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  1. Until he signs they can always rescind it too...
  2. Those are all factors to take into account, absolutely. Still doesn’t mean you “know.” It’s all a calculated guess, where the calculations could be very close or very far off. And by most accounts, this is a very strong FA WR group overall. Several guys who could be legit #1s, several who are proven #2s and several who are proven #3s and potential #2s or #3s. And personally I’d take DeSean over Landry and I think at least some teams would as well. We, and the Dolphins, really don’t know how other teams view the situation.
  3. Landry is not bad and you comparing him to Fozzy really is unbelievably stupid. I think they’re overpaying him but very good players are overpaid all the time. Doesn’t mean they’re bad...
  4. What makes you say this? How often are stupid teams fooled into overpaying players? Quite often, no? And the Dolphins haven’t exactly been very smart recently... They THINK they know what losing Landry would mean for them. Doesn’t mean they are right. And I’m not trying to say I’m right about him, I really don’t know. He very well may have demanded $15M/yr on the open market and the Dolphins may end up paying him $13-14M/yr. Or maybe he would’ve only got $10M/yr on the open market. My point is really just that we don’t know and the Dolphins don’t know for sure either—they’re betting on it being the former.
  5. I personally didn't see it that way. Robinson, Watkins, Lee, Moncrief would all be above Landry to me. And we have no idea what other teams would've done with Landry. Apparently the Dolphins felt they would overpay. That doesn't mean that the other teams would have, just that the Dolphins didn't want to lose him badly enough that they tagged him.
  6. A player IS worth whatever a team will pay for him. I didn't expect any team (including--maybe especially--the Dolphins) to think Landry is worth $16M for a year (more than Julio...). I was wrong, of course.
  7. Daryl Williams

    Can he really be much worse than M. Kalil? And much much cheaper...
  8. Stupid. He's a glorified slot receiver and worth probably about $10M/year at most.
  9. Daryl Williams

    Daryl was solid as a freaking boulder all year, the man deserved the praise and 2nd team all pro he got this year. Yes it has only been 1 year and it would be nice to see if he can sustain it before commiting long term money to him but this past year he absolutely was a great player.
  10. Daryl Williams

    Frankly what we should do is lock up Daryl AND Norwell and draft a center and plan on Moton being our LT. Our entire line could be set. No idea what we’ll do though. Seems possible we lose Norwell but not a guarantee. Hope we can keep him.
  11. I think with him though there’s a larger concern he’d move the team and that’s ultimately the most important factor in the sale... Would prefer Navarro for that reason.
  12. But that’s not a terrible thing. We don’t want to be in cap hell every other year like most teams.
  13. Bet it winds up being him. He makes sense and would on the surface be a very solid option for us as fans. Glad to hear his news.
  14. Franchise Tag period opens

    He'll get extended
  15. Rank 'Em

    S is very very good in the draft this year too. And corner is decent in both draft and FA.