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  1. Black Enterprise is reporting it too. That's where I got the numbers for how they funded their businesses. The vast majority had to Oddly enough, the gateway pundit left that part out. Almost as if they didn't want people to think about how hard it is for black folks to get business loans, or how long 70% of the new business owners would have to save to start said businesses, or how long it would take 23% of them to scrape together capital from friends & family. http://www.blackenterprise.com/black-business-ownership-400-year/
  2. Hmm... Ignored the first one, let's try again. Hi! Black business owner here. I hangout/network with about 20 other black business owners & about 80 Hispanic/white/Asian business owners. We all started our businesses between 2007-2012, & after hearing back from 60 or so, we'd like to know exactly what Bush &/or Obama did to get us to start our businesses since they were President when we started up.
  3. 332nd

    Things that trump says

    Not sure if it was an airline or a charter flight. Basically, a deal was worked out where the school would punish them, & they had to stay in China a few extra days so it could look like China officials made them sweat it out. They had already been released before Trump even heard about it. He just took credit for it knowing that his base would just take his word for it.
  4. I'm pretty sure this report has been presented here before. In your opinion, what makes it "good"?
  5. My experience as a black veteran tells me it's more complicated than that. I mean yes, they can't imagine the military/cops not supporting white supremacy, but also they need them as the enemy. Look at their tyrant take over scenarios. For some reason these heroes of the people will automatically go with the tyrant. Yet at the same time, all of us vets will side with the people & they'll be facing an army of 300,000,000. (Note: all of these fuggers become James Rambo Bourne in a matter of days. I'm guessing through an 80's training montage.) It's like while we're in, we're heroes that have a chip in our brains that will cause us to side with President Tyrantpants, yet once we get our DD-214/quit the force, a tiny freedom eagle flys up our ass. Or how if you point to Jim Crow laws, it was "Teh govmint wot done it!" craftily ignoring how that government got there. Almost as if white folks were happy to interact with us but suddenly, out of the forrest, swamps, & the nightmare corpse city of R'lyeh, came the Government!!!! Forcing them to be dickholes as they were helpless! Basically, they need government to be at once near omnipotent, & utterly incompetent. Our friends & neighbors doing the best they can, & a faceless, brutal entity in & of itself.
  6. 332nd

    In defense of socialism

    Right? I mean I know for a fact that Norway & Sweden have free college. Not sure about Finland.
  7. 332nd

    ABCB is the only rhyme scheme

    Do you think wildfires can only be started with earthquakes that may be connected to typhoons? You do know about the drought right? A single person carelessly tossing a cigarette butt can start a wild fire. Lightning can start a wildfire. Hell, I recall one that was started by a guy towing a trailer that had a chain dragging.
  8. 332nd

    In defense of socialism

    Thanks for proving you don't understand socialism.
  9. 332nd

    ABCB is the only rhyme scheme

    Yes, I'm quite familiar with the information you just googled. Now, Right, so why does the fact that the Tokyo fire whirl was associated with an earthquake matter in the slightest? Again, this phenomenon is known.
  10. 332nd

    In defense of socialism

    LOL! You think college loans are socialism. Hush.
  11. 332nd

    I am running for governor

    Oh then this would be a total fail on your part.
  12. 332nd

    I am running for governor

    So what happens when your admin is convicted of violating the first amendment?