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  1. The Whole State of Washington Hates Us

    looks like there is going to be a lot of Seahawk fans in the Philippines this year.
  2. on the other side of the coin what happens when we punch Peyton in the mouth early ? Their biggest concern is not stopping our Offense, it's stopping our Defense which can hurt you with short field TO's and pressure on an immobile QB who may not finish the game.
  3. everybody game plans for that... you have to go out and actually do it and I think that is where the plan breaks down!
  4.  Yes I think he is a Franchise QB it just may take a little longer than what everyone thought.
  5. Beeennnnggaaazzziiiii

    liberal thought in a nutshell...
  6. Thug George Zimmerman shot in Florida

       Murder,yes. but none of what has happened since changes the justifiable shooting of Martin.  
  7. CB Teddy Williams Signs With Panthers

      .........NM !  
  8. CB Teddy Williams Signs With Panthers

      after Harper we have decided to go the other way.Speed kills.  
  9. CB Teddy Williams Signs With Panthers

      Boom goes the dynamite! Now there you whiners shut up and quit ruining my life....wait...who?
  10. Panthers Sign Michael Oher

    so now lets draft a talented OT to go along with this.
  11. Panthers Sign Michael Oher

      no teal is not in her color wheel!  
  12. Panthers NFL Draft Prospect - Justin Coleman

      if you draft a CB who is better it's all good bene goes to corner no big deal, continuous improvement.  
  13. Date I recently went on...

      tell her to get a tan and a Spanish accent and she doesn't ever have to leave .  
  14. you mean in addition to the fact he cannot catch?