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  1. Madwolf added a post in a topic Bottom Panthers PFF Performers - Preseason Week 1   

    Didn't get to see the game. Ealy was the whipping boy last year and finished a bit better. Was a bit surprised to hear that he struggled this bad to start the year, but it was the 1st pre-season game.
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  2. Madwolf added a post in a topic Corey "Philly" Brown's Development   

    I think Corey gets as much credit as Bersin gets crap.
    I think Corey can be a better slot WR than Ginn as a more reliable WR, but Ginn stretches the field more than Corey.
    Corey is going to be just fine, and he's going to earn a spot on the team.
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  3. Madwolf added a post in a topic Madden Ratings Out, and the verdict is   

    Not true, Delhomme was a 92 back in the day.
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