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  1. Anyone greeting the team back home

    Well I hope you guys give them all the support they can handle...
  2. NFL Rigged?

    You can think that it's not rigged but sometimes poo happens in games with millions of dollars at stake.
  3. NFL Rigged?

    I loved it when the Cotchery replay was watched in the booth from the former head of officiating and said this will be overturned that is a catch and then the head ref from Denver said nope not a catch go fug yourself.
  4. Anyone greeting the team back home

    There is no right and wrong way to celebrate a loss if you want to go and cheer them when they arrive more power to you and anybody else who goes. If someone wants to bitch and moan and that helps you get over this more power to you.     I've been a fan since day 1, I don't need to prove my loyalty to no one. I won't celebrate this loss   
  5. Anyone greeting the team back home

    Um that was the plan did you not read what I posted?  I thought I was pretty clear I don't celebrate losing, so yes I will stay at home.
  6. Racist peice of poo

    that is so fuging racist and i'm shocked so many here don't see that? I agree with the other posters walk up to a black guy and call him a boy and see what happens. 
  7. Anyone greeting the team back home

    I'm with this mentality 
  8. This team looked so unprepared 
  9. I need a break from this maybe Draft day I'll be refreshed
  10. Big congrats to the Broncos

    NFL=WWE. I need a long break after this debacle and fug Manning he didn't do poo, Miller should get all of the attention
  11. Official Panthers - Broncos Superbowl Gameday Thread

    what a fuicking idiot
  12. New Half

    last quarter here we go
  13. Official Panthers - Broncos Superbowl Gameday Thread

    wHY???? When did we become a stupid team?