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  1. PandaPancake

    Ron Rivera the new Belichick

    Shut up. Who the fug are you? Literally nobody just like me. Your opinion is more worthless than Venezuelan currency.
  2. PandaPancake

    The Last Jedi

    So who gets banned this year for posting spoilers in the title?
  3. PandaPancake

    Post a pic, any pic.

  4. PandaPancake

    About those corners...

    Very hard to believe anything said after this.
  5. I better pay full amount to keep those shifty Broncos fans out of our section.
  6. When do you start taking deposits?
  7. PandaPancake

    What Broncos Fans Are Saying

    I think their problem over there is sexual tension. But I could see why he finds me attractive:
  8. She's crying guys. Cut her some slack
  9. Did we see you on tv cracker? First you're all over my radio and now my home theater. We might have to hang out eventually if you're going to be all over the place
  10. PandaPancake

    What Broncos Fans Are Saying

    Whatever happened to those Seattle fans that booked flights to Arizona?
  11. It didn't hit me until this morning watching Gameday Morning that it hit me. Well back to my drinking.
  12. That's it? I'm way behind on my drinking.
  13. So is that a yes or no on the beer?
  14. PandaPancake

    What Broncos Fans Are Saying

    I just love keeping this going