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  1. Jessica Jones

    Did anyone else find it weird where she wanted to go so quickly?
  2. HVAC Question

    Besides the Master Chief's post have you tried looking at a diy forum ? They'll have someone with the same problem I'm sure
  3. Gano's leg strength

    I hope he kicks 60 yarders in Denver during warmups next year
  4. It's Madden. That's like me calling out Mewtwo because he was never on the cover of any Pokemon game.
  5. Give me your top 5 most annoying fanbases

    Maybe it's where I live but: Patriots Broncos Colts 49ers Kyoto University Gangsters
  6. America + Cam = MVP Pie

    I shouldn't use my unlimited pi for evil
  7. America + Cam = MVP Pie

    I wasn't complaining. 
  8. America + Cam = MVP Pie

    Way to go dick. No one can say anything after that emoji but they'll try
  9. Week 12 Power Rankings

    They lost Edelman and Amendola? Excuse me I think I have internal bleeding from laughing. At Brady not for guys being hurt
  10. So, one of the best defenses and the best offense? ESPN tell me more about how Romo will beat us
  11. GIFs from the Redskins game

    Anyway to divide up these gifs into hidden content? Might make things load faster
  12. Bulletin Board!!!

    He learned from the best. Every year Jerry jones comes out and convinces the media that he's going all the way 
  13. The Patriots are the worst undefeated team in the league

    You had one job Ryan
  14. [thread title redacted]

    But I didn't get a chance to. No fair