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  1. Cam Newton is your Offensive Player of the Week

    Gurley and Cooper are both ahead of Rawls, not sure where Jameis is in there but I doubt Rawls even comes close.
  2. We Have Officially Made It

    Yep wore my big puffy winter jacket that I've had for years and I'm just breaking out now because it's getting cold and some fool comes up and asks me "hey man is that a new jacket?" Couldn't even tell by the rip in the side and the scuff marks and the fading color...
  3. Frank Alexander - Suspended for 1 year

    No he played pretty much all of 2013 as a rotational pass rusher.
  4. CJ, Allen, Ealy: Who starts and does it matter?

    Ealy has outplayed Allen.
  5. We have an open roster spot right now. Amini to IR and Horton suspended while adding CJ, leaves a spot open still. Was thinking it was for a waivers claim for Coples if nobody else snagged him before us and that still may be the case but maybe they're leaving it open to see what JJ's deal is. Hope he can go.
  6. Jets waive Quentin Coples

    We have an open roster spot so I would bet we put in a claim for Coples otherwise we would've filled that spot by now. Doubt no other team gets him before us but would be really nice to add him.
  7. CJ, Allen, Ealy: Who starts and does it matter?

    As far as who "starts" I don't know and it doesn't matter. But I think Ealy and Allen will end up with the most snaps while we ease CJ into it. Addison and Delaire and CJ will all probably get a similar amount of snaps in my opinion with Ealy and Allen having a bit more. Obviously no way to know and CJ could come out and play 90% of the snaps, I just would guess he's eased into it a bit. Regardless our rotation is going to be deadly now that we have our best end back.
  8. Give me your top 5 most annoying fanbases

    1. Patriots                     2. Seahawks 3. Aints/Falcons/Bucs 4. Cowboys 5. Eagles
  9. MVP debate

    Our o-line this year is far superior to theirs. Their receivers are definitely still better as Amendola is better than any of our healthy receivers right now and so is LaFell. And Edelman was even better than both those two before going down and yes Gronk is better than Olsen.  Funchess could change that if he can play as consistently going forward as he has the past couple games, but it'd be premature to say he's better than any WR on their roster right now.
  10. Tillman Most Likely Out

    Yeah we're going to need Josh to stay on him even when he runs from the slot. Bene or Colin would get worked by him.
  11. Undefeated Watch pt.2: Bills v Patriots

    Yeah they've been trash the past couple weeks. Gonna lose to Denver next week.
  12. Undefeated Watch pt.2: Bills v Patriots

    It doesn't matter if he wasn't touched. Runningbacks run backwards all the time trying to find space to run in they aren't called down. Complete joke.
  13. Undefeated Watch pt.2: Bills v Patriots

    Uhh seriously the clock still running there? What a joke.
  14. Undefeated Watch pt.2: Bills v Patriots

    If the Bills win this the Patriots should just throw in the towel on the season.