that would be kinda cool.
  13. Devil Doc

    Midfield Logo Watch

    I said the same thing... they will paint everything, except the midfield logo... until Saturday night..
  14. Devil Doc

    Midfield Logo Watch

    So, I guess Panthers being at the 20 is a no go.
  15. Devil Doc

    Midfield Logo Watch

    any updates? Lol