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  1. Will probably open the season against them in Denver. Would be nice to start it off with a big win on the road there.
  2. NFL Rigged?

    I'm not going there. It wouldn't matter if it was "rigged" in their favor if we had played the way we are capable of. We came out and played like complete sh*t, just like the game in Atlanta. Picked a bad day to have a bad game. Wasn't happy with the refs to be honest but it really didn't matter.
  3. I feel terrible for Penaut and Allen

    Money isn't everything. Putting everything you have into your work and not having it pay off would be disappointing no matter what it is you're doing, getting paid or not. NFL or construction or banking or starting a small business, whatever.   I would've included TD but he's got a couple more years here for sure, whereas Peanut and Allen's future is completely up in the air.
  4. '98 Vikings were amazing, 18-1 Pats, there are a bunch. May be in the conversation.
  5. This was likely their last chance to get a ring, and obviously Peanut didn't get to play but he would've earned that ring as much as anyone else on the team if we had won. It's hard to see either back next year though I wouldn't be against keeping them. Peanut at this age coming off an ACL and the two seasons before being cut short just may not have it in him and isn't signed right now. Allen played okay but isn't coming back at that cap number, could even retire, and I'd much rather have Ealy or Addison or a draft pick getting snaps than Allen. Wouldn't hurt to keep him as veteran depth and get rid of CJ (has to happen) but certainly not guaranteed. They gave it their all and contributed to this amazing and special season and I can't say how much I appreciated both their efforts. Hope they get another shot, and if they're here next year we could certainly have another shot.
  6. Pick was Ginn's fault, both fumbles were on Remmers more than Cam though he's not completely free of blame on those.
  7. That image of Josh Norman crying

    I want him to sign here longterm now more than anything. Take a hometown discount Josh and finish what we started here.
  8. Key Factors in the Loss

    Philly played the best of the wideouts in my opinion, without a doubt. Funch had a few nice plays but couldn't get consistent separation. Philly was wide open all game before the concussion, picked up 80 yards and Cam missed him wide open twice (first pass from him and then another later). He had one possible drop (not sure if it was official or not, there was some contact from the DB) that I thought he absolutely should have caught and didn't but other than that he played amazingly and was easily our best wideout this postseason.
  9. Key Factors in the Loss

    Oher wasn't as bad as Remmers but did not play well at all. He couldn't hold a single block in the running game and let up some bad pressure. It didn't result in sacks and strips like Remmers did but he did give up a lot of pressure. As for Cam. I'm by no means disappointed in his performance. He made some spectacular plays and throws and played well for the most part. The pick was on Ginn. The fumbles were absolutely more on Remmers than Cam. That being said, he did miss easy throws, and not just early. Those throws may not have made a difference but they are throws that should be made. He did well for some of the near-sacks getting the ball away but I do believe on those pressures from the right from Remmers he could've been aware enough to not be cocking back to pass and could've just tucked and dropped down for the sack. If it was from the blindside I would've understood it more but I think he could be able to see that pressure coming, or feel it. Maybe not, just the feeling I got. I don't know about Ginn. He should've caught the INT, that would've been a 1st down and goal instead of a turnover. And I thought on that huge passing play to him on the first drive of the second half he went out of bounds way too early. Could've gotten another 5 or even cut it back inside and possibly taken it to the house. I thought he played scared for some reason, but maybe he's just always played that way. Not sure that would've made a difference on the missed field goal or not but in the Super Bowl I don't know why in the hell you'd go out of bounds instead of for as many yards as possible. And he was running full speed it's not like he would've needed to fight for the extra yards and lose ball security. All he had to do was keep running straight and let his momentum take him forward instead of going sideways out of bounds... Maybe I'm nitpicking..
  10. Key Factors in the Loss

    -Mike Remmers/Michael Oher and the lack of gameplan to help these guys on the edges. They got absolutely destroyed, but the offensive coaching did absolutely no favors in helping them. I saw Dickson in there blocking a little bit, but I don't think he ever even touched a guy. The Broncos have amazing defensive ends but they can absolutely be planned for with good coaching. That wasn't there tonight. -Cam's play. This is not as big a factor as others and he made some huge plays and passes in the game, but he didn't play like I thought he would on the biggest stage of them all. Normally in the pocket he can feel that pressure especially when from the right side, not his blind side, but on both strip sacks he didn't see it at all (it was there ridiculously fast, but typically he'll see it and just take the sack without cocking his arm back to throw, which led to it getting hit and the ball coming out). There were a few plays I saw where he stepped up in the pocket and back into pressure where the entire other side of the field was wide open. He missed some easy throws. He was by no means the reason we lost, but he did not play his best game. I truly think this will make him stronger in the future and make him even better, but we'll just have to find out. -The receiver play. The only one who showed up was Philly fuging Brown, who went out with a concussion. Ginn and Funch each had a few decent plays but they couldn't get separation consistently and I think I counted nearly 10 drops by Cotch, 1 from Philly, Ginn and Stew, maybe someone else. KB back will be huge. -Undisciplined play. There were countless stupid penalties on offense and defense and special teams play was horrendous once again, and unfathomly poor ball security. We couldn't capitalize on possible turnovers (Josh dropped 2 easy ones that he made earlier in the season) and uncharacteristically couldn't protect the ball on offense. I was honestly shocked by this. We played like we did in the 2nd half of the Seahawks game, not the other 6 quarters this postseason. No idea where to go from here on this. -The Refs. They were in the Broncos favor. There was no way we were winning the game the way we played no matter what the refs did, but there were definitely some terrible calls. The challenge in the beginning was clear as day a catch. On the field goal there was a clear offsides penalty by a mile that even the Broncos-biased announcers pointed out. This text is small for a reason (sorry for those with poor eyes, I can barely see it myself). This was not the reason we lost.
  11. Why didn't Cam jump on the ball?

    Extremely weird and completely uncharacteristic of him.
  12. Is Cotchery back next year?

    He has 3 drops this game. Yes the first should've been a catch but he never should've bobbled it in the first place.
  13. Need a TD here. Capitalize please please please boys. It'd then be a 2 point game with all the momentum our way and time.
  14. So now we know the refs are against us

    We got this. Gonna go down and score right now and get that momentum back.
  15. Keep Pounding Drum

    Wasn't totally clear. By possible I meant like realistic that they could do it. Of course DeAngelo would never be asked to do it now just as a Broncos player wouldn't be. But of actual possibilities like Mills III, KB, Peanut, Bene, JR again, Cam, Braylon, CEDRIC KING (my choice after Sammy Mills), I could go on and on... I'd rather have so many more people than Steph. Really makes no sense why he'd do it over a lot of others. He already did it and has literally nothing to do with the team at this point. Great basketball player who happens to be from the Carolinas but wouldn't be meaningful at all if he does it again.