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  1. Just spoke with Gil Brandt

    Replay just started kids
  2. Saw this meme on FB. Got a good laugh.

    It's becoming an epidemic
  3. Just spoke with Gil Brandt

    I'll catch it on the replay tonight
  4. Hate Week. Again.

    You've been here so long this doesn't even hurt
  5. Panthers in game stadium pregame

    Peterbilt or Kenworth?
  6. Are there any good cops out there?

    Wut? My Twitter account is ten years old. It's just idiots now post everything
  7. 25 Best Places To Retire

    I have a house near Bluffton. A little to the east. But the list seems a little dated as the ND economy is no longer booming. I was there in August and there's abandoned equipment, buildings, and half built houses everywhere
  8. iPhone X/iPhone 8

    I'm not trying to discourage one way or the other but the "newest" feature is five years old.
  9. Good thing your opinion means less to me than my horses.
  10. If I'm getting raped every night for years I don't thank the guy for not raping me because he skipped a night.
  11. Why is your email M.Hurney@Panthers.com?
  12. Super Bowl LIII - Atlanta edition

    Atlanta, we're not just a Delta hub
  13. Where do LA Panthers fans hang out?

    Stub Hub Arena from what I hear
  14. Some of your taste in music is older than my grandfather and he's dead.
  15. Polian says BOA will be "50% Bills Fans"

    There's a reason he's a former GM