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  1. Mol3m4n

    I Pooted

    Does it look like this?
  2. Seymour is ass against 3rd string.
  3. Umm... when was Cam ever white?
  4. Imagine that... Vernon Butler injured.
  5. Love the pictures Jeremy, but I have to offer a little bit of constructive criticism. I understand that more pages clicked on mean more ad revenue, but is there a program that could make it more user friendly? It's extremely inconvenient when it takes you to the top of the page every picture.
  6. Mol3m4n

    Your most hated NFL team?

    The only order: 1. Saints, Falcons (Bucs?) 2. Patriots, Broncos 3. Eagles, Seahawks, Cowboys, Steelers, Jaguars 4. Everyone else
  7. Otherwise known as Cleveland, Ohio.
  8. Not sure if he's considered a dark horse, but I want everything about Damiere Byrd.
  9. So conflicted. Which one wins: my love for the Lakers or my hate for LeBron?
  10. Mol3m4n

    E3 Recap

    Good 1. Ghosts of tsushima- this game looks absolutely killer 2. Cyberpunk 2077- I was really threw back by how colorful the trailer was. It destroyed my hype for the game. However after listening to the devs my hopes are restored. 3. Kingdom Hearts 3- I have no reason except I've played these since I was 8. 4. Halo: Infinite- Halo is the reason I play video games. 5. Anthem- i absolutely hate EA, but I will always have a place in my heart for Bioware. I have a little more hope for this game after being so down on it. 6. ES6- I'm just glad to know it's in development. 7. Smash ultimate- Glad to have all of the characters. BAD 1. COD and Battelefield- So tired of these games and their anti-consumerism. 2. Death Stranding- This gameplay looks like just a lot of walking for no reason. 3. The division 2- might be contradictory with me putting anthem on the good, but I'm very tired of the games that are basically mmo lites. 4. Assassins creed odyssey- This doesn't even feel like an assassins creed game to me. 5. destiny dlc- when will this be over? 6. Spiderman- I'm just not sure about the sinister six saga that they're creating.
  11. Mol3m4n

    E3 Recap

    My list and your list are polar opposites. (And that's ok.)
  12. I'm not sure why everyone is comparing Cam to Lebron. Besides fan reception, being a physical freak, and hating to lose I think that's where the comparisons stop. The media absolutely love Lebron. In relation to Lebron being the MVP of the finals (and on a different tangent the goat) he gave up after minute 10 of game 4. Cam would never ever give up like he did. Even in basketball it's ridiculous to think Jordan, Kobe, Bird, Magic, etc. would give up in game 4(!) of the finals after being down 3-0. Go Lakers!