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  1. updownsigma added a post in a topic Barnwell on the sinking Saints   

    Mickey Loomis is becoming Marty Hurney minus the ability to draft talent in the first round
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  2. updownsigma added a post in a topic Saints release DE Junior Gallette   

    Lol, makes you wonder if they would have kept him after this incident if he'd had a better relationship with the team. I wouldn't put it past the saints
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  3. updownsigma added a post in a topic The longest offseason   

    Last offseason seemed really long for the Hornets too. Not insinuating anything about how the Panthers will do this year, just agreeing with you that offseasons seem to last longer when your team seems to be improving, even more so than when you just had an even better season. For example this one seems longer than 2005 or 2008. Or maybe it's just cognitive bias and EVERY offseason seems like the longest one while you're at the end of July, who knows.
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  4. updownsigma added a post in a topic He's slowly winning me over...   

    I loll'd at "promiscuous pictures," sounds like how my Aunt would describe it or something.
    Prison Break is most overrated show though? Wtf? Hardly anyone's seen it, not sure how it can be overrated.
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  5. updownsigma added a post in a topic Harvard - Panthers bottom 10 team in 2015   

    *Insert joke about him being associated with Harvard and questioning his intelligence after he picks our team to do poorly here* But really, haven't read the whole thing yet but his method for determining what/how good the "core" of a team is seems extremely flawed and arbitrary. Why look at AV of only the top 2 OL for example? Say one team has 5 very good to all pro lineman, why discount those remaining 3 players (maybe this is why the Cowboys are so low? Could just be because the Cowboys suck though).
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  6. updownsigma added a post in a topic Coming to terms with the Frank Kaminsky pick...   

    Regardless of how I feel about the pick, I really wish people would quit pointing out that Frank dominated Okafor and KAT in the tournament as though that somehow proves his value. He's like 3 fuging years older than them of course he's going to outperform a bunch of 19 year olds. Kaminsky as a senior probably could have "dominated" freshman Anthony Davis but you wouldn't pick Kaminsky over Davis, would you?
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  7. updownsigma added a post in a topic This is gonna be like tossing gasoline on a fire that's almost subsided...   

    He lives in LA and has Clippers season tickets, and writes about them kinda often (can't believe I know this much about Simmon's life, ugh) but yeah he's always been a Boston fan.
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  8. updownsigma added a post in a topic Hornets select Frank Kaminsky   

    Lololololol we are stupid
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  9. updownsigma added a post in a topic Hornets at Nets 7:30 (PLAYOFF GAMES!) ... not really   

    That last play just summed up lances season lol
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