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  1. AJ Hawk Released

    He's better in a 3-4, and he's not that good anymore
  2. My friends and I have done worse.. I remember in college my best friend would be flying up i40 at 2 am with his lights off going a buck 10. Kids are stupid.
  3. Josh Norman - 6'0 FT 195 LBS 4.66 40

    Nailed it.
  4. I did my googles... I think this is the guy.
  5. Well, Josh is one of my favorite players and I genuinely hope everything works out in a manner that makes him happy. It's clear the agent really didn't really handle things as well asexpected so I'm glad Josh is able to improve that situation, whether he ends up back here or not I wish him the best and will always root for him.
  6. Who tf was his previous agent anyways, literally no one had ever heard of the guy.
  7. I agree. Seems like he's talking out of his ass.
  8. I think they have a bunch of loudmouths on their team that love to talk caca. Really wouldn't read to much into it.
  9. This years "breakout" players.

    If he stays healthy, Ladarius Green.
  10. Odell needs to chill out man.
  11. Panthers/Astros/Texans on Twitter

    it's pretty awesome to see
  12. C'mon man. Greg Hardy is a beast. Using a Hixon catch as a comparison is this situation is wrong. He's one of the greatest sack specialists in Panthers history and was out of football for what, 19 games? Those couple of highlights just show the kind of monster he is. He had a less than 'Kraken' year but what do you expect after his long absence. I think IF he gets another chance (not saying from the Panthers) he will light ish on fire.
  13. Finnegan had his missteps but I definitely wouldn't mind having him back. For a guy signed off of an ottoman he did a good job overall. He'd only be better now that we've added Boykin and Bene will be returning.