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  1. What position did you play?

    I played LO in middle and HS. LO = Left Out
  2. Yes.. I hold grudges. it's my cross to bear, do not judge
  3. Fug Billick. I hate everybody that talked chit about #1 and now is seductivelybowed down before him.
  4. Beware...

    Can somebody post the pic here? My company has the site blocked for some reason.
  5. Ummmm.. Zod? ban stick!!!
  6. I'm not gonna lie.. When I saw Peanut on the sidelines holding his crutches pumping up the crowd and the team I got misty. This man sacrificed his body and possibly his career for this playoff run.. He had a partially torn ACL and knew without a doubt it would turn into a complete tear but still played for the sake of the team possibly ending a great career.. I have an immense amount of respect for this man and felt the need to express it.. Yes, I've had some whiskey. /end
  7. Maximize Your Gameday Volume

    What is missed out on this is what your volume does for those of us who are at home.. It is absolutely depressing to watch a Panther game and you can hear one of the coaches drop his surface tablet or Coach Rivera sneeze.. Ya'll mother fuggers GET UP AND GET LOUD!!!
  8. Do not open.. I do not trust you will not open. Please send me the box for safe keeping ;)
  9. I could listen to this all day long . I dig our Spanish announcers
  10. I love the Panthers and I really need those tickets and I"ll tell you why. I went to the Wild Card game last year.. My (ex)wife forbade me to go. I was to attend a consortium in Greensboro that whole day and dinner afterwards.. It was about Science, I had zero interest in going, I had already purchased tickets from a huddler. I told her I was going to this game, its the FUGGIN PANTHERS in the playoffs. She refused. She told me that if I did she would no longer be with me. I thought that was BS and I went to the game.. I even bought beers for several of you huddlers. I came home.. Argued. 2 weeks later my belongings are in the front yard.. I come home, put clothes in truck and went to an extended stay.. I have not been to a game since. I need a reprieve. P.S. Don't judge me.. I paid good money for those tickets and I'd never been up until that point and I've not been since.. Most of my money now goes back to her and she's moved on.. Me however, well, I'm an almost 40's dude with male pattern baldness.. :) GO PANTHERS!!
  11. Kelvin Benjamin is Fat...

    Topper Harley.
  12. Amazing Announcement

    ​Who is she.. Tell now.
  13. NFL says Pats guilty, and Brady knew

    I was not aware of this. Thank you.
  14. NFL says Pats guilty, and Brady knew

    I was not aware of this. Thank you.