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  1. What the hell are those 2 mouth breathers going to tell him?
  2. Drop a pass and then run your route a yd short Helluva #1 receiver we have
  3. Watching Kamara break tackles make me wanna cut McCaffrey
  4. Why do we try to block an end with a tight end?
  5. Make Shula walk back to Charlotte
  6. Kamara twice as good as any back we have.
  7. Here comes 3 runs and a punt
  8. Good grief Dickson just reach the ball out
  9. Since this forum seems enamored with dilly dilly.
  10. Bell actually replaced the LT last week and Claiborne beat him too. Dak will be running for his life this week.
  11. Kurt Coleman Fined

    The dude ducked his head. I don't see how any defender could make sure the hit was legal.