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  1. Jessica Jones

    I finished it. It wasn't as good as Daredevil, I can see why they brought Luke Cage in. 
  2. designing and building your own house

    7-10,000 square feet? Starting a cult? CH flop house? Both of our houses are around 2300 square feet and I have two bedrooms I haven't been to in months
  3. Official Carolina Panthers Bandwagon Application

    Isnt it obvious? Not a bandwagon fan
  4. 'Cause it's never too early for wishes

    Do you have a passport? I know a guy 
  5. Woohoo king of manlets. Damn this shrinking I have.
  6. Trent Dilfer after MNF

    Is that the one that Ravens fans keep telling me they won a Super Bowl?
  7. Out of control, using next gen stats more, or consulting with sports doctors to keep this from happening again? I think it's more of the last two
  8. The Panthers are the WORST team to ever start 11-0

    Same homeless guy that told the Browns to draft Manziel?
  9. Panthers sign CB Cortland Finnegan

    I was told there would be no math but look at us now
  10. Captain America: Civil War

    This thread is like Spider-Man 3, it meant well.
  11. Next Time...

    I came looking for news and all I get was everyone double Dutch ruddering each other
  12. Next Time...

  13. Sunday NFL game chatter....

    Don't worry, I bought futures in crab legs. 
  14. Josh and TD on ESPN right now

    No they're not. It's a commercial