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  1. Shula has improved no doubt.  But in this game he certainly regressed to the Shula that none of us can stomach.  I think his butthole was clenched a little too tight.  Too much in his head and not flowing with the game at all.  It's hard to be successful while seemingly resisting change in a war of inches. 
  2. Cam Newton sucks Denver's dick

    You could just stop posting. 
  3. Still here, still a believer, still pounding

    I'm witcha bruva.  I'm disappointed but this is just the beginning.  #kp
  4. Post Super Bowl thoughts

    Cotchery should have caught that cleanly anyway.  I figured the refs would be slanted but Cotch was juggling everything and catching nothing.  Funchess is the real deal though.  Him with KB & Ginnwill be a beautiful spectacle.  Ealy and Norman I thought had great games.  Roman Harper is too slow to be effective.  Teddy Williams is a bonehead and should not be on the 53 man roster.  
  5. Cam Newton sucks Denver's dick

    C'mon with all the negativity man.  It was a bad game and I'm disappointed just like anyone else but this is unnecessary along with your comment in the other thread about tearing an acl.  
  6. Stop blaming the refs, we played like poo

    Yeah that's a cop out.  They punched us in the mouth and then went for the gut.  I was really disappointed in Cotchery though wow.  Even though the first one was a bad call he's supposed to snag that cleanly.
  7. Showing 24 in tears was heartbreaking
  8. Come on man. Im with you the sky isn't falling but we just lost in the downtown superbowl. Let people deal with it on their own terms. It is disappointing unless you have the heart of a robot. Many great things to come though if we can keep improving
  9. Denver Earned it though. Even if it was 95% defense 
  10. Wade Phillips had his boys ready. Shula wasnt good with adjustments. Actually he wasnt very good in general. Too many wasted plays. Unnecessary shotgun play action.vs a blazing fast d. Cotch played awful. Funchess looked awesome. Ealy loooked incredible.  Cam looked miserable.  I'm disappointed in the coaching the most though.  I may have seen one or two slants vs man all night. And no screen passes.  Blistering
  11. I pied the positive/reasonable responses. We're still the better team in my opinion but we just played a really bad half offensively. If they go out and play like they're supposed to we have a good chance of winning. 
  12. UA just dropped the UA C1N Line

    I wish they would do a cross training/running version of those black and gold cleats and my money would be theirs in 7 seconds flat.
  13. Josh killin em just like Boogie
  14. Cam is stylin on them hoes..whew
  15. Keep Pounding Drum

    I'm truly puzzled as to why anyone in this fanbase would be disappointed with the decision.  True fan and born winner who's dominating at the highest level.