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  1. Carolina Panthers are now extinct

    So your sources are just as credible as mine. Get off your high horse and quit being so close minded.
  2. Carolina Panthers are now extinct

    You would know from Colorado, right?
  3. Carolina Panthers are now extinct

    Lmfao go somewhere else with your "facts". Who confirms tha that anyway?
  4. Carolina Panthers are now extinct

    My dad saw a black panther in the woods behind his house a couple years back. He said it had a long, swooping tail. I don't know a bobcat or a fox like that.
  5. It needs to be a glass of wine.
  6. We don't have quick offense. Waste too much time.
  7. Ugh. Can't believe that is our best corner.
  8. Great. Ex Pro bowler Trai Turner with the whiff
  9. Come on defense! Hold on and Cam has got this!