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  1. Peyton's College "Issue"

  2. I haven't heard a single word about the Bronco's defense until they beat the Pats.  Its ironic that they suddenly get the trump card after beating the biggest bandwagon-of a-team this side of the NFL. Wondering how much fanfare they'd be getting if they had beaten any other team besides the NFL's most heralded team by the media. when was the last time Denver beat a team with a strong rushing offense?
  3. The Keep Pounding Drum

    At first look, I was like"...wait...Terry Gannon, huh? wait....oh, Rich Gannon..." Then I realized you weren't some crazy-assed State fan.  Honestly, each player on the roster should get one wack at it...starting with TD and ending with Cam.
  4. Seahawks Ring Their Bell About Wilson

    He mad.
  5. Yes, he's mobile and possibly more fleet of foot than Cam, but they neglect to acknowledge the fact that Cam has twice as many rushing TDs than does Ryssell. Continue ringing your bell, Seahawks.
  6. Smitty on Dan Patrick Show

    would anyone trade CJ for Smitty, disregarding the injury?
  7. Broncos fans: "Look what we did to Tom Brady."

    The AFC is chopped-liver this year.  With a healthy Andy Dalton, that's who we'd be playing instead of the dead-horses.
  8. Gil Brandt does it again

    As much as I'd love an undefeated season, I just want a good run with a fully healthy squad going forward. as long as our Panthers can get into the playoffs, I ain't skerrt of any team and there's no other team that is close to being as talented as the talent and coaching of this team.
  9. Gil Brandt does it again

    3-D Destiny Darlings Dynasty I didn't expect this year for the window to open (only because of KB and the questions concerning him and our secondary,) but the Pantgers have perennial MVPs on both sides of the ball and I still think we have yet to see how good this team can truly be. With a fully healthy squad...Bene', Benji and whoever else...there is no other team as talented and dynamic as this team. I mean...this team is beyond superb. There's no limit to how good this team could become. 
  10. Seahawk fan starts petition to ban Cam from century link field!

    Grumpy Smurf says "I hate the world."
  11. Pass rush without Allen

    He forced a fumble and was basically either all up in Palmer's face all game or was clogging running lanes.  The Cards got most of their runs right up the middle. 
  12. Broncos Fans have already discovered our kryptonite.

    They'd be better off watching our Atlanta defeat, 'cause that's the only team that had something on us. armchair DCs all agree on how to beat the 'Cats...and that's why they're all armchair DC's.
  13. I was just thinking the same thought...Palmer had his big chance and man did he put up a Delhomme.  6 turnovers...I wanna say Jake had the same number, but man is it good to be on the winning side of an overrated QB showing his true colors. im sitting her wondering if we're still currently paying Jake $, considering the most awful contract our FO has ever made.
  14. Broncos Fans Saying We Aren't Ready For this Stage

    I knew it would take a super bowl win for this team to get their due desert.  What a bunch of a-holes during this season just foaming at the mouth to see this team fall apart. the two best teams in the league were in Carolina today and SEA wasn't far behind.  Bring on the Broncos. I don't hear any news about them being the best team in anything.
  15. Was Jerry in Shock?

    He's all class. No doubt he's.a happy owner and doing things the right way. what a Franchise we have here from BigCat all the way down to the custodians. cant wait to see our front-7 vs statue Manning in the Super Bowl!!!