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  1. He missed McCaf because there was a free blitzer coming free and he had to let go of the ball early. Do you morons even watch the game or just blame Cam for everything. Leading rusher again. CJ didn't even get a carry. Cam is the only reason the Panthers were in the game. Blame DJ Moore. Blame the soft as charmin defense that gave up that last fg. 3 possessions in the 2nd half and they would have scored on all of them if not behind like they were. Blame the crappy coaching staff that keeps playing possession football until the game has to be put in the QB's hand.
  2. Our receivers catches always contested. Giants receivers huge separation. Crazy.
  3. Rastlet

    Eric Reid Press Conference

    Calling everybody racist doesn't work anymore.
  4. Rastlet

    Eric Reid Press Conference

    So what equal rights do black people not have?
  5. Rastlet

    Eric Reid Press Conference

    It doesn't matter whether they say the protests are against the military or not when certain people take it that way and are offended. Are people offended by the confederate flag? Damn right they are but I bet if you ask some people that fly that flag they will say it is just their heritage and doesn't represent hate. How well do you think that will go over? All I see in this thread is people with their mind made up one way or the other and nothing will change. Nobody sees the other side or are even willing to come to the table to talk. Thread is over as far as I'm concerned.
  6. Rastlet

    Eric Reid Press Conference

    The fact that you can't see how kneeling alienates and offends a section of the population is crazy to me. You want me to see your point or the point of the protests? Then do it in a way that doesn't alienate and drive me away. How about the players don't kneel and use their platform in a different manner that draws attention to their concerns and draws folks like me to the table to talk about the issue. I can meet you half way but are you willing to walk the other half?
  7. Rastlet

    Eric Reid Press Conference

    Ok well what is the fix? Everybody wants to cry about it but no one offers any solutions.
  8. Rastlet

    Eric Reid Press Conference

    So Eric says his people didn't have access to social security or the GI bill. Where does he get this nonsense at?
  9. I wish I was still young and could heal fast like this. I get a hangnail these days and I'm off to the IR.
  10. Patriots announcer "I wonder why you play 10 yrds off on 4th and 4"