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  1. Peanut wants to play one more year

    My best guess is both DG and Peanut are waiting to see how his knee heals.

    That doesn't even count...

    Can somebody tell me of a single 1st round significant trade up that worked well for the team trading up? I seriously can't think of one.
  4. Might be Jobless

    You have no regrets? Not even a single letter...?
  5. Peanut wants to play one more year

    We need to get him a ring.
  6. REPORT: Panthers interested in moving UP in 1st round

    Luke and our 1st to SD to get Henry. BAM
  7. My Meaningless Mock Draft

    I was uncertain about Ogbah falling as well but I think somebody will fall to that spot. If not Ogbah then one of the Henry's or Booker or somebody else we like. I just think Ogbah reminds me a lot of Ealy and teams may be hesitant with him. No idea what'll happen. As for Klein I don't know what AJ's thoughts are, but if I were him I'd want out of Carolina as fast as possible, and he'll get that chance after this year. He's shown that he can be a starting MLB and we're not going to have that opportunity for him here or ability to pay him starter money. It would make a whole lot of sense for us to get something out of him now and give him that opportunity a year earlier. I'd love to keep him as a long-term backup for Luke but I highly doubt he'd want that. I think Rivera and DG have looked into that kid from BC Daniels and I think he could fill in for Luke in our defense if need be right from the start. And DG has traded another LB before... It may depend on how much they like Mayo but I think it's a possibility.
  8. Forget predictions. Who do you want?

    Player I want most in the draft is Artie Burns. No idea where he'll go though. Could be anywhere from the 1st to 3rd.
  9. Predict Gettleman's Day 3 WTF pick?

    Steven Daniels, MLB, BC as I had in my mock. 7th-UDFA prospect that we'll ensure we get earlier.
  10. My Meaningless Mock Draft

    Yesterday was the first time I saw a mock where he went in the first. If I were Indy I'd consider him at 18 for sure, he's that good. But I don't get the sense that they'll pick him or that Seattle will go offensive line in the first round. We'll find out tonight but up until yesterday the consensus was that he would be a early-mid 2nd round pick. DG hold's his cards damn close to his hand but he did drop one on the floor for a few people to see at last week's press conference when he mentioned Kelly. I can tell he loves the kid. Maybe not over other players at pick 30, but he definitely likes Kelly. Who knows what'll happen though, it's all a crap shoot.
  11. My Meaningless Mock Draft

    Not trading for that contract and they wouldn't do it for a 5th.
  12. My Meaningless Mock Draft

    Round 1 (pick 30): Ryan Kelly, C, Alabama. DG will do what many expect him to do and take a hog mollie. Except it will be on the opposite side of the ball. As recently as a few weeks ago I felt this would be a reach and that he'd probably be available at 62, but his stock has been rising and he's as good a prospect at center as you'll see coming out of college. Actually reminds me of Kalil in terms of his leadership and ability to anchor the line (the very similar names are just a coincidence...). Kalil's contract is up after this year and I have a feeling he'll go out on his own terms like Jordan did (except with a ring). Even if he doesn't, DG might have to make the tough decision (that he's been known to make since being here) and let the aging Kalil go and put all 3 pieces in place to have a young core interior line protecting Cam for the next decade. Seeing DG talk about him last week makes me think this could be the pick. Only thing is we'll need the rest of the guys to convince him to grow a beard. Round 2 (pick 62): Emmanuel Ogbah, DE, Oklahoma State. He's a candidate for our 1st round pick as well but I just have a gut instinct that he'll fall all the way to us here, similar to how Ealy did in 2014 and we'll have the pick in within 5 seconds. Will need some coaching up like Kony but has all the tools needed to be a very successful DE, especially with Washington and Sammy Mills ready to use him here under McD. Ealy and Ogbah could be our CJ and Hardy a few years from now and bring our d-line back to that 2013 level, or even better considering the improvement of KK and Star since then. Round 3 (pick 76): Artie Burns, CB, Miami. When Burns is sitting there at 76 we can't wait any longer and make the call to Tennessee who wants to continue to wheel and deal this draft. AJ Klein and pick 93 to move up to 76 and grab the best corner in the draft in my opinion (and as a part of the trade we pick up an extra 5th from the Titans). Burns is pretty raw and also needs quite a bit of coaching up to reach his potential but could be even better than Josh was here. Can blitz off the edge and offer run support and be quick to screens like Josh was here and like McD and Wilks love in the secondary. Has great ball skills and physical tools. There's been some talk recently of him going in the 1st or early 2nd but he's been a 2nd/3rd round prospect and I think that's just talk. He's too raw to be taken that early and I just have that feeling he'll slip to a spot for us to trade up to and it'll align with the Titans need for an inside backer and their abundance of early draft picks. Round 4 (pick 129): Harlan Miller, CB, Southeastern Louisiana. We had a private workout with Miller and DG will double dip at a need where both guys happen to be BPA, just like in 2013. Miller is actually pretty reminiscent of Josh, with height and wingspan comparing to Josh's as well as playing with a chip on his shoulder. Has similar weaknesses as well, with poor jam and hand mechanics as well as getting caught with his eyes reading the QB and ending up out of position. Fluid as an athlete and has the ability to make up for his lack of elite speed. Biggest thing that makes him questionable in my opinion is his frame. He'll seriously need to bulk up to be able to go up against guys like Evans, V. Jackson, Julio, etc. Great ball skills and if coached up could end up being a starter for us, or at least very solid depth, which we seriously lack at corner right now with Bene coming off a broken leg and only Boykin set behind him and on a one year deal. Round 5 (pick 140): Tyler Ervin, HB, San Jose State. Now as many know it will be difficult for rookies to make our roster but we have a fair amount of question marks and need for competition at certain positions so we'll look to add that by gaining an extra 5th as a part of the deal for Klein. With CAP's fumbling issues and recent arrest (which is pretty much nothing but doesn't help his case) we'll look here to add another HB to compete with our rookies from last year. Just so happens we'll get Bene's former teammate. This kid is pretty small which makes it tough for a back in the NFL but he's got great vision and finds and hits the hole fast and bursts through. Will likely never be a 3 down back but could form a nice 1-2 punch with another back, as Rivera likes to have. Useful weapon that could prove to be more that we'll take a chance on here to compete for HB depth. Round 5 (pick 168): Steven Daniels, MLB, Boston College. Now's the time for your disappointing (to some) but expected linebacker pick. I don't believe the team is sold on Mayo as Luke's backup in the middle and will add Daniels to compete with him and possibly fill in as Klein's replacement if he beats out Mayo. A projected 7th rounder or UDFA, just like Mayo last year who likely would not have gone drafted, Rivera and DG like him enough to ensure they get him here in the 5th. I absolutely love this kid. A coincidence in that he went to St. Xavier (where Luke went to school) and followed his path to BC, this kid is a beast in the middle. He plays as physical as any LB you'll see and has the work ethic and leadership abilities to man the middle in the case Luke goes down, just like Klein did this year. Not as athletic as Luke or even as Klein and may struggle in man coverage and pass rush but has the football intelligence to be in the right place in our scheme that we could work around that. Also short at 5-11 (which would've taken him off Gil Brandt's draft board completely like Mike Singletary as I just learned in the great thread @KB_fan posted earlier). A quote about him that makes me all tingly: "Strong upper body to toss aside blockers in his way...plays hard and practices hard, competing with a pissed off attitude...trusts his eyes downhill with a quick first step...assignment sound and routinely in the vicinity, playing with non-stop hustle...explosive tackler with finishing technique...accurate timing as a blitzer to infiltrate gaps and make contact in the backfield." This mock won't be 100% accurate of course but I feel very sure this kid will be a Panther. Maybe not as a 5th rounder, but I just have that feeling he'll be in black and blue next year one way or another. Round 7 (pick 252): Drew Kaser, P, Texas A&M. The next to last pick of the draft, the player picked here will be a longshot to make the roster. And with the pick being so late it wouldn't do much in a deal to trade up early on which many think could happen this year. So we'll use it to do something which we need to do whether through the draft or UDFA, and that's add competition at arguably our biggest need right now. I don't feel confident in Swayze Waters or Michael Palardy and I'm not so sure the team does. Kaser has a big leg and the ability to handle poor snaps and direct his kicks and has performed well under pressure. Not great at placing it in the corner near the end zone and biggest concern for us is he kicks it further and lower rather than putting good hang on it making it difficult for coverage to get down field in time. Considering our coverage issues this isn't real compelling. However, I do think he would be a better option than Waters or Palardy and could even end up an upgrade on Brad if he continues to improve in those areas of weakness. Worst case he'll add competition there in camp which we absolutely need.
  13. Trump vs. Hillary

    You should move to a communist country then. What you're looking for will never be found in America. "Woo-oowoo-oowoo-oo! [walks up waving his right hand over his head like a police siren] Did someone here just say "America" in a way that otherizes and demeans the people of Latin and South America?!"
  14. No chance he's the pick in the 1st. Maybe 3rd.