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  1. Frank Alexander - Suspended for 1 year

    Its so hard for me to believe that these dumb a-- are still trying to get by with this stuff. Caught once--shame on you Frank! Caught twice- shame on you, you idiot Frank! Caught three times--Good Bye you dumb a-- Frank!!!!!
  2. Panthers sign Ras-I Dowling

    I agree! Never, ever should have been on Jackson.  I think other then that he was good to go.  Even if it was the Redskins!  
  3. Jonathan Stewart

    He's the MAN! What a difference he makes when healthily!  
  4. Defense won this game for us

    I agree!  They looked whipped when they got off the bus! How many times did their defense jump off sides? Five? Six? That is basic football from Pop Warner on up. How embarrassing! I'm surprised they came out for the second half the way they looked! That folks falls on the coaching!!    
  5. Will Fozzys hurt hip bring on CAP or Wegher ?

    Lets wait and see how bad Fozzy is hurt! Next man up!
  6. GETTLEMAN freaking MAGIC!!

     Saw Gettleman on TV near end of the game. Just strolling along with a look on his face of complete satisfaction. Almost a look of " Look what we have become!" Yea, I remember those 2-14 seasons, and that makes this so much better. Criticize him if you want. But he has really turned things around. 
  7. Top 3 teams in the NFC. (Be thou Pissed)

    This article refers to the top 3 teams in the NFC. That statement should be fire for us and for the Panthers. It's not just about us being one of the  top teams in the NFC, its about us being THE top team in the NFL. It really turns out to be us against them, us against the world. Earning respect, which we have done in some cases. But we are stepping on the fair haired teams and that is not what the media wants. We are new to the top of the ladder and they didn't expect that. We need to keep on pounding and hitting them square in the mouth and then, maybe then, they will realize we are here and ain't going no where!
  8. Memories of Rosemary

    YES!  I agree!!!!! 
  9. I can't see us let him go. He has really turned it up this year. I think he realized 'he's the man'!  He's the only man now. Williams is gone and Stew knows it is his team now as far as a running back.  Runs like a bulldozer!!!
  10. Caption this Official....

    "Look at those teeth!  I wish I had some!"
  11. Rob Ryan Fired

    Riding them coat tails! Way pass time for this to happen! Even though they deserve each other!
  12. Yes, eating a lot crow! I know he has been injury before, I'm just glad to see him do what he is capable of when healthly. Maybe its my wording.
  13. I've said it before and I still think I'm right but is that really Stew in that #28 uniform? In the past I've been down on Stew but MY GOSH! He has really changed my mind about him. How amny yards did he have yesterday?
  14. Some Ginn love

    Ok, how's Ginn and Webb relationship after today? I hope it is ok! I didn't see or hear any reaction either way!  
  15. Shaq Thompson!!!

    Dang, I can't up off the couch like I was 21 again. And that was 50 years ago! He lit that sucker up! Stood him straight up and said "Now, go tell your Mamma what I done to you!!!!