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  1. Guarantee it's 111 and no I didn't count.
  2. He's not out there alone against 53 guys. The ridiculous notion that Peyton sucks in the playoffs is just that. There's no truth behind it at all. I've watched every one of his playoff games and he's just as good in the playoffs as in the regular season. You can stick to this thought if you'd like, I don't really care and I'm sure he wouldn't either.
  3. Are there any players on The Huddle?

    I don't believe it. If them FO were on here they'd see my posts and beg me to come work in their scouting department.
  4. Are there any players on The Huddle?

    Hi, I'm Corey.
  5. Technically we're 48-35-1 with RR and Cam...
  6. Gettleman's next find

    Mike Vick did a great job of not letting that become as big a problem as it would've been elsewhere.

    You should do a FA page like there was after the 2013 season and possibly before that (before I found the Huddle) but has been defunct since.

    They would be good if only one person posted each update in them. People discussing the happenings in them clog it up and you have to dig through discussion to find the news. I think one pinned at the top that maybe only you update with news would be useful but having individual threads is fine by me too, and that'll happen anyways.
  9. You're entitled to your opinion.  
  10. we just voided Harper and Cotch contracts

    Why the hell were their contracts structured so that we'd have $2M dead money from them?
  11. 2016 3 biggest roster holes.

    Imagine Hardy with JPP and KK and Ealy all rushing the passer... Weddle and Coleman back there with Josh and Bene ready to pick anything off and Shaq, TD, Luke all ready to lay the boom. Sh*t man I want it. The Broncos after they got whooped by the Hawks went and spent like $30-40M on defense getting Talib, Ware and Ward. We could get JPP, Hardy and Weddle for well less than that.   (yes I know Hardy's an impossibility, and doubt we sign Weddle or JPP but a man can dream...)
  12. 2016 3 biggest roster holes.

    Corner honestly wasn't a big issue this year, shockingly. Josh obviously got his job done all year, but Tillman was extremely solid when healthy and even after he and Bene went down, Finnegan and McClain both played very very well. We held the top offense besides us with the best receivers in the league to 15 points with Finnegan and McClain. We should bring them back. Pass rush is much more important in my opinion. We need some elite edge rusher badly. KK is our only great pass rusher and he's obviously a beast but he can't get it done alone. Ealy may or may not step up but even still I think we need another. Our biggest weakness on D all year was our DEs. Corner will become a huge need once Josh is gone yes but not for next year if we tag him.
  13. No. He's the greatest QB of all time and I have tremendous respect for him on and off the field. If he decides to keep playing nothing would change. Sugar Ray Robinson fought well past his pre and I saw scrubs beat him, didn't change my thoughts on him.
  14. Along the Sidelines - Superbowl Edition

    Well I took a look. That very last photo is fuging crazy good Jeremy. Feels like I'm on the field right there with them. Being on the field after a Super Bowl must be the most insane thing ever.