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  1. ... So every fan that sufferd through the years of defeat being snatched from the jaws of victory...
  2. Cam Mic'd Up

    http://ftw.usatoday.com/2015/11/inside-the-nfl-miced-up-cam-newton-including-his-adorable-interactions-with-kids   Didn't see it posted, but this is why Cam is a star.  
  3. Terry Bradshaw died today on fox

    This. Shoulda seen the look he had when Cam broke his rookie debut record.
  4. Airport Workers Across the U.S. Go on Strike

    ... The pay wasn't a problem when I did it years ago. The problem was making us wait for delayed flights & not allowing us to be on the clock. 
  5. I dunno... I was at a client's place Monday, & a kid was dabbin & the manager(Pats fan) said   "why are you acting like Newton? You could act like Brady". The kid says "... He's got kids by different women don't he?" 
  6. Memories of Rosemary

    How did  they compare him to McNair? Also, when did she do so?
  7. How can I get a Mills jersey?

    That's weird. What if your actual name is Mills?
  8. Good... Now do the next 500 on your knuckles...
  9. A carafe for Cam Hater's tears

    My favorite one, the guy who said something like he'd show up to a bucs game n his underwear yelling "Cam Is the GOAT!" If he was still In the league In 2016, ater The Golden Calf of Bristol had a ring.
  10. As long as they are quick & don't hold up the game I don't really care...Except for those prayer ones that Liberty did. Those were hilarious. 
  11. Camera lens just died.....

    Clark was a reporter. Jimmy Olson was... OMG! Ask Greg!
  12. Bad Juju

    Did you spin around 3 times, spit, & throw salt over your shoulder ?
  13. & he strikes me as the type of person who has an angry rant or two about a poor person on food stamps buying name brand cereals.