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  1. Marty Hurney Has Been Reinstated

    I'm done. Thanks for the fun.
  2. Matt Kalil's wife in SI Swimsuit issue

  3. Hunting Land Lease opportunity?

    Come to Colorado. I have two herds on the ranch. One pronghorn and a smaller white tail herd
  4. Is this draft class that overwhelming with talent or is there just not that one stand out guy?
  5. DeMarco Murray?

    I hate the off-season
  6. I feel like they run things like terrorist cells to keep this type of info from getting out
  7. Probably a live action of this:
  8. So you're saying we need a bar for players to run through like Jerry's world?
  9. Ron Rivera the new Belichick

    Shut up. Who the fug are you? Literally nobody just like me. Your opinion is more worthless than Venezuelan currency.
  10. You forgot threatening someone over a misunderstanding. Let's pretend this is one
  11. Yes, because the opinion of a small internet message board means so much.
  12. XFL (Fans Above All)

    Let's see games lasting forever, the same AFC teams always in contention, and just a general meh towards the NFL? I can see this succeeding now
  13. RIP Ray Thomas