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  1. 24 hours...

    Yep. Good old 4:30 start time
  2. Who's taking TD's place on hands team?

    Cam with some help from Norman and Shaq.    I'm not really sure just going along with the crowd. We should onside on opening kick-off
  3. What Broncos Fans Are Saying

    Whenever points are made on the Broncos forum they just call me a troll. But most of them are legally retarded
  4. Gameday chat room for tomorrow?

    Too tough to enforce the rules
  5. I'm friends with Greg Olsen's tball coach. She called him little Greggy
  6. The Daily Show on the Match up between Cam and Peyton

    That show is still on? I'm more of a Nightly Show guy.
  7. Nope, they've already started with, it's hard to get back
  8. What are you going to buy if we win tomorrow?

    I just plan on jumping on KK's back and stealing his. Ace Ventura style with chloroform. It's been nice knowing you guys

    I didn't think it was true until I saw it in all caps
  10. Enemy Territory Panthers Bar Representing

    The unofficial Roaring Riot chapter of Keota welcomes all Panthers. Please watch the game on our 120" screen
  11. Will Gronk attempt to be the world's drunkest man there? Because that would be entertaining to see Thomas Davis lecture him on life choices.
  12. Enemy Territory Panthers Bar Representing

    I roll in wearing a kilt. I would say it's weird that you don't see me but there is football on.
  13. Enemy Territory Panthers Bar Representing

    I've never seen you there.