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  1. The bills still have Jim Kelly they just have to ask
  2. Derrick Henry Ranked 64th in Mayocks top 100

    Atthis point i don't give a poo, most 1st round picks are bust. ..... unless we Draft you so whomever they pick I'm fine with Henry or not. I will not get angry over silly things I can't control
  3. I Don't Get The Celebration Here...

    Hard to feed that family on 13million, I need at least 20 million.
  4. I'm going to create an app to translate what Cam sayson social media, I will be rich.
  5. Are people trolling with this Derrick Henry stuff?

    I'm still pissed we drafted a lb in the 1st round!! Makes no sense we have Beaston!!
  6. RIP Will Smith (former saints DE)

    He is about the same size as Will Smith, I thought it would be a tiny man who was scared of a giant man.
  7. My ex wife's fiancee is in this crap and he got her selling it and now they have my son who just turned 18 selling this poo. I told him it's a scam but his mom is making money. I hope she is I only have 2 more child support payments and I'm fuging free!!!!!!!
  8. Martavis Bryant facing a year long ban

    He had so much potential, but he liked to get H1GH
  9. Official NFL Free Agency Thread

    Denver has found its QB they traded with the Eagles and picked up Sanchez
  10. Brent and Miko Grimes find a home...

    That poor husband, you know she beats his ass....
  11. Cam Newton's 1969 Chevelle

    How do we really know that is Cams car?
  12. When Keeping It Real Goes Wrong

    Man just speaking da truth, dis still 'merica?