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  1. Turkey Day Game Day Thread

    Hahahah that net kick video is incredible, slow mo is perfect happy thanksgiving to all
  2. Work place drug test question

    Zaximus is right on the money with this one. The reality is that drug tests might as well just be marijuana tests since all other drugs are undectable in urine after three days. Even marijuana can be undetected if the test is cheap enough, just pound water for three days straight and take 4x the B12 vitamins to give your urine color so it doesn't look completely clear However....there is the possibility of a hair test which is equally expensive as it is draconic. It tests all drugs up to 6 months. The only way to pass one of these is to damage your hair with vinegar, sun exposure, and some head shop shampoo.
  3. Potential NFC PLAYOFF TEAMS

    I think the Eagles are the most overrated team in the National Football League. Period. My analysis could be blinded by my pure hatred of them, but irregardless I think that they are overhyped and will won't get past the Divisional Round. I sincerely we believe we beat them 8/10 times we play them
  4. This actually makes me respect the man. Underage drinking really is an insignificant truth
  6. This is a hot take but I think we will beat the Saints easily in the DOME. We looked like a juggernaut team last nite
  7. The Bestest Album of All Times!

    Top 5 Albums In my Humble Opinion 1. London Calling (The Clash) 2. Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band (The Beatles) 3. Waiting for Columbus (LIVE) (Little Feat) 4. The White Album (The Beatles) 5. Never Mind the Bollocks, Here's the Sex Pistols (Sex Pistols)
  8. What time will you start drinking Monday?

    UNDER THE LIGHTS IN THE BANK TONITE I actually don't drink during the week, but have taken 2x vyvanse dose to be extra jacked when CAM converts on short yardage 3rd downs
  9. Attention Huddle Sex Therapists

    Nah you aint crazy bruh don't say that. This will happen to everyone at some point. But remember this: the ultimate test to find out if you love someone is that if something interesting/funny/really peculiar happens to you while you're at work (e.g. crazy customer, weird thing on your commute), marry the person who you would be most excited to tell and recount the experience with when you get home. The harsh reality of our existence is that appearances fade, and even the inital spark of a relationship will die out, BUT that personal connection of wanting to share your life's experiences with someone will never die
  10. Crowd size yesterday.....

    there were some falcshow fans congregated near 517 where our seats are at. bet that ride southbound ride home on i-85 was not unencumbered for those fans hehe
  11. People who smoke in the family bathroom?

    i agree with CosmoGirl, folks these people need SERIOUS help if they cant go 3 hours without a smoke
  12. Was Cam possessed yesterday or What

    Cam Newton has returned. Yesterday had a playoff atmosphere and Cam put the team on his back doe. I'm very grateful to have him as our quarterback EVERY Sunday
  13. CAP should start over J-Stew

    going completely off my monday morning gut reaction, im definitiely in the start CAP over J-Stew train. From the looks CAP has had so far, I think this guy could be an elite running back in the NFL, also has a lunch-pail, team-first mentality to practice and games. I would think he's chomping at the bit to get more looks out there
  14. Curb your enthusiasm Season 9

    wOw completely agree !!! ive been waiting for someone to articulate this, and honestly have been lying to my friends (who do like it) about how much i enjoy it to save face. feels like a different show, not the Curb I am used to watching. Pace and jokes are off-pace, stories seem to run against each other rather than converging a la Seinfeld/old Curb. honestly laugh more at vice principals than curb now
  15. Homecoming ATLvsCAR Weekend Suggestions

    do yourself and your body a favor and go eat breakfast at the Flying Biscuit at the park road shopping center. i used to live in SouthPark and this was my go to hungover joint, dank mimosas