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  1. What are you going to buy if we win tomorrow?

    This for real? Where from?
  2. Cam Newton disappointed me

    Could you imagine being Michael Jackson? That man was easily the most famous person worldwide ever to live. Seems crazy to be Cam, huh? Michael was maybe 50x bigger than Cam is now.
  3. Fallout from Norman vs Beckham

    Yeah. Josh riding his horse and waving to Bortles was a personal foul for him. If he did that and then hit a guy late (and it was debatable) that would be an ejection, which would be bullsh*t.
  4. I didn't know that and I think it's pretty cool but it seemed to me like much of your post was ripping on Lucas. I think Lucas did a great job with all 6 movies, they were all original and had great plots and writing and particularly good acting from relative unknowns--people all rip on Christensen but I thought he portrayed Anakin amazingly. And Ewan McGregor's performance in all 3 movies was absolutely superb. Of course any time something starts out so good it's hard to top in public opinion so the prequels were doomed from the start. They could've been a million times better and people would still hate them. I do believe 4 and 5 are better than the prequels but I like 1-3 better than 6. 7 stained the entire thing in my opinion. Should've gone with Lucas' ideas or he should've just done it himself instead of selling out.
  5. Fallout from Norman vs Beckham

    2 personal fouls the way Beckham did them warrants an ejection (I know he had 3), but there are personal foul calls that are bullsh*t so 2 does seem a little low and could get undeserving players kicked out which would be a nightmare situation for a playoff game or other big game. 3 would be good but I don't think 3 personal fouls in a game has happened a lot so I doubt it even has much of an impact.
  6. This is quite possibly the most epic picture of Rivera..

    I'm a Sanders man. That dude was fuging unbelievably good. Too bad he got stuck in Detroit.
  7. The prequels were great. Lucas is Star Wars. The new one was trash.
  8. It's obviously Clausen.
  9. PSA: NFL Shop has Newton SB50 GAME Jerseys

    Is this the same jersey in white?   Why is it $30 less?   Edit: Nevermind there's no keep pounding on this one, looks like a piece of junk.
  10. #1 Defense vs. # Offense Narrative

    Both pretty solid units (both hovering around 10 I believe by PFF--not the end all be all but decent indicator). I do believe Ginn could break one. Not super worried about the Broncos breaking one but a little bit worried about a blocker FG. Gonna need to get the 6 consistently in the red zone, which I think we can do. We're not the Patriots and Cam isn't Brady. Cam's the best red zone weapon in league history.
  11. That's always been one of my favorite Star Wars lines. I died laughing when I first saw it. Han is the man.
  12. Broncos plan to test Thomas Davis "extensively"

    I'm honestly slightly worried about TD's ability to wrap up as well as he usually does but testing him in coverage would be a huge mistake. Peyton's limp arm will float it right to TD for the one hander taken back to the house.
  13. I've been seeing this thrown around a lot, especially by Broncos fans... That defense wins championships and historically the #1 defense dominates the #1 offense. They quickly point to their own heartbreak just 2 years ago, and think it'll be the same thing against us just with them being the ones to dominate. But the difference between then and now is that Broncos offense was a finesse passing offense. They walked into a game against the (2nd) toughest defense in the league and got absolutely stomped because the physicality on the Seahawks D was unmatched by the Broncos offense. The Seahawks had guys who could do it all and would knock your ass out of the game at every level of their D. The Denver offense was a complete joke (though it was "historically good). WRs were all complete pansies and the second they got jammed at the line they'd quit on their routes. Peyton was way better than but folded on the big stage. They had no real running game.   This game is the complete opposite. The Carolina Panthers offense is far and away the most physical and tough offense in the league, and it's not even close. The Broncos D dominated the Patriots' finesse offense and their crap o-line, so they must dominate us as well right? I don't think so. Just look at Andrew Norwell. That man will fug anybody on that Broncos D up. He's not extremely athletically gifted or physically gifted, but that man will punch them right in the mouth and take 3 or 4 of their guys out of the play. He did it against the Seahawks who still have one of the toughest Ds in the league. The Broncos D is great without a doubt. But they're nothing like the Seahawks have been. The Seahawks' secondary is called the Legion of Boom for a reason--and not because it was a conveniently thought up "cool" nickname. Those guys wreck havoc. They can cover as well as anybody but more than anything else they can come in and knock guys out routinely. The Broncos secondary couldn't be more opposite. Led by Aqib Talib, maybe the biggeest bitch CB since Deion Sanders, that secondary would be afraid to hit the kid taking their lunch money let alone the baddest motherfugers on the planet on the Panthers offense. Talib is an amazing cover corner, no doubt. So is Chris Harris. They have a solid pair of safeties as well. But they are no Legion of Boom. They have an amazing pass rush and I'll give them that. Von Miller is great, as is Ware and the DTs on the interior. Marshall is a tremendous player as well. But this is a group of talented players who were all heralded from day one of their NFL careers. There was no adversity for them. This group was put together by John Elway by paying guys a lot of money and drafting guys early when they were bad. These guys don't have the fight in them like those Seahawks did and it's clear in their play.   This isn't even taking into account how good our D is and how poor their O is. Even if they win the matchup between our O and their D by a slight margin we shouldn't have any problems with our D against their O, but I honestly expect our offense to stomp on their D right from the start.
  14. What position did you play?

    Funny... I was starting TE, backup center and starting cornerback. Not sure I ever caught a single pass since we threw the ball about twice a game (yes that's an exaggeration, I caught some but not many). But I was a meannnn blocker. I had an interception once, that was probably my biggest highlight reel play of my career. I was known to fight a lot. Even busted up my hands more than a few times swinging at a facemask, man that was dumb. I was extremely small for a TE/C, but that's where coach put me--I was normal size for a corner. We went 11-0. Hated when playing center having the QBs hand up my ass. Not sure I remember much else...
  15. What Broncos Fans Are Saying

    Really? Without us there is no team, and no league and no jobs for these players. Yeah some players don't realize that and may not give a sh*t about fans. But most spend a lot of time making fans happy even off the field when they're not required to. Our superstar cornerback showed up at a fan draft party this year--something he didn't have to do and something that didn't make him a dime. Our superstar QB showed up at a fan Christmas party along with other players--something he absolutely did not have to do, especially when expecting a child at the time. Luke Kuechly literally signs every single fan's stuff at training camp every day and every year. He doesn't have to do that after practicing for hours in burning SC heat, he could just sign a few and run off (or none since they only give a damn about money and fame so why bother signing autographs), but he stays and signs everything in sight. That's our 3 biggest stars on the team all spending time and effort outside of football to give back to fans. The non-superstars do as much or more but I'm not going to sit here and rundown what all 53 players do for fans.