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  1. Coleman

    I honestly think SS is a better fit for Coleman. He had a good year statistically but he's not as rangy as an ideal FS.
  2. I would love it if the Hornets got Noah. Hell of a competitor
  3. KK just seems like a cool ass monstrous dude
  4. KB, FUNCH, OLSEN in slot, GINN in motion, Stewie in the backfield. I really hope they do that at some point
  5. I apologize i meant corner group not the entire secondary. Godfrey is yucky.. YUCKY
  6. I finally did it

    Didn't expect to laugh so hard. LMFAO. Wow. Anyways respect to the grind.
  7. Atlanta has a good secondary group. Alford was top 5 along with sherman and revis for lowest completion % when targeted. It's not a push or worse. That's inaccurate. We don't know what we have yet.
  8. Should Dex be banned?

    Sweet tea isn't good to me either. Probably because I've been in California far too long.
  9. So what? I wasn't either after I saw 62 year old news anchors doing it. Once that starts happening those kind of things are dead to me.
  11. I like Wilks a lot. I definitely trust his impression.
  12. Brandon Boykin to visit Falcons

    That's a hell of a corner group if they sign Boykin
  13. Panthers Release Boykin

    Anyone know if Cortland might be coming back? I thought he did well considering...obviously that doesn't include the play where Luke almost ripped his face off.
  14. Panthers Release Boykin