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  1. FIFA 16

    Oh, I still think he's on xbox 360. But check on Twitter. A few Panthers players like that game.
  2. Archie Manning Defends Cam

    Cam handled it better than 96% of football fans. I'd still be on a rampage and some of you might have burned down the stadium. 
  3. we just voided Harper and Cotch contracts

    If it's funny who cares? I'm sure if he was liking a picture that was liable it would be different
  4. Tin foil hat time (Im starting to Believe it though)

    The sky looks blue but it's not.   Science Nazi away!
  5. Important Carolina Panthers Offseason Dates and Events

    I better pay full amount to keep those shifty Broncos fans out of our section.
  6. Replay assistant for SB50, was a Broncos fan

    The number of keyboard tough guys that don't live in Colorado and cheer for the Broncos is nothing short of amazing. Local fans seem to be so much more level headed
  7. Important Carolina Panthers Offseason Dates and Events

    When do you start taking deposits?
  8. FIFA 16

    This is not a joke but Gano is always looking for people to play
  9. Residents of the Winston-Salem area

    Did they ever fix that bridge that truck hit in the late 90s? There were barriers around it for years
  10. To steal from Adam Savage, "I reject your reality and substitute my own"   We tanked the game because it didn't feel right winning without KB
  11. Replay assistant for SB50, was a Broncos fan

    Just on user name alone how do you expect anyone to take you seriously?    
  12. What Broncos Fans Are Saying

    I think their problem over there is sexual tension. But I could see why he finds me attractive:
  13. Giants release Beason, considering retirement.

    Can he replace Mick? He sounds great doing interviews