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  1. I hate the offseasons and I hate all of you.
  2. I should read better.
  3. I thought what you said was fine. It was a joke, not in mean spirits. Katrina was 10 years ago. What good is humour if we can't laugh at our own tragedy. Everyone gets offended these days.
  4. Mol3m4n

    Official UDFA Signings Thread

    Sounds exactly like a Hurney player
  5. Mol3m4n

    Official UDFA Signings Thread

    I've heard of Hercules. Surprising fall?
  6. Mol3m4n

    Official UDFA Signings Thread

    Who are the top remaining udfa?
  7. I REALLY want Shaqueem Griffin. No one embodies keep pounding more than that dude.
  8. I at least like his attitude.
  9. Mol3m4n

    S4L's Panthers Mock Draft

    Pie for good satire.
  10. Mol3m4n

    The rich get....

    Care to explain what's ironic?
  11. Injury prone. No thanks.
  12. If you're going to start a troll thread it should at least have substance to it.