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  1. Ezekiel Elliott

    If he's there at 30, he's a Panther.
  2. Well, being that we're already hated .. Sign Hardy

    TD publicly backing him up and saying he made his case to JR is proof enough.
  3. 1. Of course Cam should've jumped on the ball. That doesn't mean that he should be criticized like he has been for not doing it. And just because something should be done doesn't mean it CAN be done. Jeremy and Cam's explanations made it seem like Cam couldn't really do it the way the ball was positioned because he didn't know how. The criticism for that is over the top and ridiculous. 2. I agree that it would've been a better look for the fans and media to answer all the questions and leave after time was up but once again... The criticism for it is over the top and ridiculous. Cam is who he is and he left a media session after a big loss. Who the hell cares? People are trying to make him out to be some immature crybaby which is ridiculous. 3. This thread is stupid.
  4. He basically just trashed Cam and this organization. Team shouldn't give him access.
  5. Your feels... prepare to be hit

    Jeremy, text him that he still can fulfill that dream.
  6. 2003 or 2015.... which one hurt more?

    The 2013 loss to the Niners hurt more than both. I honestly believe that defense was better than Seattle's "all time great SB winning D" was and we should've been the ones dismantling the Broncos in that Super Bowl. We got screwed by the refs. I still think that team as a whole may have been better than the team this year, despite going 17-2 and making it the Super Bowl. As to your question 2003 definitely hurt more. The future is extremely bright right now and we got beat fare and square by Denver. The Patriots cheated. I have respect for Denver's D and Peyton. I have no respect for the cheaters and never will as long as Kraft, Belichick or Brady are a part of that organization. In the immediate aftermath of the game, 2015 probably hurt more but I got over this quicker than in 2003.
  7. I've always felt this way about the franchise tag: It should never be used as a one year rental. It should be used to allow more time for negotiation. It's called the franchise tag for a reason--it's purpose is to be used on a "franchise" player. Gettleman clearly has used it as a rental with Hardy (though we don't really know if he'd have tried to keep Hardy if not for the domestic violence situation. Voth and Jeremy have indicated that keeping him was never in the plans so I'll assume that's the case but we don't know for sure) and seems poised to use it again on Josh, while all indications are that he doesn't want to pay to keep Josh here for more than a year.   So if that's the case, why bother with the 1 year rental? Why not keep that cap space to either have carry over or to sign players who can contribute for more than a year? Or, the best option in my opinion, try to franchise him and then trade him and get a 1st or 2nd round pick out of it. Sure I'd love to franchise him and get another team to give us two 1sts for him, but that doesn't happen. I get that without Josh our corner situation is shaky to say the least and he was a crucial part of our team's success this year, but as DG has said, "you're never one player away." That idea is not real. Josh wouldn't be the piece that makes or breaks the team. We should do what's in the best interest of the team in the long run, and franchising Josh and having him play 1 year here on a rental would make no sense in the long run. I trust DG for the most part, but not sure I agree with the one year rental idea if he truly does believe in that. What are your thoughts on this?   And in my opinion Josh is a core player here and integral to our success, and I'd pay him $13-14M/year if that's what it takes to keep him here for another 3-5 years. But it seems extremely unlikely that we're going to extend him.
  8. Voth has been great for providing Panthers updates and decent analysis of the football related stuff but I've always thought he's an arrogant prick. Not because of what he's saying about Cam right now but because of other stuff I've seen him say in responses to other people, etc. This only adds to it.
  9. Getting Benji Back

    More that we need time for our plays to work and that starts with the offensive line.
  10. Giants release Beason, considering retirement.

    We could trade Klein for a high (2nd or 3rd round) draft pick, probably wouldn't even stay with us after this year anyways so would be nice to get something for him. Beast is still effective when healthy and he wouldn't get hurt as a backup most likely. Wouldn't hurt to have that veteran depth and locker room presence for vet. min.
  11. 2016 Top NFL free agents - running backs

    I like Lamar Miller a lot, he got completely screwed in Miami. Doesn't really fit our scheme much. Chris Ivory would be a monster for us if he could stay healthy but he hasn't been able to his entire career. Bucs definitely keeping Martin. Forte's a beast for sure but we need young talent at RB, not over-30. Don't like Morris or Ridley. Blount could be a reasonable backup if Stew were to go down but wouldn't want him past that and pretty sure we'll have Stew this year so I wouldn't bother. Powell, irrelevant in our scheme.
  12. Giants cutting two former Panthers

    More important Giants release was Will Beatty, their starting LT who was top 10 in run-blocking and 11 in pass prot. by PFF in 2014 before missing this year. We should take a good look at him as a possible RT.
  13. Voth talks about Rivera and Newton

    Jeremy is the only one to me. He's more of a fan who has some insider info than a media member (this is a compliment, your coverage Jeremy is better than any of the "media members" any ways).
  14. Voth talks about Rivera and Newton

    Voth was ripping Cam a new one for the way he acted in that press conference when it happened. He's just as entitled as every other PoS in the media. If I was a player I'd eat the fines and say fug them. Wouldn't even pull a Lynch and say "just here not to get fined" since that's a story itself. As a fan I love hearing my favorite players talk, especially guys like Josh, Smitty when he was here, Hardy when he was here, etc. But when looking at it from the player's point of view I think it's ridiculous.