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  1. Dang, everyone blaming Cam on the internet and TV. Now his OC jumps on the bandwagon. Cam has carried his sorry butt all year long and now he turns on him. Maybe the OC couldn't come up with a game plan that worked!
  2. ALL lives matter!!!!! Black, white, red or yellow! Every life is a gift!!!!!    
  3. The 12s just won't let it go...

    WOW!  They are really hurt!!!   I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. Brian Urlacher....he mad

    Brian who? Brian Urlacher! Oh him! He don't even know how to spell class!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 
  5. Cool Jon Beason article

    Super,super guy!  Sure did hate to see him leave. Great article. I wish him and his family the best!!
  6. Why the Cardinals Lost

    Oh I agree with you. I was being sarcastic with ya! 
  7. Why the Cardinals Lost

    Yea, right!!!!
  8. Broncos choosing to wear white jerseys for SB50

    Catch them off guard............................GO NAKED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. Parking

    Take the light rail. Plenty of stops and plenty of parking. Very cheap. Only problem, a lot of other people will be using it also. But it makes for a fun ride after a victory!!!!!!!!
  10. I agree with you. I was just referring to what was protecting Eli in NY. (Nothing)!!!! Yes, something has really changed Cam, and it for the good!!!
  11. Are blankets allowed in Bofa

    Yes, blankets are allowed but if your male you must keep your hands above the blanket!!!!! But she can put her hands under your blanket!!!!!!!!  
  12. todays practice tweets

    You could see this coming with all the bowl and college playoffs going on. But still I don't like the artificial stuff.
  13. Don't think Eli could run our offense. Gotta move. And he can't! If Cam was in NY don't think he would last all season.
  14. 2nd Half is on me

    I hope your daughter is better.
  15. They ain't nothing else to do out there, so.................... GET UP!