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  1. Remember When We All Wanted DJ Humphries in 2015?

    what do you mean we?
  2. How about we Become Sore loosers and Screw with Godell...

    we knew something was up when they didn't reverse the cotchery catch and I do mean catch. That led directly to the fumble td. It never touched the ground.That was obvious. The hand was under the ball.
  3. Positions we need to upgrade

    Oher is a stop gap, allen is a stop gap, all the other cb's not named norman or bene are stop gaps, Ginn has played well but he is a stop gap. If the same positions continue to be positions of need then the problem is not being addressed.
  4. Shula will suck again but it's certainly not all of a sudden.
  5. you haven't been listening, not his fought he did absolutely all he could do. 
  6. Harper and Cotchery already gone?

     i love Some Tre Boston but I still think we need an upgrade. We are a team full of good depth with a lack of starting talent at these positions of need.
  7. Positions we need to upgrade

    the point is this has been the case for how many years now ? 1 to 2 yr stop gaps is not addressing the issue.
  8. we have plenty more where he came from
  9. "Show me a good loser... "

    character is the question, along with maturity... you dont always win 
  10. Positions we need to upgrade

    come on donw't question the genius of the gman.
  11. I like Williams , he just needs to be reigned in a little. he is always around the ball on ST  even though he has made some dumb plays. he needs some veteran guidance. Maybe he is not worth the time but maybe  there is something about the guy we shouldn't give up so quickly on.