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  1. Norman was not a production of a system

    Every one can say all they want to but only time will tell!! It'll be Josh who next year when the Lombardi Trophy comes to roost in BOA.
  2. Henry in the back field would be awesome. This guy makes it look easy but sure getting some blocking.
  3. J-No wants 16 million a year

    At that kind of money we could afford 10 players. I feel that was the main reason Cam took the contract he did. You have to save a little for the other lesser folks, Josh sat 3 years and played 1 and now he is better that all the rest. Comon Man!!!!
  4. A Josh Norman holdout looming?

    The Redskins received compensation of two first round draft picks from the Carolina Panthers for not matching the Panthers offer of 46.5 million dollars. {AP, Associated Press 21 April 1998} Gilbert returned to RDE in 1998 and recorded 81 tackles, 25 quarterback pressures, and 6 sacks, starting all 16 games. In 1999 and 2000 Gilbert moved to his preferred right defensive tackle position and averaged 50 tackles and 3 sacks during those two seasons. In 2001 Gilbert switched to left defensive tackle and recorded 25 tackles and 2 sacks. He was injured and played in only nine games (starting all of them). I think JN is a product of our system. You put presure on QB and he tends to throw wild passes a lot! Josh is great at playing center field. We been in salary cap hell long enough and do have the makers of that scrambling QB to pay.
  5. How would you like this as our 2nd TE?

    WOW!!! 5.5 is not a burner but 6ft. 7inches and count arm length makes him how tall?? That would be like Andre The Giant as tight end. Cam have hard time over throwing him lol
  6. Weddle To Make Decision This Weekend

    Panthers were Special this year and I kinda think they going to be Special next year too! Think DG was hoping finally getting SB would be enough motivation to get his name on dotted line. He dang sure not getting there in Miami. We gonna be Special with him or without him but with him maybe we not looking defense but offense and Derrick Henry would truly give us another weapon . Sure would love to have them both!!!
  7. Panthers sign DT Soliai; 2 yrs, $7M

    Good read on him.
  8. Norwell on undwe 25 Team

    Sorry was in hurry and thought folks my like it. Looked for the search but couldn't find it it. Looked at front page not there. Please take my Humble Apology and try to not happen again.
  9. Norwell on undwe 25 Team

    Some good stuff in the future for Panthers.
  10. Gauging Josh Norman's contract value

    Moose taught me a little bit about contract years. His next best year would be when contract was up. I truly believe Norman is a product of our defensive system!! The pressure we get from the front 4 gives little time for QB's to set and throw. Our front 7 can cover a multitude of flaws in DB"s. That being said, he seems to have no feeling for the team that saw promise in him and gave him chance. If he can't be happy at 10 mil. a year then go to another team. Just ask Ginn how that turned out.
  11. Yep deleted it and mad ever since. Games are not suposed to be determined by ref's and this was. Guess all that Panther betting in Vagas would have been bad if Panthers won. Sorry just my opinion!
  12. This guy has helped us remain healthy in an unhealthy sport!!
  13. "This is what we expected from day one"

    Went into season believing we was going to tie the Dolphins for best season ever!!! Still got my fingers toes and ever other appendage I can think of crossed
  14. your prediction...the first fight in practice

    Well, couple of folks got close but didn't get a Cigar. Like the spirit but sure hope they can wait on another team before they try to kill each other. Hope it makes us better team. Turn it into a positive some how.