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  1. I'm just going to say this once. Colin Jones has been terrible for years so why do you guys think he is suddenly supposed to look good. He isn't and that's why they drafted in the secondary. Relax guys this is just going to reassure to the coaches who should play.
  2. Could you show me some proof where MLB targets hispanic players specifically for drug tests? Or are you just spewing random nonsense?
  3. I watch a lot of SEC football and there was several UT games I saw when I thought he was their best player. I'm going to give this pick the wait and see approach. I think he could pan out.
  4. You can shut the hell up too.
  5. Defense didn't lose the super bowl. The offense did. I don't know what G-man is thinking or what his plan is but he needs to have something in place to address the tackle position and the WR position. If he can work his magic at those 2 positions and still draft defense first then I'm fine with it.
  6. Welp we got 100 yds passing today and we are going to need a TD. OL needs to step up and provide some time.
  7. No one wants to comment on how NE and Pitts are struggling? It happens to every good team. We have just been spoiled lately.
  8. If you saw the way the ads were working today you would understand. They would randomly take over the whole page and lock up. I had no choice.