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  1. Double Greg Olsen, keep Cam in the pocket

    No. That wasn't their game plan and their game plan wouldn't have worked either if it weren't for the poor ball security and dumb mistakes on our part, like the drops and missed FG. And them sacking Cam was not "keeping Cam in the pocket." That's pressuring the QB. Keeping Cam in the pocket is when you have your ends playing to contain the QB instead of to rush him. Cam wasn't kept in the pocket at all that game, because there was no pocket at all for most of it. Their game plan was to destroy the pocket. Their secondary is good enough that they didn't even need to double anybody. Talib shadowing Olsen is not "essentially double coverage."
  2. Double Greg Olsen, keep Cam in the pocket

    They didn't double Olsen at all that game. Talib shadowed him for much of it and when Talib was on a wideout he was either in blocking or covered by one of their LBs. And they didn't even really keep Cam in the pocket, he scrambled quite a bit. Our offense actually moved the ball on them very well. We just had drives end extremely poorly and couldn't finish. Tolbert's fumble, Cam's pick off Ted's hands, missed FG, the two strip sacks. They capitalized on the small mistakes we kept making. That entire game was turnovers and special teams. That's the only tried and true way to beat a team, particularly our team. Force turnovers and get points out of them, and don't turn it over yourself.
  3. When is Gettlemans end of season Press conf?

    That would be the absolute greatest thing ever if he comes out with a hoodie like Cam.
  4. If we won and put up 50 points on the Broncos we'd have him for next season. Nothing really changed with Shula.
  5. Offensive Tackles cost us the game.

    We haven't seen anything out of Williams. He's fine in those packages we use him in but that doesn't mean he'll be a starting caliber tackle. I like him and hope he can be our guy but it's not guaranteed.
  6. I don't think we necessarily need one either to win it all next year, but please admit that DE is a weakness right now. Can we win with rotational guys? Maybe. But why not try to upgrade it with the opportunity we could have with Hardy available? Ealy doesn't clearly have anything locked. He had an amazing Super Bowl and I was extremely happy with his performance. But both his first two years he's had a great game here and there and then disappeared for a month, and has struggled with penalties his entire career. I really like Ealy and hope he does break out and do this consistently, but that's by no means guaranteed or even necessarily realistic until we see more. Addison is a pure speed rusher. That's all he can do. Can't stop the run or beat a tackle any other way. I like him in his rotational role but not as a starter. Allen and CJ are both trash now, I hate to say it. CJ definitely gone, I could see Allen coming back for vet min. on a new contract and being a rotational guy who can stop the run and produce a little bit of pressure for us but he better not be starting if we keep him. Hardy, Ealy, KK and Star as our starters? We could be having flashes of 2013 again. Then on passing downs take Star out, kick Hardy or Ealy inside and bring Addison in... Hardy is a game changer, and one that could come at a low cost. Don't see a reason not to try to add him.
  7. I agree that it probably won't happen, but can we honestly afford to pay a DE right now? As I posted before a DE we take at 30 won't have an impact for a while, if at all and there's no other pass rusher of Hardy's caliber available that we could afford. Hardy is a legitimately elite pass rusher that would come for relative peanuts because as you said nobody will want to touch him if he can't even last with Jerry Jones. I do think Carolina is the best possible situation for him and getting a second change here would keep him in line. As to your second question, probably not but only because I wouldn't know as much about Hardy as I do from having watched him since his rookie year here. If he were on another team I'd not care enough to look more into him and would see the media stuff about him and probably believe it and say it's not worth the headache. But following the Holder case closely as we all did here, and knowing Hardy in the locker room here I don't think he's that big of a risk.
  8. There were many different factors in the game yesterday. The defense clearly was dominant but all our pressure was from blitzing. And there were blitzes where we still couldn't get to Manning and he completed a big pass, especially on the first drive which set the tone. Of course our D didn't lose us the game, but it could have won us the game with Hardy. And who's to say we can't add Hardy for what little it would take AND upgrade the o-line, DBs, receivers (KB coming back probably enough but we'll see), etc.? Why not try to improve everywhere? Our DE's sucked all season long. Ealy played out of his mind on Sunday and I'd love to see that consistently but until I do I don't believe he's necessarily the answer. And as I said if he does step up like that and do it consistently, AND we add Hardy we've got a better pass rush already than the "historically good" one that beat us yesterday.
  9. I know it's not going happen but Gettleman would be a moron to not consider looking into bringing him back. He clearly saw how valuable Hardy is enough to franchise him. Now we could get him for nothing and give him a second chance.
  10. I just don't agree with any of this. I don't like the guy off the field, what he does is stupid... Partying, making dumb rap videos, etc. But I think he's a good guy, I've seen enough of him that I don't think one possible incident with Holder (where both of them had scratches and bruises and sh*t and both were on drugs) that we don't even have all the info on can define a man. Yes he's done other stupid stuff like the motorcycle, etc. but I would never hold stuff like that against someone. There are certain types of people who have done certain things that I would never in a million years hire to my business (if I ran one, like an NFL team) and Hardy is not one of those. All he did when he was here was work his ass off and play his damn heart out for those guys in the locker room. All he cared about was those guys and the success of the team, and that's the type of player I want. Especially when he can ball and make QBs eat dirt. To me there's literally zero reason not to go for him if it's for cheap which it will be after this year with the Cowgirls, and if the contract can be structured so that if he does do something dumb off the field, he's gone.
  11. The real reason we lost the SB

    All my fault. Bought a jersey for my dog before the season and he had it taken off before the first game of the season (not by me) and then didn't wear all season until I put it back on him for the Super Bowl. Took it off him at halftime but it was too late as the damage had already been done. Sorry guys, feel free to send me hate mail.
  12. Yep I know, but a sad sad man can dream can't he?
  13. A pass rusher at 30 ain't gonna do sh(t this year or the year after. Hardy is not only the best 4-3 end available, he'll also come cheap because of circumstances. We don't have the dough to pay a Von Miller. We can get a monster for like nothing since nobody else will want him.
  14. Well, I hate to be that guy but I'm going to be...   Pass rush wins championships. It's the absolute truth and was on display yesterday. We pressured Manning quite a fair amount but only with blitzes and a few crazy plays from Ealy. KK Short is our only d-lineman who can get consistent pressure. Ealy was a monster yesterday but he's had monster games the past 2 years only to disappear for the next 3-4 so I don't think he can quite be trusted yet until he pulls it all together. CJ is gone, we all know it and we absolutely need a beast DE (preferably two and maybe we'll get that with Ealy). So to the point of this dumb thread...                           Sign Greg Hardy. Yes, that Greg Hardy. Josh, TD, etc. all publicly and privately supported bringing him back and despite Hardy being a moron off the field, that man played with an intensity and passion for our team that may only be matched by TD himself. He wouldn't ruin this locker room as people think. I think he'd come relatively cheap for how good he is and after the Cowboys clearly don't want him back I can't think of another team that would go out of their way to take a chance on him. Why wouldn't he want to come back here and be given another shot with us? Jerry needs to swallow his pride and decide he wants to do what he can to get a Super Bowl win during his lifetime. Of course we're not going to go out and give him $20M guaranteed, it'd have to be a contract similar to the one the Cowgals gave him where if he does some stupid sh*t off the field we can cut ties with him. And really that one incident with Holder is the only thing bad he's done and after it I can't see him doing it again.   Yes this is a dumb overreaction thread, and yes Luke; I am PU.
  15. Absolutely haven't even come close to that stuff. Won't care about anything football related for another few weeks at least. Combine maybe, but might be too soon. Can't wait for FA then the draft. Re-sign Josh please.