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  1. What are saints fans saying? - (they arent)

    You didn't tell us it happened on Wednesday. If we knew we would anticipate and not jump the route
  2. Like my sister? It's what her online reviews said
  3. Saints week Part Deaux

    Leave Charlie alone.    Its from Hot Shots Part Deux
  4. Jessica Jones

    I think the focus just on him was a huge problem. Hope's situation should have been resolved by episode six. In addition she should have had other cases that were resolved in the episode. Also she needs to learn how to fly
  5. Saints week Part Deaux

    I'm getting flashbacks to Bill Clinton bragging about moving Arkansas education from 50th to 49th. 
  6. Jessica Jones

    I know it's a build up to the next season but damn it was hard watching a few of those episodes. 
  7. Jessica Jones

    I finished it. It wasn't as good as Daredevil, I can see why they brought Luke Cage in. 
  8. designing and building your own house

    7-10,000 square feet? Starting a cult? CH flop house? Both of our houses are around 2300 square feet and I have two bedrooms I haven't been to in months
  9. Official Carolina Panthers Bandwagon Application

    Isnt it obvious? Not a bandwagon fan
  10. 'Cause it's never too early for wishes

    Do you have a passport? I know a guy 
  11. Woohoo king of manlets. Damn this shrinking I have.
  12. Trent Dilfer after MNF

    Is that the one that Ravens fans keep telling me they won a Super Bowl?
  13. Out of control, using next gen stats more, or consulting with sports doctors to keep this from happening again? I think it's more of the last two
  14. The Panthers are the WORST team to ever start 11-0

    Same homeless guy that told the Browns to draft Manziel?