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  1. thomas96 added a post in a topic: Eastern Conference Finals Thread   

    A 17 year old has no business saying LeBron is the greatest of all time and there was never an athlete like that before him.  He plays in one of the weakest eras I've seen in my life and still only has 2 championships, and he had to join the best to get those instead of beating the best. Easily the most overrated player in NBA history, with all these young kids thinking he's so great because he can dunk and gets a foul call on every single play. The guy just is not all that special. He's a physical specimen, without a doubt, but his impact on the game is nowhere near as much as these fools think it is. He's hardly "carrying" the Cavs. Thompson, Smith, Mozgov have been on fuging fire. And Atlanta is trash, my streetball team from back in the day could've beat those chumps. I could think of over 50 players I'd rather have on a team than LeBron, if my only goal was winning.
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  2. thomas96 added a post in a topic: Western Conference Finals Thread   

    ​When I saw him go up there it seemed like he was in the air for an hour. Holy poo. Didn't look as bad as it could've been but that really is not good. 
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