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  1. So.. how does sitting in a booth, calling the game, any different than.... watching it?
  2. Austin Duke.... come on down. I know he still in Charlotte.... hanging around, wearing his Panthers Jersey, "put me in coach".
  3. Fire Shula Banner.....the reason why

    Wait.. so instead of using the money to fly on a different day, the are returning it? Really?
  4. Quick Question

    Heck... going from Below Average to Average would do wonders for this team
  5. This fuggin guy...

    You can tell who has been a fan the longest... the Blue Peppers Jersey.
  6. Any Bersin Love Out There?

    Oh I think he did well. I think he did more because he has to prove his worth on the team AGAIN....
  7. CMC

    Bingo... which makes me think that the Panthers are the one that shut the banner down.... so Shula had a "Prove It" game
  8. CMC

    Oh I know that he wont get it, but I will sure hype his name up for Panthers purposes. I swear he juked out 2 LB's yesterday on that run up the middle.
  9. CMC

    Very True... its all on Dumbass Shula..
  10. CMC

    if everything works out fine and we can get our Offense moving.... CMC will have almost 1,000 yards receiving and 500 Rushing... ROTY stats right there....
  11. Yes!! Now CMC is going to be closer to Offensive Rookie of the Year stats.
  12. I was just about to type that the visability today is not ideal. Pilot will have to be IFR rated( instrument) and it may not be seen very well. Im sure they can find a Cessna or Piper pilot at Concord that needs hours. Lol. Pilots flying for free, getting paid and hours is GOLD.
  13. CMC as OROTY

    So... CMC being OROTY is looking closer... Watson is Down, KB is gone.. more snaps for CMC. Am I right?