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  1. Dear Sean Payton

    Seeing the SaINTS lose in this fashion brought me immense joy on Sunday. One of my roomates is a die hard who dat fan, and watching him pout and slam the door on the way to his room was the greatest NFL experience of my lifetime. I hate the SAINTS more than any sports franchise in the world. Having said that, I'd like to open up the discussion here on Sean Payton. Know that he made some eggregious calls and fumbled some serious decisions, but in all seriousness, I gotta admit I kinda like the guy. He goes for the jugular no matter what, whether its 4 & 2 on the 50 yd line in our game last Sunday or going for the deep pass on 3rd & 2 with 6 minutes left in the 4th. This almost always gets him into more trouble than is necessary, but his IDGAF attitude is palpable and translates well to players. Players in the NFL do not like coaches who play as conservative as we have the past 5 years, we lose that "swag" factor. After all, it is only a game, and Sean always takes the bull by the horns and goes for it. Not to say that he's even a better coach, he's just got no fear and has serious swag. Anway, probably going to get roasted for poasting this but ive said my piece. Will probably be my last post until next season, so everyone have a great Spring and Summer. See y'all in Spartanburg for Training Camp. Again, So pumped that the Saints lost I'm on the Vikings v. Jaguars Superbowl train.
  2. Charles Johnson: "I'm hoping to keep playing."

    the fact that we didnt have charles johnson is the reason we were able to stop Kamara. Hey Charles- go back to your restaruant in Charlotte
  3. Weird game. Thought we had it. Honestly props to defense for shutting down the run. 3 red zone trips for 6 points to start game won’t get it done
  4. I’m all jacked up on Mt Dew and Preworkout powder!!!!!! Is it game time yet?????
  5. Win or lose, lets appreciate today

    I’m grateful
  6. Pssst.... Panthers will win this game.

    The panthers are going to win this football game. I GUARANTEE it
  7. Could Raleigh eventually host a Franchise?

    do not think an NFL team will ever come to Raleigh but that is just IMO
  8. Yeah, but everybody does it...

    if true, this could get ugly very quickly for organization ill stand by Danny Morrison till I die, met him one and guy is just a baller
  9. (1) increase the organizations swag, take constructive steps to rid "wine and cheese" stigma that has haunted this fan base for many yrs (2) give the PURRCUSSION more timeout perofrmances (3) cheaper Bojangles chicken
  10. We're winning the Superbowl....

    now that wentz is out for the season with an ACL tear, i think our chances of winning the supper bowl have increased
  11. this thread is making me smile, always been a big nostaliga guy. That was a special year for all Cats
  12. Cam Newton Pie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I love Cam Newton
  13. Why didn't we draft this guy?

    keep pounding