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  1. thomas96 added a post in a topic Carted off in Camp v. Carted off in a game   

    A lot of players who have no injuries are carted off. Norman has been, Peanut, TD often, Cam sometimes. I bet every single one of the 90 guys has been "carted off" at some point in camp, or will be before it's over.
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  2. thomas96 added a post in a topic Carted off in Camp v. Carted off in a game   

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  3. thomas96 added a post in a topic Philadelphia is a fuged up place....go figure.   

    I love Philly. Every place has shitty people and good people.
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  4. thomas96 added a post in a topic SCPs Day 3 Training Camp Report   

    It wasn't too bad for the people who knew to go by the end zone of that field. The shade was real nice and you could see all the team drills developing and whatever individual drills were closest (mainly the WR drills, which would likely keep fans entertained). I loved watching the DB work up close. Tre Boston's way bigger and a harder hitter than he looks on TV. I love it.
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  5. thomas96 added a post in a topic Bill Barnwell's top 100 players, plus some Mario Addison love   

    Really good analysis of Addison. He fits our rotation perfectly as a pure pass rusher, playing limited snaps. Can't say I'm too fond of his top 100 though.
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  6. thomas96 added a post in a topic My Photos from Training Camp   

    Awesome man. Thanks for sharing these.
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  7. thomas96 added a post in a topic Lego Store   

    Don't. Go to Lego Land instead.
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  8. thomas96 added a post in a topic Q&A with Peter King posted by Panthers.Com   

    Yeah Shaq is probably our 2nd least important draft pick for this year. Having him be dominant aside Luke and TD would be a huge huge addition, but I don't think it's necessary at all for us to compete. I do believe though that for us to go further this year, CAP, Williams and Funchess will all need to contribute right away. Fozzy will be great in the screen game and a great occasional change of pace back, but we need a guy who can carry the load along with Stewart in between the tackles, and especially if Stew goes down. We don't have much outside of CAP to fill that spot. Wegher's intriguing but not quite sure he'd be a dependable in between the tackles kind of guy this soon. Funchess needing to improve our WR corps goes without saying, and everybody and their mother knows how bad our OT situation is so Williams playing meaningful snaps well is important for us. Mayo should hopefully make a contribution on special teams but he's not as important as Shaq. Kind of weird for such low expectations across the fan base for a first rounder, but I'm glad as hell that we don't have to be depending on a 1st rounder to contribute immediately. And this isn't at all saying that I think he won't contribute or that it'll take a while for him to make an impact. I think he'll have a huge impact immediately, I just don't think we NEED it out of him this year as King is suggesting. 
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  9. thomas96 added a post in a topic Stephen Hill waived   

    There's 3 options:
    1. Keep him until first cuts, then safely put him on IR with no other team being able to claim him.
    2. Waive/injured him and he'll go through waivers to IR, with any other team having the ability to claim him. (This is what happened to Gaffney last year, the Patriots claimed him. It's an unwritten rule that you just don't do that.)
    3. Release him with an injury settlement. This can only be done if the player/agent agree to the settlement, and of course if the team wants to completely move on from him.
    We chose #2 with Hill. If nobody claims him, he goes to IR still, as if we waited until after the first cuts.
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  10. thomas96 added a post in a topic SCPs Day 3 Training Camp Report   

    Only logical reason would be joint practices. Like if Dolphins fans come down for those I've got no problem with that.
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  11. thomas96 added a post in a topic SCPs Day 3 Training Camp Report   

    There weren't 20,000 people there today or yesterday. There were a damn lot of people but not 20,000. I saw all those teams today and yesterday. I just don't understand why somebody would want to fuging go to another team's training camp wearing a random jersey. I've gone to the Vikings training camp with my Minnesota family before and just dressed casually and watched some practices because I enjoy football. I wouldn't randomly show up with a Cam jersey on. Of course it's probably pretty likely that every team's training camp has opposing teams fans at it at some point. Still pisses me off though.
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  12. thomas96 added a post in a topic Anyone here fly a drone?   

    I need anti-drone artillery on my back porch. Like a lock-on grappling hook to just take it down. It's stupid and dangerous to shoot it out of the air with a gun. 
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  13. thomas96 added a post in a topic SCPs Day 3 Training Camp Report   

    Well and Panthers of course.
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  14. thomas96 added a post in a topic SCPs Day 3 Training Camp Report   

    Here's the teams I've seen people wearing jerseys of:
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  15. thomas96 added a post in a topic That Thomas Davis Visor...   

    Yeah I knew he would've signed some. Just I never saw him signing when a lot of other guys were and there were fans and kids calling his name. Probably good that he's focusing on the field. Yesterday I think he was walking out talking with Proehl. 
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