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  1. Sound FX: Superbowl 50

    Started the first one, turned it off at the TD. Won't watch them until after we win it next year.
  2. Ted Ginn Jr. Running Out of Bounds

    Thank you.
  3. Ezekiel Elliott

    He's not near Gurley's level and Gurley went 10th. Teams may look at what happened with Gordon and be weary of drafting a RB in the 1st. I agree, I doubt he falls to 30, but if he does we're on him and we're set for years.
  4. Harper was never good. Weddle is a 5 time All-Pro.
  5. Boldin is a free agent

    I just like the idea of adding a big target with physicality who is sure-handed to our group. KB is our only physical WR. Funch is big but doesn't play like it. They're trying to teach him to but some of it is just the way nature planned it. Boldin uses his size well and Cam needs a guy who he can catapult a ball to and not be worried about him not clamping onto it. All of the receivers we have right now have struggled with drops. People forget KB dropped over 10 balls last year. Funch was better towards the end of the year but dropped a lot. Philly was great this year but did drop one in the SB and we all remember the preseason. Ginn... Boldin would be more of a sure thing than Cotch was, in my opinion. Not quite as sure-handed as his former teammate Fitzgerald, but as close as it gets.
  6. I really like him and he looks the part but he still has development to do. Hopefully it happens this offseason but I'd rather add a guy like Weddle or draft a safety to be honest. Despite Coleman's highlights our safeties were still a bit of a concern this year.
  7. Boldin is a free agent

    3 Walter Payton award winners would cancel out a Kraken, wouldn't they?   I wouldn't sign him to be our starter across from KB but it wouldn't be of much risk to add him to the group even at age 36. And yes he's old but was more productive last year with terrible QB play than Cotchery has been in nearly a decade.
  8. Boldin is a free agent

    Ehh I wasn't happy about that either but I was more pissed at the refs for not throwing flags. He was doing the same stuff our guys like Mitchell were doing only difference was we got penalized they didn't. And we signed Harper after his sh*t against us...
  9. Boldin is a free agent

    Boldin's been amazing in the playoffs throughout his career and went for 104 and a TD in the Super Bowl against that elite defense. Could've used him a lot against Denver. He'd be our most physical receiver by far outside of KB. Probably would come relatively cheap too.
  10. Well, being that we're already hated .. Sign Hardy

    This isn't a happy ending or some redemption story. At least not to me. This is a player who we know fits with our team and locker room and is a ridiculously good player at the position that is among our biggest needs and would possibly come here for less than half what he's worth. It really makes perfect sense. I know it's not going to happen but it's completely logical for Hardy and the Panthers to re-unite.
  11. Boldin is a free agent His contract voided and he'll hit the open market. Possible Cotch replacement? His skillset would be great with Cam and it would be nice to have a veteran like him to replace Cotch in the WR group. Was still effective last year going for 69/789/5 with Krapernick and Gabbert at QB...
  12. Well, being that we're already hated .. Sign Hardy

    I know he won't be asked back but that doesn't mean we shouldn't consider looking into bringing him back. Voth reported that we probably wouldn't have kept him long term but that doesn't mean it's guaranteed that we wouldn't have tried to keep him. I think it was due to him wanting to be paid Suh-like money (and some team probably would've given it to him if not for the DV incident) and the fact that we had CJ locked up and being paid big money (and after 2013 he was still productive, not like now where we can actually get rid of him and he didn't do sh*t all year). We didn't have the cap space to be paying Hardy big money before we had Luke and Cam locked up and while already having a stupidly highly paid DE on the roster. The DV incident sealed it. Now is a completely different story. Time has passed and he's not in the spotlight as much as he was, and because of other team's worries he'll come for much cheaper than he's worth and CJ's gone. The team and key players and leaders and Rivera supported him for a reason. They wanted him on the team and playing. Not because he was so good (obviously it factors in playing with better talent, but I don't think that was the main reason) but because he fit in the locker room and the guys loved him. He played his ass off for those guys, not for himself. He was the most passionate player on our defense without a doubt--yes more than TD.   Could you elaborate on your thoughts on this? Woodson, Revis are recent examples. Moose. Could think of more if I tried.
  13. Well, being that we're already hated .. Sign Hardy

    Every single player on that team checked out after TD ruined Romo's clavicle again.
  14. Well, being that we're already hated .. Sign Hardy

    It was closer to $8M and I watched him play quite a bit, the stats don't tell the story. Ever thought that maybe he was a "headache" BECAUSE of the dysfunctional Dallas Cowboys? He wasn't a headache here aside from the one incident where what went on is a mystery.
  15. Well, being that we're already hated .. Sign Hardy

    1) Disagree with the premise. 2) Never happened when he was here and happened a few times this year. Not a great look but wouldn't be concerned at all about it if he were here again. 3) One teammate who used him as a scapegoat after the year was over as the reason for their struggles. 4) Nothing wrong with what happened there at all.