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  1. 10-OHHHHH so SWEET PIE!

  2. Take Three Seconds...

    good thread
  3. Keep Pounding Pie!!!!

  4. Hardy evidence photo somehow leaked

    That makes me sick if that is true. I have always said you never know what happened and women do lie sometimes. I tried to not say much about this when it happened but if that is real then i cant be quite anymore.
  5. im reading here ever day, just no new news and im not one to say the same thing thats been said 15 times. other than now more than ever we need good ass pics in our sigs..

  6. lol where the hell have u been?

  7. thanks dick, i see you just decided to hoard them away.lol. nice way to be a team player.lol.

  8. they are all mine!!!