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  1. The difference is Dak still had an elite other 4.. Back in 2014 Cam had Amini at guard and Chandler at the other tackle spot...
  2. Another big loss was Tyron Smith the past few games. He was back today but then they lost Martin which was kind of the same thing. Dak is only good because of ELITE offensive line and running game. WRs are pretty damn solid overall too and Witten as well and good playcalling. Dak is average at best, not even a top 10 QB. Overhyped because of his rookie year. May end up like RGIII or Nick Foles after their hyped up stretches of play.
  3. I wasn’t trying to be funny.
  4. Turkey Day Game Day Thread

    Terrible terrible defense by the Vikings there. Great catch and run by Jones but even while interfering with him the two DBs draped all over him couldn't bat it away AND couldn't even tackle him.
  5. Turkey Day Game Day Thread

    Rhodes was draped all over the WR and pushed him out of bounds essentially. Clear penalty.
  6. Turkey Day Game Day Thread

    I hope Lions come back and win this one. I hate these overhyped Viking pussies.
  7. Certainly that was a factor, but his size has absolutely nothing to do with his main strength--his vision and patience when running. That wasn't there his rookie year as the game slowed down for him, but now it's the reason he's such a great running back. McCaffrey has shown he has similar vision and patience when running before and when the pro game slows down for him that'll come back.
  8. Barnett or even Lattimore would be looking really really nice right now. Preferably Barnett because Lattimore does appear to be like Gronk injury-wise. But Barnett was a big reason for the Eagles spanking the Cowboys offense on Sunday. And he wasn't going against Bell he was going against the solid RT.
  9. McC most compares to Le'Veon Bell, who really struggled in the run game his rookie year before exploding after that. Hoping the same happens. McC already ahead of him in the passing game.
  10. He led the league in sacks in a down year in the league last year yes, but most of those sacks came in like 2 games against terrible tackles. And the biggest thing is he plays zero run defense, and over-pursues half the time. And yes he had a lot of sacks but essentially zero pressure outside of those sacks. He gets sacks and then disappears on every other play that he's not getting a sack. He makes the most out of his sacks with a fair amount of strips but players who help you for 15-16 plays out of the year and disappear the rest are not even close to elite. The Panthers shut him the f*ck down last year and Wilson the other night made him look like a fool all night. Beasley just isn't very good.
  11. Beasley is not elite. Not even close. Conklin is a monster. Down year this year but still a top 15 OT.
  12. I guess Cam had his thumb amputated guys.