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  1. Not sure what to think about, Hardy

    As a guy who has been in a situation having to try to restrain and get away from a crazy-mad-hatter of a serious freakazoid, drugged-out and uncontrollable female, where locking myself in a room still didn't stop her...I've had to call 911 to get a chick away from me. you don't call 911 unless it's a last resort...especially if drugs may be involved and it's in your own house.  Greg just got caught up in a situation where 90% of the time, what a female says is considered gospel and the guy gets screwed.  Greg shouldn't have been in the situation with a chick doing mind altering substances and expecting a happy go-lucky outcome...that was his downfall...being around a nutso and coked-out female who apparently can't control herself. Just a  bad situation all the way around and yes, crazy poo always comes to the surface when you add drugs to an already crazy group of crazy people.  Just say no kids...believe you me. Don't do drugs and don't surround yourself with people who use them because in the end, nothing good ever comes out of it. im one ticked off fan, losing 2 of my favorite players (Smitty and the Kraken,) in consecutive years, mostly because they were loose canons and now I've lost another one in Frank Alexander.  Just say no.   
  2. Olsen has passed Wesley Walls for most yards by a TE

    He was getting beat up today. Gonna be tough for him to do his best by Thursday. off the top of anyone's head, does anyone know how many years Wesley played compared to Olsen? 
  3. Is it Creepy That I Like the Arts and Crafts Romo?

    A changed tire for some old folks makes you a humanistic hero honorary?  Im a friggin' Saint if that's criteria for being standup-ish...
  4. Is it Creepy That I Like the Arts and Crafts Romo?

    You are absolutely allowed your opinions. Gonna have agree to disagree with you on this one. 
  5. Is it Creepy That I Like the Arts and Crafts Romo?

    I honestly can't remember any other players that give TD balls away on the reg. i do remember players throwing balls up there and getting fined. i knew Smitty is/was a pit bull in a humans body and he was great within the community, so I'd give him a pass, but in all reality, I would never want to be anywhere near that guy or Romo off the field...and they say Cam has a fake smile?, Cam is just snarky...outward and openly. I'd hang out with Cam any day...but would end up picking on him 'cause of his wired taste in clothes...but I'm sure he's been humbled by his teammates because of it. love me some football, especially when the Panthers are winning.
  6. Is it Creepy That I Like the Arts and Crafts Romo?

    Eli Manning is very awkward...but man they are NFL royalty. I honestly think Eli is one of those guys that was too scared of being bullied so he never developed good social skills...his big bros probably tormented him incessantly.  
  7. Is it Creepy That I Like the Arts and Crafts Romo?

    Cam doesn't self-grandize himself off the field. Talking junk off the field and puffery is what causes me to not like a player. the onfield celebrations are a fun part of the game...and Cam's memorabilia-giving is about as good as it gets...some of those kids will think getting that football from Cam is one one of the best moments in their lives.
  8. Cam's Hard Count

    Rogers is the Jedi Master when it comes to drawing defenses offsides
  9. SNF Game Thread: Bengals (8-1) @ Cardinals (7-2)

    Larry Fitzgeralds better days are far behind him. This is how I see KB after being with us 10-years from now. Fitz will be on NFL AM, full-time in a season or two.
  10. Is it Creepy That I Like the Arts and Crafts Romo?

    BtW, I didn't put Luck on this list because his persona is a product of the National Media and not really his, we beat the Colts and he is kinda awkward overall...kinda nerdy.
  11. Is it Creepy That I Like the Arts and Crafts Romo?

    Yeah, his "you like that, you like that!" Is kinda endearing. Therefor, I retract putting Cousins on that list and replace him with buttfumble.
  12. Cam MUST be protected from Hardy....

    Hardy is one strange dude, that's for sure, but if he was the monster everyone thinks he is, he would never have been drafted by U.S., nor would he have been taken under the wings by CJ and TD. Freakish athlete, yes...harborer of He'll play his best, but I highly doubt he wants the hate that would be coming if he did something nefarious out of spite towards a Panther.
  13. Is it Creepy That I Like the Arts and Crafts Romo?

    Hate is a strong word.
  14. Is it Creepy That I Like the Arts and Crafts Romo?

    You are talking about the not Arts and Crafts, true to life Romo aren't you?
  15. The REAL reason why the Skins lost today

    Art Monk, John Riggins and that "warm up the Diesel" guy who used to wear the Headdress are the only likeable things about the 'skins.