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  1. Honestly that last play by him in your post was kind of smart. There was no time on the clock so you throw it there and get a TD then the D would have to accept the penalty, giving the Jets another chance to win since the game can't end on a penalty. Can't decline the penalty since it'd be a TD (if it was caught, couldn't tell). Guy's a bum though so why do you care what he says?
  2. Ted Ginn Jr. Running Out of Bounds

    I haven't re-watched that play but pretty sure Ginn could've cut inside and he's fast enough he could've taken it to house. We'd have been up 14-13 instead of down 13-7 still after the missed FG. He had a pretty horrible postseason all around.
  3. Nah there's logic behind it. Your team wins and it's worth taking the loss of money because your team won. Your team loses and money is your consolation prize. It's basically insurance. I don't do it but I understand it.
  4. My take on the Cam Newton fumble.

    Interesting point of view Jeremy. Up until reading this I had been pissed about that play but now see this point of view. This seems reasonable and a possible explanation. I had absolutely no clue what was going through his mind there but what you suggested gives me a better idea.
  5. He should've caught that but I wouldn't call it a drop. Two Denver guys hit him and one got his arms in there. In the Super Bowl you gotta make those plays though and I was pissed about that (literally screaming at my TV to put him on a plane to Charlotte at halftime or something like that). Aside from that play he was dominating, getting open consistently and catching tough balls like the one he got hurt on.
  6. I don't think any of us are qualified to say whether or not a player should be playing over another player. We don't see what goes on in practice and we don't even know how to properly evaluate their play on the field. I trust Ron.
  7. Pretty unbelievable if you ask me. He's probably our 8th best offensive player and he played better than all of them before going down, in my opinion. This is why we lost. Our entire offense aside from Philly played poorly. Denver's defense is great that is true, but our offense was much better this season than they played on Sunday. As Olsen said, we moved the ball well and then made critical errors at the worst possible times. Shula didn't help out much but I'm not going to blame him because player execution was just as big a factor. Philly played his heart out, got open at will and would have put up 100 yards and a TD (if not for the facemask) if Cam didn't overthrow him a few times and that was before missing most of the second half with a concussion. I honestly like the future of our WR group. They were collectively terrible against the Broncos but with KB, who's a bonafide star receiver and was primed for a dominant season before going down in TC, back and the continued development of Funchess and Philly and having Ginn not forced into a #1 role but in a role where we can utilize his skill set to the fullest, I think this group can be pretty damn good.
  8. If Cam Newton wasn't a Panther...

    Obviously if he were on another team in our division I'd hate him and find reasons to hate him like I do with Brees, Ryan, Winston, etc. but if he were on some non-Patriots AFC team and he wouldn't beat us every year then I'd like him.
  9. Double Greg Olsen, keep Cam in the pocket

    No. That wasn't their game plan and their game plan wouldn't have worked either if it weren't for the poor ball security and dumb mistakes on our part, like the drops and missed FG. And them sacking Cam was not "keeping Cam in the pocket." That's pressuring the QB. Keeping Cam in the pocket is when you have your ends playing to contain the QB instead of to rush him. Cam wasn't kept in the pocket at all that game, because there was no pocket at all for most of it. Their game plan was to destroy the pocket. Their secondary is good enough that they didn't even need to double anybody. Talib shadowing Olsen is not "essentially double coverage."
  10. Double Greg Olsen, keep Cam in the pocket

    They didn't double Olsen at all that game. Talib shadowed him for much of it and when Talib was on a wideout he was either in blocking or covered by one of their LBs. And they didn't even really keep Cam in the pocket, he scrambled quite a bit. Our offense actually moved the ball on them very well. We just had drives end extremely poorly and couldn't finish. Tolbert's fumble, Cam's pick off Ted's hands, missed FG, the two strip sacks. They capitalized on the small mistakes we kept making. That entire game was turnovers and special teams. That's the only tried and true way to beat a team, particularly our team. Force turnovers and get points out of them, and don't turn it over yourself.
  11. When is Gettlemans end of season Press conf?

    That would be the absolute greatest thing ever if he comes out with a hoodie like Cam.
  12. If we won and put up 50 points on the Broncos we'd have him for next season. Nothing really changed with Shula.
  13. Offensive Tackles cost us the game.

    We haven't seen anything out of Williams. He's fine in those packages we use him in but that doesn't mean he'll be a starting caliber tackle. I like him and hope he can be our guy but it's not guaranteed.
  14. I don't think we necessarily need one either to win it all next year, but please admit that DE is a weakness right now. Can we win with rotational guys? Maybe. But why not try to upgrade it with the opportunity we could have with Hardy available? Ealy doesn't clearly have anything locked. He had an amazing Super Bowl and I was extremely happy with his performance. But both his first two years he's had a great game here and there and then disappeared for a month, and has struggled with penalties his entire career. I really like Ealy and hope he does break out and do this consistently, but that's by no means guaranteed or even necessarily realistic until we see more. Addison is a pure speed rusher. That's all he can do. Can't stop the run or beat a tackle any other way. I like him in his rotational role but not as a starter. Allen and CJ are both trash now, I hate to say it. CJ definitely gone, I could see Allen coming back for vet min. on a new contract and being a rotational guy who can stop the run and produce a little bit of pressure for us but he better not be starting if we keep him. Hardy, Ealy, KK and Star as our starters? We could be having flashes of 2013 again. Then on passing downs take Star out, kick Hardy or Ealy inside and bring Addison in... Hardy is a game changer, and one that could come at a low cost. Don't see a reason not to try to add him.
  15. I agree that it probably won't happen, but can we honestly afford to pay a DE right now? As I posted before a DE we take at 30 won't have an impact for a while, if at all and there's no other pass rusher of Hardy's caliber available that we could afford. Hardy is a legitimately elite pass rusher that would come for relative peanuts because as you said nobody will want to touch him if he can't even last with Jerry Jones. I do think Carolina is the best possible situation for him and getting a second change here would keep him in line. As to your second question, probably not but only because I wouldn't know as much about Hardy as I do from having watched him since his rookie year here. If he were on another team I'd not care enough to look more into him and would see the media stuff about him and probably believe it and say it's not worth the headache. But following the Holder case closely as we all did here, and knowing Hardy in the locker room here I don't think he's that big of a risk.