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  1. Got a job offer..

    If there's no counter offer then roll out. I'd say you were smart to try for one though. A 20% increase for an extra hour of commuting is worth it, IF you don't hate the job.
  2. My man my wife cheated on me with

    Meh, some folks just have it in 'em to cheat. She's gonna do the same to him. Look at it this way, at least you won. I have a buddy that's an anesthesiologist. Got married, had a kid, then found out that she cheated on him with an old boyfriend at her bachelorette party the week before the wedding & said kid was his. He kicked her & the kid out. Her lawyer managed to eat his ass alive though. Even though he had proof she cheated, & knew that there was a good chance the kid was other dude's, since he signed the birth certificate, the state didn't care that the kid wasn't his & boom. Child support. Then her lawyer got the jury to swallow some poo like "well, they weren't married yet. Still, he kicked his poor confused wife & son out into the street!" Boom. Alimony. Had to give her the house too. I'm honestly kinda surprised he didn't make the news for going apepoo & killing everybody.
  3. REPORT NFL to look into why no Cam presser today

    Since redlining is a hot topic at the moment, & it effected me directly, I'll use it as an example. My dad was a successful brick/stone mason. Made good money, had good credit. In '65 he built the house I grew up in. Out in the country, on an old tobacco farm that had been changed over to housing. He wanted to buy a house in town, near the country club because he figured that as the years went by, that property would gain more value. He couldn't though because black folks couldn't get loans for that area. (Truthfully, it was had for us to get loans period back then.) In 2006 dad died, (mom had died years earlier) & I wound up selling the house to my aunt for $300k. (Knocked about $30k off because my uncle had recently had heart surgery & their neighborhood had gone to poo.) Later that year, a friend of mine, Patrick's, mother died, & the house he grew up in was in that neighborhood that my dad wanted to get a house in. Turns out dad was right because Patrick sold their house (for the record, less square footage, less land) for over $700k. Now I don't think Patrick or his parents are racist at all. Hell I know they aren't, but they did have the privilege to take advantage of an opportunity my parents were denied. Also, this didn't just effect my parents, it doesn't just effect me, it also effects my son & any future children I might have. We both started annuity/trust funds for our kids (albeit, mine was still 6 years off) he had a lot more to invest.
  4. Does white privilege exist?

    ... You mean there are countries in the world that were taken over by Europeans & now they don't trust other races!?!?! Gasp!
  5. Does white privilege exist?

    Lol! C'mon man, the last guy at least made it 1min before the first strawman. This guy didn't even make it 5 seconds.
  6. NFL Is Losing...Good Riddance! !

    The sad thing is that if the other NFL cities follow Miami's lead & get the cops, officials, community leaders & the players together to discuss how to make things better & the players stop kneeling after that, people like DQ will think Trump "won".
  7. NFL Is Losing...Good Riddance! !

    I believe he's referring to that TV show Jesse had a while back where he'd say things like "They said we can't come in!?!? Well I'm kicking the door down!!!" & Then there was a shot of him kicking the door down from inside the building & his fans would cheer & talk about how badass Jesse was never considering the fact that if the camera was inside...
  8. Evaporated People - Japan

    Whoa, poo. Ok. Way more than I thought. Interesting concept for sure though. ETA: I wonder how many of them went right back into deep debt & fugged up credit...
  9. Evaporated People - Japan

    Do you mean legally or otherwise? Because if it's otherwise, you could do that here. I imagine it costs more though.
  10. Black Panther

    Oh bruh... They had me even before the Dora Milijae showed up, but then the Killmonger suit? I cannot wait.
  11. ... That would make pregnancy impossible... Or the Spartan like journey through the towel, up the vagina, through the cervix, & into the womb would create a race of super babies that would take over the world...